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  1. Who else was on the first W this morning?

  2. Love how we're getting smartcards before the MTA is lol

    1. BM5 via Woodhaven

      BM5 via Woodhaven

      Your transit system is much smaller and not as costly to operate, so I'm guessing why that's the reason.

    2. JubaionBx12+SBS


      At least the operating budget has to be balanced each year. The capital budget which is where smartcard technology would come from is a piece of shit right now.

  3. My picture got on the CDTA website!

    1. BM5 via Woodhaven
    2. GojiMet86
    3. CDTA


      Nope, this one right here http://www.cdta.org/news/traveling-tips/9581 Not much but hey considering they got it from my flickr page, and it didn't even have snow tagged in the pic so it wasn't from a google search

  4. Still playing MiniMetro

  5. Looks like we're getting XD60's

  6. Ayee 1750 on the PSAT's (Got 99th percentile for critical reading, too)


  8. All threads are up. I advise you check out the new ones (and the old ones if you haven't already) as that's where some more exclusives come in

  9. Threads 5, 6, and 7 are being posted at some point today (6/10)

    1. CDTA


      Posting them now

    2. CDTA


      They'll be up by midnight

  10. 180 pictures coming up in my next photo thread!

  11. Went out fanning today, might upload the pics tonight

  12. CDTA looking at XD60's for the Western-Washington BRT:http://fb.me/2hh3hgxGR

    1. Cait Sith

      Cait Sith

      They also have a SEPTA LFS HEV Artic.

  13. Lacrosse + Robotics means I don't get home until 10 or later most nights, so I'm mainly lurking for the time being.

    1. peacemak3r


      I arrive home 11pm daily.

    2. B35 via Church

      B35 via Church

      Most nights I get home around 9....


      Regardless, I'm not in a rush to check this, or any other site... I'll lurk/post whenever I get around to doing so - and not a single millisecond before that...

    3. Quill Depot
  14. Anybody else know what my profile pic is?

    1. E For Erica

      E For Erica

      Sorry about that I took the photo down since no one was commenting on the thread. Plus, I deleting photobucket pics at the time anyway. I wish I can delete threads like I can delete statuses on Facebook lol. But if you still want a bus drawing, I'll be glad to do it.

    2. CDTA


      Don't take this the wrong way, as i'm sure you're quite good at what you do, but i'm not in the market for any myself currently. I just anted to let you know incase of it being an error or somethings.

    3. E For Erica

      E For Erica

      Ok but thanks for letting me know

  15. I must say, quite the fan of living two blocks away from a railroad crossing

  16. My internet comes back on Wednesday! And with robotics ending next week, and since we may be entirely moved by March, i'll have a lot more time then! Until then...

  17. Where would Charlie be if he had sold the ticket like originally planned?

  18. Looks like my internet may be coming back soon! Of course, until then, I don't really have time to go to the library and stuff, so i'll be pretty quiet. Plenty of new bus photos when I get back!

    1. Broadway Local

      Broadway Local

      That's me last year. When Hurricane Sandy damaged my internet signal, I have to get a new different network. Got Optimum and I was so hyped when I found out that I will be getting my internet back.


  19. My internet has been gone for about 2 months now, and with robotics every day until 4:30, I don't really have alot of time to get to the library and use the internet.

  20. My internet went out, AGAIN. Hopefully it'll come back soon... (Not using my home wi-fi...)

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