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  1. I was wondering, which saves the most? Having buses at a depot closest to them, or at one further away if it means being able to have things like a weekday/rush hour only depot, or a depot with all artics or a depot with all NGs. Obviously this depends on mileage and frequency, but what are the limits to where it's acceptable? Running all the Eastern Queens Express buses out of Queens Village post-merger? Moving the Q44 to West Farms so CS doesn't have any arctics? You get the idea.
  2. Sounds good to me. If you're speeding near a school you deserve to get ticketed. I don't think there will be enough to cap the fare increases though. Between the plan for action, reduced fare cards and lowering express bus fares (all good ideas imo) there won't be anything left. I think it could pass politically too, these are all popular, reasonable ideas and I don't see much backlash on the school cameras outside of SI. Lmao I just looked this up, that's the funniest shit ever. Only six schools and it raised $30M in three months? And they tried to say there wasn't a problem and they were being treated unfairly. Lmfaooo
  3. I don't know how it was in Massachusetts and Rhode Island but the problem in New York is that the county actually does do a lot. It's the towns that don't do anything and are redundant. I don't think anyone would object to eliminating town level government, but this is where New York being New York comes in. We're never gonna get rid of towns because that's less jobs people can give to their kids and friends, etc, you know the deal.
  4. Here's a thought. What about connecting PATH from WTC to Atlantic Terminal, and up the Atlantic Branch? This would be much more useful than the Atlantic Branch in its current form, and it'd allow people from NJ to get a one seat ride to a new office hub, Downtown Brooklyn. You don't have to do any work on the Atlantic Branch itself because PATH is FRA compliant, and you could easily from there expand it to JFK, providing for the first time a one seat ride to downtown, Floral Park, and Valley Stream, not only providing eastern Queens with vital rail service but also allowing the LIRR to speed up service and focus on its main job of commuting customers from LI. You wouldn't have to really do any work either aside from JFK because again, PATH is FRA compliant so you don't need to do anything special for them to run.
  5. Unchanged. The 46s for both the and the (N)/(W) come from Jamaica.
  6. I would say a confirmed corporate MTA worker working in operations, DJ Hammers is a pretty reliable source. I understand your skepticism, but this seems to be a situation where the risks outweigh the costs. Really, where else are you going to put R32s where they can free-up full length fleet, at Jamaica? Given their atrocious MBDF I'd say there's more potential to tie up service running them there.
  7. I'm curious as to the actual logistics of this, with monthly pass users and the like. Besides that it doesn't seem too unreasonable as long as the surcharge is only charged for traveling in and out of NY Penn.
  8. (J)/(Z): R160/R179 (G): R179 with a handful of R32s (B): R32/R68 (N)/(W): R46/R68/R179 (C): R46 (E)/(F)/(R): All R160
  9. Can't speak for the others but the student discount for me personally has never been worth it since it doesn't apply to saver fares anyways.
  10. This is a bit out there but I wanna know what you guys think So I was thinking of running the Flushing Express track into a new tunnel going down 34th st, then, when it gets to Hudson Yards, it loops back around and goes down 34th heading East on a second parallel track, in the morning, and reverse in the evening. A new yard would be built at the ConEd site to store the trains during the mid-day since the whole thing is technically only one track (I don't see why ConEd couldn't just build whatever they needed to on top of the yard). Doing this would double capacity on the Flushing Line since the local can now run a full 30TPH, and the express can run a full 30 TPH all while only needing new track up to Queens Plaza. Plus, since the 34th st section is technically double-tracked, when the express isn't running you can still operate the section independently as a 34th st Crosstown line. AND since the tunneling would be all new construction, you can build it to B-division standards for that little bit of extra capacity since the elevated is already built to B-division standards. You'd also need a huge expansion of Corona Yard, but seeing how right now the surrounding area is all surface parking lots that shouldn't be too difficult.
  11. Why is everyone being so hostile? From what I remember from chargerdodge9 he had some wacky conspiracy theories and a short temper but that was it. He's been fine so far, honestly I didn't even know it was him until people called him by name. Idk maybe my memory is rusty or you guys know something I don't cause it seems like people are flipping on him for no reason, knowing full well that'll antagonize him.
  12. Idea: Having one of the front benches permanently up and allowing both strollers and wheelchairs in there.
  13. Haha, I clearly only half read your post because it looks like you mentioned that lol Anyways, having gone through the whole thing and taken a look at the systems.... While the first thing that crossed my mind with the 65 was linking it up with the 55 just for simplicity sake, your idea is much better. I wouldn't take a bus off of the 10 or 40 though because keeping all the routes at 15/30/60 makes it really easy to connect them all (although I haven't looked at the schedules so maybe they're opting not to do that) Having said that I also find it odd they cut the 55 off where it is considering the run time is only 20 minutes. They could've easily extended it to the Alaska Pacific and the Native Medical Center. Also odd that since they're using two buses they're not sending one to the hospital/university area and one to downtown, but instead both to downtown (in regards to the 92).
  14. Something funny is that on page 38 they actually mention how the 60's ridership is about the same as the 9 despite having less service, meaning it should theoretically have much more ridership than the 9 if given more service. Pretty interesting how they chose this as an example and then chose not to follow through with it.
  15. I wouldn't be so sure, remember..... Granted, that post is over a year old by now, and I know the MTA can make some stupid decisions sometimes, but given all the issues not just with this contract, but with pretty much every current Bombardier rail order in North America, I'd be shocked if they didn't keep this option open.
  16. This is what really stood out to me. Poor New Yorkers don't drive! Maybe the ones from Long Island and Westchester do but that's not of his concern, that's a problem with the state, but what's this? Cuomo is actually SUPPORTING congestion pricing? What a joke, this is probably the only time in the next ever that the governor will actually support such a measure and here we have this clown who doesn't support it because then he'd be forced onto the subway like us common folk. And then he has the nerve to act like he's doing people justice. Really, who signed off on that comment? Is everyone on his staff that out of touch that they all thought "Yeah, that's a good excuse, go with that, everyone will love you for it"? SMH That should tell you all you need to know really.
  17. The outside is a joke but the interior looks really nice.
  18. I don't understand how you can say there isn't an inherent bias when A) At least one officer has been reprimanded for not ticketing enough blacks and hispanics for farebeating and B) None of southwest Brooklyn is targeted despite also being low income and woah, what a coincidence, those parts are all majority asian and white
  19. I don't think it's making it any easier, I mean it is still taller than the turnstiles.
  20. Since I'm not upstate anymore I really appreciate all the updates! Keep them up if you can!
  21. Ideally they'd just run during the rush on the to assure that if there's a problem on the Manhattan Bridge there's no chance of one getting assigned to Montague. They could just be assigned to the though. and definitely, since they both run through Montague but whether they're banned from the and maybe the has been the cause of debate throughout this thread. As for the 10 8-car R160s that no longer have a home, they can just sit around in the interim, maybe can be used as emergency cars.
  22. Idea: gets the R68s from the , , and , along with the five-car R179 sets. and get the 8-car R179 sets. The remaning R32s are assigned in the former R68 slots on the and . Basically it'll look like this: This will allow the to be 8 cars and the to be full length.
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