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  1. I haven't been on here in AGES.

    1. checkmatechamp13


      Welcome back, bro! :)

    2. Cait Sith

      Cait Sith

      You're not missing much lol.

    3. RTS9000



  2. It's been so long since I've logged on here.. I made three years here last month tho How is everyone?
  3. When it comes to art related things (film, photography, drawing, etc). I'd never suggest a college degree (unless it was graphic design), simply because one isn't required for the field. Work on building a portfolio, and improve your skills to the best of your ability, seek out internships and make connections. Honestly, I'm in college because my field (medical) requires college education (I want at least to be an M.D.), and because I am getting internships and experiences along the way (and my undergrad is paid for by grants, too).
  4. I've moved out of Nassau, and I don't miss NICE a bit! Congrats on passing!
  5. Its been the first time in months since I've logged in here...
  6. I have not been on here in ages Finally left nASSau county. Why people find suburbia appealing is beyond me...
  7. One last final today (Anatomy & Phys.) then I will never have to wear this ugly uniform anymore or take anymore HS tests. Thank you lord, finally!!
  8. #1.) I don't really consider places like NE Queens, Riverdale, etc suburbs because they're still a part of NYC. #2.) Having lived in Nassau County for nearly a year (moving out again before the year ends), I can see why people are leaving the suburbs. Suburbs are short on amenities and things that young people actually like (clubs, bars, etc.). The suburbs also carry a sense of elitism (ESPECIALLY IN NASSAU), and the bus service for me isn't bad but I prefer not to take a bus at all (I was raised in the East Village, if that gives you any idea, and I am really anti-car). The commutes are long (whether it is LIRR or NICE) and some people don't wanna deal with that. People in the suburbs are way less open than city dwellers. The suburbians stay home all day until they get into their stupid cars to go to walmart or something. There is way less opportunity job wise and living in the suburbs at a young age can become depressing when you put all the things I wrote here together.
  9. I missed that particular train by about 15 minutes. I was forced to go via the 7 train to get to Manhattan since I didn't know about the cross honoring. I avoided the Q60, I already knew that was gonna be crushed. Going back to Jamaica, I simply took the to the . The ran perfectly and wasn't anymore crowded than it was on a regular day. Heard the shuttles, the Q60, the , all of it was a mess.
  10. I'm not using the mobile ticketing at all because I'm going to be having an unlimited, but the effort is good. What I'm interested in are the real time arrivals/GPS system, that is going to be really useful if they execute it right.
  11. A B.A. to drive a bus....? And what's next? You need a Ph.D with Honors to be a dispatcher? I know plenty of awesome operators who DON'T have a bachelor's degree. You don't need a degree to learn how to drive a bus or drive a route, Getting a CDL is pretty hard (as I have heard myself) anyways. This guy may have forgot the route and made a mistake, even if he is a rookie, cut him some slack, we all make mistakes, certainly you do, especially in the way you interact on here but that's a different story. Considering the price of a college degree itself (not everyone is lucky enough to be really rich or really poor or go to a CUNY, for example) as well as the shortage of jobs for people who are coming out of college anyway, you'd be deterring more people who cannot simple afford to get a degree of one more possible opportunity. Bottom Line: You don't need a degree to be a great B/O and having a college degree doesn't automatically make you smart either.
  12. ...still on spring break. Boy this felt like the longest non-summer break I've ever had!
  13. Damn I haven't been to Hempstead Transit Center since December. My n6s/n15s always connect on Fulton or Westminster instead of HTC anyway, so why bother?
  14. I've seen crowded n15s come into HTC from RF before with normal intervals. The 15 is the quickest way from RF to HTC (no one wants to put up with the n6x, n16, n23, n35 which all go through NCC), it also is the most frequent. In my time of living along the n15, I've actually timed out the buses that pass, and I haven't seen a missing run, ever. Late? Yes. 1697 on the n15, never caught that before. Great catch Q23!

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