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  1. I suspect greedy, entitled Long Island commuters play a role in deliberately wanting to keep LIRR fares within the city expensive to discourage Big Apple straphangers from riding LIRR trains beside them 🙄 Perhaps they fear NYC commuters will cause (more) overcrowding on trains and worsen delays? You bet that could be one reason why there hasn't been a LIRR station in Elmhurst since its predecessor closed in 1985...
  2. And Flushing traffic is an absolute nightmare! 😫😫😫😫😫
  3. Don't forget that Mets-Willets Point is very ill-equipped to handle what could potentially be massive crowds of commuters heading to and from the airport, especially taking into account that the is already one of the most congested subway lines in the system during rush hours. In my honest opinion, the LaGuardia Link Q70 SBS already does a good job shuttling you to and from the airport, so there's really no need to waste money on a useless, overpriced AirTrain route that will hardly save travel time. If it does materialize it will become a white elephant at best...
  4. That's what I meant--your replacement segment.
  5. Yes, indeed. The Q38 has such a circuitous routing that it can't be considered a reliable bus to take. So it's best if you split it back into two separate routes, with one segment being the Q75 proposed by BRE.
  6. When I had that plan in mind, I proposed extending it south along Springfield Boulevard toward 147th Avenue before veering westward toward the Q3 route into the airport.
  7. That reminds me, in the past I once suggested extending the Q77 to JFK Airport and a lot of members were strongly opposed to my plan.
  8. How about a Bx50 between Fordham Plaza and Flushing via LGA?
  9. The way those half-fare MetroCards work is to discourage unnecessary overcrowding of buses caused by students who live close to school but are too lazy to walk home.
  10. Is one service enough for the planned Second Avenue Subway? With a proposed connection to the at 63rd Street towards Queens, it's logical that a second service supplement the . This was my most recent service proposal:
  11. Sounds like a nice plan. Now all that's left is the willpower of the ...
  12. But what I still don't understand is why the keeps shutting down on weekends. I don't think it's because the tracks need constant repair, but rather because it's a ploy enacted by disgraced construction firms who do business with the and pay them mountains of cash to have them perform unnecessary construction. Just wait till the decides to discontinue late night and weekend service should another slew of budget cuts take place, which is tough luck because NONE of the buses in the neighborhood where I live operate overnight 😠
  13. At least this is more predictable than the trash service I get on the train (and the to a lesser extent).
  14. But that's because there's not a lot of ridership at the Rockaway stations to begin with. The Bronx has lots of ridership, and yet our service is almost always littered with impromptu delays and irregular service

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