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  1. 1833 was on the n6 this morning ironically... It looks so much better in LIB livery
  2. NY curricula, as well as national curricula has become too test-based, and that is what it will become even more of with this "common core testing". Test-based education becomes too based on memorization of facts, which isn't the correct way of learning things by any means. Let me give a personal example: I took Algebra 2/Trig last year, found it easy and all, got a 95 average. Now I'm doing the same work in Pre-Calculus and I don't remember how to do it (and neither does anyone in my class or the other 2 classes). Shouldn't you remember everything you learned last year simply? Before anyone says that we should have studied and remembered on our own, we were drilled for constant testing last year. (I can't speak 100% for public school, as I have never attended a public school in my life, but I have spoken to people who say it is the same.) Those regents exams are a joke too.... Out of the 9 I have taken since 2011, I have gotten 90+ on EIGHT of them. I'm glad this is my last year in this system.
  3. This^. If the 2nd one was in focus completely, it'd be REALLY nice.!
  4. It starts right before I graduate in May... I'll be one of the first to try it since my school ain't too far from it (Queens side). I'm curious to see how it'll be on 125th...
  5. 7:18 n6X HTC bound interlines with the 8:00 n54 Amityville
  6. the n26-n22 interline... I know that for a fact. As well as the obvious n6-n6x and n22-n22x-n22a-n22L interlines
  7. It was crushed from 169th. I'm actually happy that n6X service was extended. I think it should be until 8pm at least, but its a start
  8. Here's what i think: n6 - MAKE WESTMINSTER AN N6X stop again..... that will basically make it an LIB n6L n4 - I actually think it is fine... I think the n4 operators are given too much time on the route (express and local). They drag or cruise a lot and ugh its aggravating. Oh and make Central Ave a n4X stop.
  9. Ironically... every n4X I've taken (towards Freeport, but not Jamaica) still stops at Central....
  10. I was on the 6:48 n6X out of 165 yesterday. Crushed all the way to the front all the way until Hilton. Really friendly B/O though, he was telling me and a few other passengers about how he thinks the MTA will come back. All the passengers were complaining and saying that service sucks worse on the n6 since Veolia took over. I don't really have complaints, but I frequent three of the highest ridership NICE Bus routes (n6, n15 & n4) so I'm more fortunate than some of the other riders.
  11. 7:50 n6 out of Jamaica (Sunday) interlines with the 8:35 n27 Glen Cove out of Hempstead
  12. Nah I actually agree with VG8 for once.... I grew up in the lower class while growing up, but my family was able to buy healthier food for me, I didn't grow up eating that mcdonalds crap (I did have the occasional slice of pizza, but who doesn't like pizza? ) even now.... with $10, I can get enough veggies (carrots, lettuce, tomato) and fruits (bananas, oranges, apples, grapes) to last myself a week.... it really isn't hard (at least not for me), its just that many don't wanna take the time to do it. Also many of these items are covered by food stamps for those who receive them.
  13. They simply removed a NCC-Hempstead shuttle and added another one that is more highly traffic prone lmao.
  14. I rode the 5:55 n4X Freeport out of Jamaica on Monday. The 5:50 n4 local in front was MIA. They still cruise/drag even on the express (-___-) but this time, we actually got to RVC 3 minutes late (6:34 instead of 6:31).
  15. LOL its the same old garbage. I'm very weary of finger print scanning. I don't trust anything that requires me to get my finger print scanned tbh. A lot of people at my school waste hundreds of dollars on this crap, meanwhile i have an awesome android that costs $50
  16. I think the bus is ugly, and I'm not amused by this "environmentally friendly" hoopla. We all know that it is probably being considered because it is cheap. Well, if that is the case, you get what you paid for. If the demo bus starts screwing up, I'm gonna be really amused.
  17. lol @ people getting all riled up over trains
  18. I didn't ride the n4x. Going home, I was gonna catch the last one, but I got to Jamaica at 6:55 and missed it...(I will try to catch it Thursday or Friday evening). On the bright side, the n6 and n6x was nice and calm today with the new headways arraignment. I took the 10:40am n6 out of HTC and it was SRO and I actually made it to 165th on time going home I took the 7:18pm (last of the day) n6x out of 165 (#1659) and made it to HTC on time (7:55pm) and it was SRO. Got a nice seat in the back both times. The operator of my n6x interlines with the n54 at HTC. He dropped us off in the n54/n55 lane and immediately changed the sign to n54 to Amityville btw.
  19. They are 10 mins until 8pm.. then it is 15 mins. Evening ridership doesn't drop as it seems, but on weekends yeah, at least on weekends I can fit on the bus if i get on at 179
  20. Yesterday's commute was a nightmare... That n6 is absolutely horrible... I think that 12 minute headways during the day is horrible.. I get on the 11:00 Jamaica n6 out of HTC and by Westminster, we are crush loaded with no room on the bus... and we kept dropping off at every stop. And then we got to Elmont Rd (10 mins late btw) and there is literally 20 people waiting for the n6... We were supposed to be due 179 @ 11:43 and we didn't get there until 11:57.. Going home wasn't as bad, but was really uncomfortable.. I was waiting at 169 @ 8pm and teh 8:04 comes and all the seats are gone and there are quite a few standees from 165.. so the bus is completely crushed (worse than the n6 I took to Jamaica) and it is literally like this all the way to Elmont Rd (we didn't stop until then.) I get to HTC @ 8:50 (only 2 mins late at least) and as im waiting for the 9:00 Long Beach n15, I see 3 HTC bound n6s coming in behind around 8:57. This route bunches up worse than the MTA routes I think something should be done about the traffic and the lights on Hempstead Tpke... Idk how none of the lights coordinate (one will be red, next will be green, next will be red, I thought this was a Nassau thing in general, but I don't really see those occurrences around WH & Lakeview..) and I think midday headways should be 8 or 10 minutes, not 12. EDIT : As I'm reading the Sept 1 schedule for the n6/n6x seems like NICE has read my mind. Middays, headways are 10 mins... but at night.... headways are 15 mins after 7:30 (currently, it is 10 mins until 8pm, where it is 15). (weekdays ofc).

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