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  1. I just got my list number from this. I doubt they'll be hiring that many and i scored a 98.
  2. Yo i dont know if anyone still follows this but believe it or not someone from this list just started at JFK today there's still hope. 3 people total. 1 went ENY, the next College Point or LGA, and the 3rd here at JFK.
  3. I got my list number today. So by next year people should be getting hired. Check your mail people.
  4. Watup MTABus. I just seen ya message but cats already knew he was the one getting it. As far as list 1305 goes i think that list been expired. They just hired a new guy that took the promotional for Assistant Stockworker. Im hearing 1 guy left from CP and its expected within the next 4, 5, 6 months like 4 more people dipping from there. Heard since this new contract signed too like 3 people from ENY putting in their papers. Whats messed up is all these people waited years for this contract. Had they got it earlier a lot more people from 1305 wouldve been called back.
  5. It takes 8 hours for alcohol to get out your system. If you had the drinks on the 20th and your test was the 22nd youre good.
  6. Does anyone happen to have the senority list for this? and if so can you post it on here or private message me it?
  7. When i say move i mean as in finding another job in the MTA. Like IT or becoming a mechanic or MTA Police. Something of that nature. But as far as other depots i have no clue my dude. I work for MTAbus and that test was for mabstoa. had you got the job for the 2011 test you wouldve been working for MTAbus too. I was # 5 on that list.
  8. I think the list expired seeing that there is a new job posting for assistant stockworker. also MTABUS someone from LGA dipped off to Baisley???
  9. Thats probably provisional seeing that theres no list or anything out. be warned tho. If you get a provisonal spot and you score low on the test they will drop you like a hot potato. If they need 20 people and your 25 on the list youre out no matter how long they had you working there unless your moved to another dept.
  10. You have LGA, Baisley, College Point in Queens, East New York in Brooklyn and theyre local 100. For atu 1179 you have JFK and Far Rockaway in Queens, Spring Creek in Brooklyn and theyre another union like atu 1156, and in the Bronx you have East Chester and Yonkers but theyre non union and you have to apply on the actual MTA website for them.
  11. Yeah there is a few people leaving from Baisley Park and East New York. I think in all 3 spots will be open within a few months. There was a new hire at East Nerw York a few weeks ago too. My boy said he met him at forklift training.
  12. im guessing no ones heard anything yet about this position. well back to waiting.
  13. Yeah same thing. Robbers jacket was west ridge. and thats what i chose too. The bike with a passenger. Oh yeah and the scene was police searching a suspect.
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