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  1. There's a 5th track just north of and south of 72nd St that's used to crossover between the local and express tracks.
  2. If I have a ticket from say, Poughkeepsie to Ossining, can I buy a ticket from Ossining to idk, Marble Hill and use them as a ticket from Poughkeepsie to Marble Hill on the same train?
  3. Why does the 1:51 AM train out of Southeast end at Dover Plains? The only thing I could think of is the crews timing out but I can't imagine that's it.
  4. I get why they're doing this but I just know someone's gonna get written up for answering a 5 second question.
  5. Does the S92 get a lot of North Fork-South Fork riders or does the whole bus usually bail at Riverhead?
  6. Something to keep in mind is that pretty much every low-income rider ESPECIALLY in the city isn't a choice rider. They need to take the train or bus to get to work. Uber or cabs aren't even on their radar. Yes this program is expensive, but so are things like food stamps and school lunches, which I would argue are close to equal importance. A significant number of cities have done this already too.
  7. I'd hate to be that guy, but I'm a little skeptical here. A lot of it seems to be potentially meaningless buzzwords. I mean it's nice that they're actually admitting management is a problem, but what's the plan to fix it? Something vague and undefined. A lot of it seems to be bottom of the barrel stuff that should've been done a long time ago. Things like competent management, working on multiple lines, etc, that every other transit agency seemed to figure out a long time ago. Having said all that, actually shutting down lines consistently is a great move. The big issues with line shutdowns and service changes isn't that they happen, it's that they're so inconsistent and you actually have to look them up each time you go out. I imagine it's going to be a lot easier for tourists now too since they can just look at a map and see whatever line isn't running on weekends. Oh my God. It's really, REALLY hard to look like an unlikable person next to Cuomo. I have such a strong, palpable dislike for Cuomo, and yet every time De Blaiso opens his mouth I find myself running back into Cuomo's arms. Here's an idea Mr. Mayor. You like the millionare's tax so much? Think it's such a good idea? Implement it in the city YOU HAVE CONTROL OVER. This guy acts like he's the minority leader of the senate or something. It seems like all he does is complain about how woe is him and he can't do anything because he's just a little tiny mayor. Glad to know the mayoral office is such a weak position, can't believe he spent $13 Million on a campaign for a position that allows him to do nothing whatsoever! Grow the f**k up. Implement this plan that you think can raise so much money and use that to fund your portion of the plan instead of preemptively whining like a child that big ol mean Cuomo won't let you do anything. Run for f**king governor if you're such a genius and know how to solve all of the state's problems. I can't wait for Cuomo to come out and say he doesn't like the plan so that DeBlasio starts running around going on about how it's the best plan ever and he's doing his part and funding it but the state is bullying poor old DeBlasio and won't put up their share. Screw DeBlasio and screw the NYCGOP for putting in the one person who'd do a worse job than him as their candidate.
  8. The ads in question aren't even really explicit tbh. If I saw them it wouldn't even occur to me they're for sex toys.
  9. Remember last time someone got stabbed over this and they said they were going to do something about it?
  10. Just to be clear, it absolutely would speed things up, there's a reason why they try to do them whenever possible. However, as other people have said, at least in New York, there are few places and times where you actually can pull them off.
  11. Glad to know that if I don't like somebody all I have to do get then arrested is go after their service dog 👍 /s That reckless endangerment charge is absolute bollocks, who does this chick know that she got someone charged for bringing their legal service dog on the train? I hope this guy lawyers up because that seriously sounds like an ADA violation. Of course he won't though because he's just a poor folk from Brownsville, thanks New York City for showing that yes, you are still courrupt and have no problem harming innocent people as long as you're able to spin it, not like anyone thought otherwise.
  12. Surely when you all say dogs shouldn't be allowed on the subway, you mean dogs outside of carriers, right?
  13. Here's an idea. How about moving the Javits Center to the parts that can't do high rise development? It'll still be in a fairly central location unlike aqueduct, and it'll free up much more valuable land in Manhattan.
  14. Oh my god, who gives a shit? This is literally a goddamn game to them.
  15. When the third track project is done there's no longer going to be any direct Oyster Bay-NYC service, so you might as well make it go somewhere.
  16. It just means you can't check bags. You can still bring it as a carry-on provided it meets the size requirement and it's just the one. (Or is it two? Idk check Amtrak's carry-on policy).
  17. By installing switches just south of 50th St, and between Broadway-Lafayette and Grand St (This would be fairly difficult to do southbound but northbound is fine) you have the run over the 8th Ave Express, and the run via 63rd St and the 6th Ave Express. That, combined with moving the to 53rd St would completely segregate the , which allows for a very high degree of operational flexibility. Something wrong on the... ...8th Ave Local? Just run all the s via the , which can be done without causing any additional merging or delays. ...6th Ave Local? Just run all the s via the , which can be done without causing any additional merging or delays. ...8th Ave Express? Move the and to the local track, then move the to the , which can all be done without causing any additional merging or delays. ...6th Ave Express? Move the and to the local track, then move the to the , which can be done without causing any additional merging or delays.
  18. These are pretty serious allegations, almost so over the top I can't believe them. The fact that their only defense was 'they weren't technically employees' is not a good sign.
  19. Headline is misleading since the real takeaway was that there WASN'T a raid. On that note, WTF? What a strange thing to say, twice no less.
  20. Hit the nail on the head for me. Sorry but the running local for three stops is not at all the equivalent of the entirety of the being out.

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