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  1. I think that 1 track operation is 100 times better than a complete shutdown, fastrack etc and I think that with a better technology (ultra wideband) and more security on the tracks for the workers it will be surely possible in future. Before of the arrival of Lhota it was the norm...
  2. Why the Blue and Red lines of Chicago (the only 2 lines 24/7) are always in service and the interruptions are only on 1 track (and the L Chicago has only 2 tracks and not 4 tracks like NYC subway)?
  3. I have noted that despite the great improvements (CBTC) on the 7 line, often there are late night interruptions also very important (between 34 Hudson Yards and Queensboro Plaza for example). Why? And when there is the Fastrack on the Broadway line, on the Central Park West line etc, these important routes are totally out of service weekday late night for 3 weeks! Will be possible in a next future with other new important tecnologies (https://www.ny1.com/nyc/all-boroughs/news/2019/09/27/mta-tests-ultra-wideband-technology-on-l-train-) to avoid these annoying late night and weekend (https://subwayweekender.wordpress.com/) interruptions and to have a TRUE 24/7/365 subway service? It seems that it will be possible to repair or replace the signals and tracks in great security without to interrupt the service. It is true?
  4. The last August I have been in the most important city in the world and I could see that it is truly the CITY THAT NEVER SLEEPS. The more beatiful thing was seeing the late night crowd in the subway. In fact, I took the N train at 1.58AM in a normal weekday at 23rd Station on the Broadway and at 2.14AM, after the last Manhattan station (Lexington Avenue/59 Street), my car (it was a R68 car with 70 seats...) was standing room only, with some peolple standing !!! And the train had other 7 cars.... And, when I am arrived at my station (Queensboro Plaza station) at 2.17AM, there many persons which waiting the train. In another normal weekday, I took the 7 train at Times Square at 2.53Am and in my car (it was a R188 with about 20 comfortable seats or max 28 total seats) we were about 20 persons and after the last Manhattan station (Grand Central station) and before of the first Queens station (Vernon BLVD/ Jackson Avenue) at 3.00AM I have seen that also in the contiguous car there were about 20 seated persons. Now, I don't know how many people there were in the other 9 cars, but surely on that train there more than 120, 130 persons.... And also this time, at Queensboro Plaza station (at 3.07AM), there many persons which waiting the trains on the both level (even in Manhattan direction)! P.S. In my total NYC subway experience, the trains were right on time.
  5. The trains with these new R211cars can have 9/10 cars?
  6. The last August I have been in NYC and I often took the 7 line. I have read that the R188 car has 34/40 seats, but I have seen that it has max 28 seats, but 20 comfortably seated. What is the reality?
  7. At most of the NYC subway entrances and exits there are green and red lamps. I know that green means a 24/7 entrance and booth, red means either a part-time booth or no booth, hence either exit-only or entrance with MetroCard. Is it right?
  8. https://new.mta.info/planned-service-changes/96stswitches
  9. https://ny.curbed.com/2019/7/11/20690440/nyc-subway-performance-improvement-andy-byford
  10. In 2018 and 2019 there have been very few fastracks. Maybe the new technologies (https://thecity.nyc/2019/06/new-technology-signals-hope-for-faster-subways-down-the-line.html) about the signals are already working?
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