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  1. Does anyone knows who can make the paper version of the scroll roll sign?
  2. Hello to the world of the MTA transit forums. My name is Mark but I got by a lot of other alias such as Noob Saibot, Chameleon, Knight and so-on. I have lived to drive people into space with transit knowledge that I have and wish to learn more in the future with the assistance of my fellow transit family. I do not like to just be on the side of NYC MTA including Metro North, L.I.R.R, Westchester/ Bee- Lines, L.I.B. and MTA Buses. I would like to know and learn about the transit in other city/states such as Philadelphia, Las Vegas, St. Louis, Minneapolis and Baltimore. I am also a great fan of Greyhound buses and N.J.T. as well but I would like to know about the people I am now with; whether its finding some information or giving thoughts to anyone. I am hear and now of the transit family. (Mx) I Y is the way to go
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