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  1. - They both serve Jamaica Ave - The both terminate at 170 St/Jamaica Av - They both run in Brooklyn - They both terminate at a major Brooklyn hub - They both run late nights How are the B44 and B38 alike?
  2. - They both serve the western part of Brooklyn - The both connect with 4 common lines (B, D, Q & R) - They both terminate with/or near the B70 at their western terminals - They intersect and run on the same street (for a few blocks) at a point - The serve the Brighton Line one stop from each other How are the Q69 and the Q39 alike?
  3. Hi! im danny and im from manhattan. I love the MTA and know a lot about it. I would like to know more and be able to actually be able to have discussions about trains and buses and such, because as I am in high school, I dont have people i can really discuss this with. I hope that this is a fun and positive experience and that you guys can teach me a lot and I can share some ideas.

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