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  1. dang so no one else got hired for this ? I still think about the day they called me back still have nightmares lol. good luck to the next batch
  2. I mean i will call Human resources and let them know if i can put my name back on the list. I know about seniority and etc. I know ALL about that. But I didn't leave my older job to get on a job with odd hours i have my options. I don't mean to sound like im braggin. but I really wish someone would have told me something. I know most people that will read this will probably say things like "this is the MTA what do you expect" but this is a assistant stock worker most stock rooms aren't on a 24 hr bases. and the fact that NO ONE told me anything at HR really sucked. When i got to the Stock room at spring creek they claimed that they told HR and etc. and I was stuck in the middle.
  3. Whats up everyone to those thinking about going to this position as a stock worker make sure during your interview at HR you are told WHAT TIME YOU WOULD BE WORKING. I was told i would have a 6 am - 2pm schedule. I gave in my 2 weeks notice at my older job and thought that time of work was good. I get to Spring creek depot and they told me i would be either from 2pm - 10 pm or 10 pm - 6 am (i was like WTF?) For those wondering also they have 3 shift during the 24 hrs (6am-2pm) (2pm - 10pm) and (10pm - 6am) some of you might have kids, obligations or whatever and if your new your probably get on of those odd shifts. I was lucky enough to be in a prior union and could go back to my older job. some of you might not be so lucky so just as a reminder just make sure you know your schedule
  4. thanks Boss. I was trying to find out the locations online but couldn't find out.
  5. wow. i wonder why lol let me ask also, are most of the depot in BK/ Queens?
  6. whats up guys, long time since i was last here. I got called in for a drug test last week. preying they call me back soon. how about anyone else?
  7. glad to hear the job is good brookyln. hopefully they call my ass lol
  8. anyone know any kinds of questions that might be asked on the bus operator exam?
  9. anyone got an idea on whats gonna be on the test? any info is really apprecaited
  10. anyone here anything new about this exam? or position?

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