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  1. Hey everyone, I know this is Lance's Thread, and by the way Lance really awesome job you are doing, but I could help out if anyone needs wants a rollsign .gif Avatar like mine. I can only use up to 8-9 bullets as using more will surpass the 10KB Limit of avatars. I have every single bullet that has ever existed in the Subway, sorry no buses. Please specify Modern or 70's (like mine). This goes without saying Do Not Nag! -jaelkoury
  2. ego sum celeriter quam R160A!

  3. May I please have, based on the '70s designs (including '70s style bullets), the following as a station sign ---------------------------------------------- 42nd Street Transit Hub (AA)
  4. Actually The voltage can be as high as 30,000,000 VDC and you wont feel anything, because it is Amps what kill you and the subway lines carry anywhere upwards of 500A and 40A is lethal (typical American Household pulls 3-4A)
  5. Hey! A few questions, first, are you the person who owns the rollsign video on youtube (you stuck a-division and b-division roll together)? Do you have any R62 rollsigns you are interested in reasonably (just the paper part)? Thirdly, do you know how to rewire an R40/42 rollsign so it works? Thnx Jaime

  6. Hi Nice work on those signs! May I request one?? 42nd Street-Transit Hub ( All in one Huge sign please Thanks
  7. Oops i forgot... Could you please add the to the SECOND SIGN PLEASE
  8. Great job! Can I have two? --------------------------------- 103rd Street Station (Like an entrance to a station plz) --------------------------------- 42nd street (blue H) (blue K) (like a station sign as well, and all the lines in their respective color please) Thnx
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