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  1. I usually don't post issues on here but this time I'm going to. I've been spending the last 2 weeks or so being alone and not attending events or nothing. Why? Because I'm not in photography school like I was supposed to because I couldn't afford it and I couldn't even get loans because the loans company rejected it. I've been posting more subway photos thread lately because of it thinking railfanning will ease the stress but it really hasn't. I've been lacking sleep because I'm stressed and embarrassed to even hang out and attend events because I'm not in anything right now and feels completely stupid. At this point, I didn't market myself out there even though I was going to because I'm not in anything. Dreams been crushed and is trying to find photography stuff to do but I've been lacking and nervous about it. And no I'm not going to community college because they're not for me and its not for everyone which is true


    I had to let this out.


    When it comes to art related things (film, photography, drawing, etc). I'd never suggest a college degree (unless it was graphic design), simply because one isn't required for the field. Work on building a portfolio, and improve your skills to the best of your ability, seek out internships and make connections.


    Honestly, I'm in college because my field (medical) requires college education (I want at least to be an M.D.), and because I am getting internships and experiences along the way (and my undergrad is paid for by grants, too). 

  2. I wouldn't have come back if not for the fact that my road test was a month ago and I was nervous for it.  I passed but only have a car on the weekends so I just go to the NICE forum to see how hilariously bad things get.

    I've moved out of Nassau, and I don't miss NICE a bit! Congrats on passing!

  3. #1.) I don't really consider places like NE Queens, Riverdale, etc suburbs because they're still a part of NYC.


    #2.) Having lived in Nassau County for nearly a year (moving out again before the year ends), I can see why people are leaving the suburbs. Suburbs are short on amenities and things that young people actually like (clubs, bars, etc.). The suburbs also carry a sense of elitism (ESPECIALLY IN NASSAU), and the bus service for me isn't bad but I prefer not to take a bus at all (I was raised in the East Village, if that gives you any idea, and I am really anti-car). The commutes are long (whether it is LIRR or NICE) and some people don't wanna deal with that. People in the suburbs are way less open than city dwellers. The suburbians stay home all day until they get into their stupid cars to go to walmart or something. There is way less opportunity job wise and living in the suburbs at a young age can become depressing when you put all the things I wrote here together. 

  4. I missed that particular (F) train by about 15 minutes. I was forced to go via the 7 train to get to Manhattan since I didn't know about the cross honoring.


    I avoided the Q60, I already knew that was gonna be crushed.


    Going back to Jamaica, I simply took the (L) to the (J). The (J) ran perfectly and wasn't anymore crowded than it was on a regular day.


    Heard the shuttles, the Q60, the (7), all of it was a mess.

  5. A B.A. to drive a bus....? And what's next? You need a Ph.D with Honors to be a dispatcher?


    I know plenty of awesome operators who DON'T have a bachelor's degree. You don't need a degree to learn how to drive a bus or drive a route, Getting a CDL is pretty hard (as I have heard myself) anyways. This guy may have forgot the route and made a mistake, even if he is a rookie, cut him some slack, we all make mistakes, certainly you do, especially in the way you interact on here but that's a different story.

    Considering the price of a college degree itself (not everyone is lucky enough to be really rich or really poor or go to a CUNY, for example) as well as the shortage of jobs for people who are coming out of college anyway, you'd be deterring more people who cannot simple afford to get a degree of one more possible opportunity.


    Bottom Line: You don't need a degree to be a great B/O and having a college degree doesn't automatically make you smart either.

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  6. You could tell a bus to Roosevelt Field hadn't come to HTC in a while given the packed n15. More missing runs probably.


    Why so many multiples of pics of the same buses though? Also, you never fixed that blur problem with your camera?

    I've seen crowded n15s come into HTC from RF before with normal intervals. The 15 is the quickest way from RF to HTC (no one wants to put up with the n6x, n16, n23, n35 which all go through NCC), it also is the most frequent. In my time of living along the n15, I've actually timed out the buses that pass, and I haven't seen a missing run, ever. Late? Yes.


