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  1. Finally!!!! https://nyc.streetsblog.org/2020/06/29/gov-cuomo-guarantees-24-7-subway-service-will-return-sort-of/
  2. YEEEES!!!! https://nyc.streetsblog.org/2020/06/29/gov-cuomo-guarantees-24-7-subway-service-will-return-sort-of/?fbclid=IwAR2HozglPv4ZblmLtnn3BDTMTLo8Wnr3P1_8vLp_2Sf4zHBq4qDFawJULYs
  3. If the 24/7 subway service will be eliminated, NYC will become a city like many other cities and it will no longer be my favourite city in the world.
  4. I am Italian and honestly I think that since last April 30 no person in the world protested like me against this ridicolous situation. I have written on facebook, twitter, I have commented on every forum, I have sent emails and twitt to Cuomo, De Blasio, NY senators, NYC councilman, NY transit advocates, the NY Mayor Nightlife Palitz etc EVERY SINGLE DAY for 2 months. In my opinion the only 3 persons which TRULY realize the risk to lose this service after 116 years (139 counting the Eleveted Railway) are: senator Brad Hoylman, Danny Pearlstein of Alliance Riders and the councilman Ydanis Rodriguez. I have realized that many New Yorkers are having enormous problems with overnight buses and some are spending also 45$ every night for taxis, but you don't see these news on the NY newpapers..... I am 100% agree with you that it is a SHAME that in the city that never sleeps the vast majority of the population doesn't understand that cleaning and homeless are ONLY 2 SHABBY EXCUSES to eliminate this fantastic and historical service. After 2 months I still not seeing a true protest, a petion online and even on this site every time that I say something without this stupid decision I get negative answers above all I am Italian. Every time that I ask when will restored the 24/7 subway service on twitter Sarah Feinberg or ot the MTA members (Abbey Collins, Tim Minton etc) don't reply me and they EVER SAY that the subway never has been clearer than now........ But why no New Yorker realizes that is ABSOLTELY OBVIOUS that if you have ONLY 10% or 15% of the normal ridership it is ABSOLUTELY NORMAL that the subway is cleaner? This is ONLY 1 simple example of the my alone battle to save the 24/7 subway service: My email to concilman Rodriguez ( June 18): URGENT: 24/7 subway service for phase 2!! Dear councilman I have much valued your great commitment for the immediate recovery of 24/7 subway service and I thank you for it. But I also think that it has been too late for the phase 1 and above all I noted that it has had little attention in the media ( http://bronx.news12.com/story/42222535/council-member-rodriguez-calls-for-subway-to-be-open-during-overnight-cleanings and https://www.harlemworldmagazine.com/uptown-transportation-chairman-rodriguez-calls-on-mta-to-reopen-subways/). In fact no news in the NYT, NY Post, NY Daily News etc. It is absurd that EL CTA Chicago, Patco Philadelphia, PATH NY/NJ and SIR NY Staten Island in USA, but also S Bahn Frankfurt and S Bahn Koln haven't stopped their 24/7 service, while the CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS since May 6 hasn't a late night subway service after 116 years, but even after 139 years also counting the old Manhattan Railway(Elevated) Company which started the 24/7 service in 1881!!! And in NYC, unlike these other cities, over 50% of the inhabitants don't own a car..... We know that homeless and cleaning are only a POOR EXCUSE...The subway has over 6.400 trains and you can clean the trains and at the same time to have a normal late night service without problem! Now there is also the UV light pilot program....I am sure that you already know that since May 6 we have a paradoxical situation: it exists a normal 24/7 subway service with a frequency of 20 minutes (included the shuttles), but it does't work for the riders ( https://nypost.com/2020/05/06/why-nyc-ghost-trains-run-during-coronavirus-subway-shutdowns/?utm_source=facebook_sitebuttons&utm_medium=site+buttons&utm_campaign=site+buttons&fbclid=IwAR3OazlQ0acbC8ATMtiwTL5GQUiSShNsF31Vhw0mQ5ouZvAJd-mFBLbNFfo). And about the homeless you know that the lies of the Mayor ( https://nypost.com/2020/05/14/homeless-seen-sleeping-inches-from-each-other-on-shelter-stairs/)..... Cuomo, De Blasio, the MTA and many superficial newspapers say that now the subway is cleaner, but it is ABSOLUTELY OBVIOUS when you have ONLY 10% of riders..... Attention to this strange propaganda..... We must have this FUNDAMENTAL service for many persons (above all for working class, immigrants and poor New Yorkers, but also for thousands of tourists etc) already in the phase 2 and I think that is it ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY TO JOIN FORCES TO ACHIEVE THE GOAL. I know that the vast majority of the NYC council is absolutely agree with this, but also many NY senators ( https://www.nysenate.gov/newsroom/press-releases/brad-hoylman/senator-hoylman-announces-plans-mandate-full-247-mta-subway) , the NYC NIGHT LIFE MAYOR Miss Ariel Palitz, Riders Alliance, NYPIRG Straphangers Campaign and ABOVE ALL the NYC population have the same opinion! De Blasio, Cuomo, Foye, Feinberg say that the 24 service will return to some point or even after the pandemic..... ATTENTION Mr Rodriguez: if we haven't this service in the next days, we risk no longer have it and this should be the DEATH OF THE CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS!!! It is NECESSARY RAISE YOUR VOICE and to CONTACT other NYC councilmen and transit advocates!! NOW!! This service after 116 years is at risk. P:S: The last May 7 and the last June 11 and 13 I already wrote you, but you didn't reply me. I hope that this time you will reply me and possibly in a exhaustive manner.... What is the purpose to have an email, if then you don't reply? Thanks.
  5. http://bronx.news12.com/story/42222535/council-member-rodriguez-calls-for-subway-to-be-open-during-overnight-cleanings
  6. Full service? It will not be a full service. For NYC the full service is a 24/7 service! It is a wrong new (https://secretnyc.co/subway-resume-full-service/)?
  7. This is the why the subway MUST BE 24/7 soon: https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache%3ACOQR_1ohi8AJ%3Ahttps%3A%2F%2Fwww.nydailynews.com%2Fnew-york%2Fny-manhattan-shooting-subway-shutdown-20200526-f3vhzizr2fdyhjwqhpc2fuvply-story.html+&cd=5&hl=it&ct=clnk&gl=it&fbclid=IwAR0AlP4Nu6kv4MvlDwygr4LX3aQLkhHkUNdrcmXu9Fx1-nKZVDs8mHowDIQ
  8. When will return the 24/7 subway service?
  9. https://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:COQR_1ohi8AJ:https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/ny-manhattan-shooting-subway-shutdown-20200526-f3vhzizr2fdyhjwqhpc2fuvply-story.html+&cd=5&hl=it&ct=clnk&gl=it
  10. You are right. My curiosity is this: I always knew that even in this overnight shutdown it isn't possible to stop the trains because it there isn't the necessary space to put the trains in the yards. But what is the problem if they stop the trains at 1AM in the some stations? I think that during the 3 great blackouts (1965, 1977 and 2003) the trains was left on the tracks in the stations........ Thanks for the possible reply. P.S. When will return the 24/7 subway service?
  11. NY subway has over 700 trains, but what is the max number of NY subway trains which can stay in the rail yards simultaneously?
  12. What is the max number of NY subway trains which can stay in the rail yards simultaneously?
  13. https://nypost.com/2020/05/14/homeless-seen-sleeping-inches-from-each-other-on-shelter-stairs/ Only 103 subway homeless have remained in shelters since overnight shutdown. Compliments De Blasio, comlpimets for your stupid lies.....
  14. The lies of De Blasio: https://www.ny1.com/nyc/all-boroughs/politics/2020/05/13/subway-shutdown-nyc-coronavirus-subway-shutdown-homeless-placement-services-what-happens
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