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  1. jake3178

    Decline appointment

    I've worked in title "transit electrical helper, signals" for the past year, i know of a guy who worked in signals for about 6 month, then switched to "infrastructure", didnt like it there and transit still allowed him to go back to his original signals department basically, switching to a new title before you finish a year is not a problem, however, you will not own your title so its not guaranteed they would allow you to go back
  2. jake3178

    Exam 7609: Transit Electrical Helper

    if you have a HS/GED then its 3 years of experience instead of 4
  3. jake3178

    Exam 7609: Transit Electrical Helper

    They do ask for a HS diploma or a GED on the paperwork, though i don't remember them asking to see the actual document. In any case, i don't think you would want this to hang over your head. Try to get your GED asap.
  4. jake3178

    Exam 7609: Transit Electrical Helper

    Received a pre-employment letter to come in for exam 7609 for a "probable permanent position" on Jan 7th. Keep in mind, I was hired from this exam for a provisional position a year ago. So that's for Santa got me for New Years... not a bad present at all.
  5. jake3178

    Transit electrical helper exam 8611 results

    It's very simple. Instructor shows you 10 pictures and wants you to answer a safety related question about the scenario in each picture. My one tip is to make sure to give only one answer, dont get nervous and start listing 2+ possible answers.. decide on a single most important fact and put it in a complete sentence. Whole thing is over in 5-10 min.
  6. jake3178

    Transit electrical helper exam 8611 results

    I like Signals, not sure I'd qualify for light or power anyway so I'm staying here, hopefully that permanent status is around the corner so I can do a year and go to signal maintainer school...
  7. jake3178

    Transit electrical helper exam 8611 results

    my test was at 4:30pm hehe thanks.. though you have to admit, it wasnt a hard test .. still, that clock forces you to move fast and i think thats why most people make mistakes
  8. jake3178

    Transit electrical helper exam 8611 results

    looks like im at 95%, with 2 out of 40 wrong. already working as a provisional electrical helper (signals) and hoping that passing this multiple choice test will secure a permanent status as soon as possible is anyone going for mondays protest session?
  9. For clarification, took it on the 21st at 4:30pm
  10. For people who just took the 8611 transit electrical helper, I'd like to compare results with someone.. Sharing just the answers shouldn't be an issue... mods, please correct me if I'm wrong I compared with a friend from the same classroom and 2 of our questions disagree First 3 are C, A, C ... last 3 are A, D, A. If someone has the same version, please msg me..
  11. jake3178

    Conductor 6601 Hiring Process

    the way I understand it, once you're on the list, you can decline the position and reinstate yourself later (takes 1-2 month) as long as the list is still active, which tends to be 4+ years. also you won't lose your list number / seniority, however you'll be behind people who already started.. I think. so it's good to know i have an option going forward.
  12. jake3178

    Conductor 6601 Hiring Process

    working in Signals since november
  13. jake3178

    Conductor 6601 Hiring Process

    stopped by Livingston to decline the conductor position in person, confirmed that I'd be able to reinstate myself later on if needed. was nice to see bunch of people waiting to start their new careers was also nice to skip everyone by flashing my pass lol
  14. jake3178

    Conductor 6601 Hiring Process

    also received a letter to come in on April 2nd for pre-employment, my list number is in low 100s I'll be passing on this position since I already work for transit in signals, but it's good to know I can go back to it in the next 4 years p.s. i enjoyed reading the opening line "MTA New York City Transit (NYCT) is considering you for a probable permanent position as a Conductor..." Salary: 22.1446
  15. hey,  Jake you got a sec. Wanted to get some insight from 

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      whats up, hit me up here or gleb3178@gmail.com


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