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  1. One question about the elevated subways in NY: why are they all painted green? Just curious
  2. Does anyone know why almost all of the elevated structures of the subway are painted green?
  3. Now that leaves me wondering, how the f*ck are some LIRR employees milking for so much overtime hours they realistically wouldn't be able to work? I have no clue as to what methods they use to cheat the system 🙄
  4. With the MTA so broke and without alternative sources of revenue apart from (controversial) congestion pricing, I say it would be ideal for them to just file for bankruptcy. But now this leaves me asking, why hasn't the MTA done that (yet) if it's the better way out of their eternal financial crisis? What's preventing them from resorting to bankruptcy?
  5. And those are the areas of the Big Apple with the highest rates of car ownership. No surprise here 🙄
  6. I suppose it has to do with budget "constraints", though I suspect there's more to why our construction costs are so damn high when subways in other cities across the world (and the US!) are able to build more stations for less money without suffering the same fate as the NYC subway. My perspective says water leakage is a consequence of the unique geography of NYC where subway lines traverse rivers and areas close to the water table...
  7. Good, so those who are hearing impaired can understand the announcements too.
  8. Does anyone know why Hudson Yards and the Second Avenue Subway are already suffering from water leakage? I mean, it's shocking how such new stations are now falling victim to the same fate as Archer Avenue despite being the newest ones in the system...
  9. Yet I still don't understand how water would've leaked into those stations in the first place. Same with the Second Avenue Subway and the Hudson Yards stations. I'm guessing it has to do with the unique and vulnerable geography of NYC, given that parts of it are close to water...
  10. Just after getting off the train at 96th Street I was shocked to see water damage on the ceilings of the station, given that it only opened two years ago. The same thing has happened at Hudson Yards on the not long ago. Is it that the state of the subway is fragile due to the city's geography, or does it have something to do with poor quality waterproofing during times of bad weather? I don't understand... This tells me that the Second Avenue Subway is just about to become another Archer Avenue Subway, where all three of the stations are literally falling apart due to water intrusion. And the stations along the 63rd Street line (especially Roosevelt Island) are just as bad...
  11. I suspect greedy, entitled Long Island commuters play a role in deliberately wanting to keep LIRR fares within the city expensive to discourage Big Apple straphangers from riding LIRR trains beside them 🙄 Perhaps they fear NYC commuters will cause (more) overcrowding on trains and worsen delays? You bet that could be one reason why there hasn't been a LIRR station in Elmhurst since its predecessor closed in 1985...
  12. And Flushing traffic is an absolute nightmare! 😫😫😫😫😫
  13. Don't forget that Mets-Willets Point is very ill-equipped to handle what could potentially be massive crowds of commuters heading to and from the airport, especially taking into account that the is already one of the most congested subway lines in the system during rush hours. In my honest opinion, the LaGuardia Link Q70 SBS already does a good job shuttling you to and from the airport, so there's really no need to waste money on a useless, overpriced AirTrain route that will hardly save travel time. If it does materialize it will become a white elephant at best...
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