    1697 on the n15, never caught that before. Great catch Q23! :)

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  7. Hunter is not bad at all, if you were to go to Baruch, I would of said: "Good luck with those (6) train rides in the morning." But I think it's worse going uptown.

    I don't have to deal with the (6) thankfully, i take the (F) from Jamaica, so I get a 1-seat ride to Lex-63rd then I walk.

  8. I'm glad someone else notices it, he does it all the time and it's annoying. The reason why they should provide more bus service to an area is because demand is increasing, or there is overcrowding and pass-ups, not because "there are a lot of poor people without cars". He has an articulation problem.


    Even when he goes to meetings, instead of voicing the issues with bus service, or why service needs to be improved in a civilized manner, he yells "you treat us like second class citizens, you don't care about us lowly bus riders, there are a lot of super duper poor people that need the bus, they can't afford cars and they need the bus to get to social services, and there are tons of illegals that need to get to their job for the day, who else is going to cut your lawns in the summer? and the rest are super ghetto gang members that tag the buses and low life clientele that beat up on bus drivers and don't call the police if they're not the perp".  Great way to paint an image and make them want to improve funding and service  :rolleyes: .

    That point in bold hits the nail on the head.


    I have no problem with him making an opinion or whatever, that's fine, but don't sound ignorant either. He holds the stigmatized views of public transit for Nassau County but uses the buses himself, which sounds kind of hypocritical.

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  9. The essay was the easiest part for me. The second time I took it, I got a 10/12 on it.


    I do think it is unfair for the rest of us who took it before. I'm glad I finished the SAT last year. I got a 1570 on my 2nd try and gave up after that lol.

  10. I hate the rich, spoiled kids of my school a lot. They have everything handed down by mommy and daddy. The flash mommy and daddy's money and act like it is theirs. They drive Mercedes and BMWs. They don't know anything about the real world. They take their education for granted. Paying $8,000 a year for school, just to get 70 averages. That wouldn't be acceptable in my family. You can go to public school for free and get 70s. Smh. None of them know what it is like to be without, they don't know what is going on outside in the world today and only care about the latest sneaker. Oh well lol only 28 days of class left with these people.

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  11. So I went to the meeting today & hardly anyone showed up. The only speakers were myself and Yuki, no one from TSTC, LIBRU (other than Yuki), etc were there. Setzer had an hour-long presentation, giving a new preview to the Smartphone ticket system, which will only be for now on a pay-per-ride basis, no unlimiteds or transfers to MTA. I really don't see how well this will do. No mention of how the system would work for seniors & the disabled half-fare either. Then the budget presentation, with a $3 Million shortfall due to rising expenses, this budget was "conditionally" passed by the BTC assuming the hole will be filled by extra funding from the state, county, or other sources and that service cuts would be a very last resort (yeah right). Setzer claimed Metrocard Read Errors and FB problems are improving, but I think that is a flat out lie, problems are still commonplace and my EasyPay Metrocard was recently damaged by a NICE F/B and now just says READ ERROR, am awaiting a new card after reporting it. The Chairman did ask Setzer about a rise in breakdowns, but Setzer didn't really answer that question, other than they'll "try harder" to improve MDBF. I was the first of only 2 speakers. News 12 didn't even stick around for the whole meeting & left 15 min into Setzer's speech. I actually ran after them and asked them why they were leaving, they said they had to do a "live shot" and would be back after 5pm, but they I never saw them come back. In my speech I had printed out photos of the poor condition of the buses (trash, gang signs,etc) along with facts from the TSTC (TRi-State Transp Campaign) about ridership declines on NICE while NYC & LIRR made gains. Also included were some ideas from myself and some suggested by Brett to streamline the lightest routes, all these were given to the Nassau BTC and shared with Mr.Setzer. I first thanked NICE for service through the rough winter, and tried as much as possible to direct most of the blame toward Nassau County and it's lack of funding the system. I pointed out the breakdowns, farebox malfunctions, and declining ridership due to security & reliability issues. I talked about how the latest changes on March 30 will lead to more frustrated riders who will then leave the system too, like the cuts on the n1. My point was that something needs to be done to improve service reliability, increase security (cops & cameras on buses), and make common sense scheduling adjustments. I did not bring up the MTA, I was really just doing my best to make a point while using a little honey instead of vinegar to make it. I felt like I was cut short, certainly before the 3 mins was up, but I managed to get all in that I said. Yuki's speech was read twice, first by Yuki himself, and then by a BTC member. He suggested running the n48/49 to Jericho Quad on weekends, which to me is a waste. After it was a read I briefly mentioned to the BTC and Mr.Setzer that I think extending the n35 there on weekends would be a better idea, it would provide new service to several shopping centers up there with Kohl's and Home Depot, as well as the Westbury Music Fair & movie theaters. That would help get new ridership, whereas Yuki's suggestion would just serve an office park that has little traffic on weekends, anyway. Going back to my speech I brought up the problems caused by elimination of the n22L, as well as the n27 only running hourly from Glen Cove after 6pm which will result in more crowding. 

    It's really just a waste of time folks. Really just giving up. If the riders are so frustrated, why did hardly anyone bother showing up? And watching News 12 later I see no mention of my comments about existing service, the story was basically centered around the $3 Million budget gap and some interviews at HTC. The system is basically a ghetto on wheels and that's the way everyone wants it. The ridership #'s may bump up a bit with routes serving poorer areas with the warmer weather & landscaping season, but the commuters, students,etc are finding other ways around, or just leaving Nassau entirely. Sorry for the feelings in this post but the situation just feels hopeless. At least I tried.  :(

    Do you realize how you sound sometimes? You come off pretty closeminded and prejudiced. If only "poor people" ride NICE, then why do you ride NICE? I'm not poor, but I ride NICE because LIRR gives me shitty service and a car isn't feasible, especially going to college in Manhattan as of August.





    I think Setzer is correct about the farebox issues. I had a ton of read errors back at the end of 2013, but I haven't got one in a long while, and I've been re-using the metrocards.


    You are correct in trying to displace the blame of the county for the most part. I think Mangano doesn't give two s**** about the system, as well as the people who live here. It is typical suburban ignorance, which is why after less than a year in Nassau, amongst other things, I'm moving out within the next year. I'd rather put up with the MTA and its problems only than this sorry excuse for a system. I don't think anything will be done to make this system better without Mangano's help and as you can see, he doesn't care. 

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  12. I've jokingly said that the so called human rights folks should be forced to let a bum live with them for a month and then let them see how long they are willing to put up with the stench and behavior of those people. Hopefully they see the plight we have to put up with on a daily basis with empty cars because of one or two bums stinking up the whole car. Enough already. Trains are not shelters, put them int he shelters, that's what shelters are for.

    While I do agree, there are a few facts as to why this hasn't happened.


    - The ACLU which someone mentioned.

    - Some of these people are mentally handicapped.

    - There aren't enough room at the homeless shelters for everyone. (Thanks Bloomberg). They are overcapacity. Priority is given to families with children, many of these bums on the subway are single.



    I always see lots of homeless, drunk, and psychos all over the system, mostly Brooklyn and Queens. They don't really appear during the day, mostly at night

    The (E) is the line I see them mostly on, occasionally the (F) and the (N) . I see them A LOT in Queens. On the (E) , afaik they aren't kicked off the trains (usually at Jamaica Ctr, trains dump out and wait for more passengers, unlike 179, where trains empty and go into the relay and come back in empty, at 179 the bums just get off and wait for the next train anyways. Ditmars is the same as Jamaica Ctr.)


    The (E) is the most popular because it stays underground the whole route.


    On the contrary, I see more homeless during the AM rush than any other time.



    I'm intrigued with this thing NYPD is doing looking for homeless in the subway. Nothing has changed, they are all still all over the place, and it isn't fair for the rest of us. You have bums making a whole empty car on the (E) and (F), two really crowded lines that need all the cars each train has. That leads to even more crowding among us nonhomeless commuters. 

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