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  1. This is something relating to deadhead times, right? Ummm, ok, that's strange considering at that same time there's a Bx40 that goes to the Bx42 terminal.
  2. Damn, I'm like 9400 I thought this was one of the small ones lol I actually settled on a school in Maryland so it's alright. Hopefully someone who needs it will get it
  3. Interesting how in the entire article it doesn't once mention him saying he'll increase funding for the MTA Just a 'vision' (as if the MTA doesn't have one) and diverted funding from other branches of the MTA. This is ridiculous, a dick measuring contest where they both keep it in their pants.
  4. I thought manufacturers needed a facility in New York to bid? If that's the case, wouldn't that disqualify CSSR?
  5. You guys are gonna hate me for this, but I think he's fine. If it was during the rush then yeah, it would be a problem but on such an early train with so few passengers, just let him sleep. Hell, if when I got to White Plains the seats next to me were empty on a daily basis I'd probably do the same thing. This is train 604, which gets into GCT at 6:10. If statistics from 2011 are still accurate, it has a maximum load of 300 people in a six car train, so nobody is being forced to stand.
  6. Is $1200 an hour operating cost standard? I know trains cost a lot of money to run but this seems absurd.
  7. Just a thought, but maybe this would actually be good for NJT? If they're serious about not paying Amtrak for April this would certainty help their case if a significant portion of people stopped paying.
  8. The problem with this is that not enough people are willing to risk it or care so only 5 or so people get on with an April pass which will result in nothing. https://twitter.com/EnnjayTransit/status/858095521424187393seems like a much better idea.
  9. I'm not advocating skipping, but I want to point out for the record that there's a difference between skipping on a regular basis, and on occasion. To clarify on my earlier post, I do it only a few times a year. If you tell your teacher in advance you're going to be out, you can get the work so that it still gets done. Again, if you're all caught up, missing a singular lesson that's really just a re-cap isn't the end of the world, especially when the work gets done anyways. I miss more days and lessons for things like doctors appointments and sports matches (both of which are considered reason for an excused absence, and thus are condoned by the school), and neither of them have impacted my education.
  10. Depends on the context. My grades are pretty good so if it's expected to be a light/average class day then I'd probably go see it. Don't think I'd ever blow off a family thing though
  11. Provided the Kings Highway short-turns turn at Church Ave instead and this only takes place in the peak direction this seems like a great idea. Customers south of Kings Highway: Pros: Quicker commutes for nearly all customers Crowding reduced by 50% Cons: Seemingly none* Customers between Kings Highway and Church Ave: Pros: Quicker commutes for nearly 50% of customers, others stay the same (increased wait times will be cancelled out by the quicker service, but customers who take one of the full-length trains anyways will have a net benefit through quicker service) Crowding reduced by 50% Cons: Seemingly none* Customers between Church Ave and Jay St: Pros: Crowding reduced significantly for stations in Park Slope, with there being chances of getting a seat Cons: Waiting times doubled Customers north of Jay St: Pros: Crowding reduced on some trains Cons: Seemingly none* Bonuses: New service is cheaper to run thanks to reduced run-time on the express trains, and earlier turnbacks on the local ones Potential to reduce crowding on the and Really the only people getting the short end of the stick in this deal are Boerum Hill residents, but there are many more riders outside of those stops than inside of those stops, and that's not even including the added bonuses. *People who are going from stations south of Church to a non-express station between Church and Jay in the peak direction only would have to transfer, and north of Kings Highway would have even further increased travel times (this doesn't affect people transferring to the since they can do so at Jay St), and people in the reverse-peak direction going from north of Church St to a stop between Church St and Kings Highway would have doubled wait times due to the short-turns, but I don't think either of these groups are large enough during these time periods to warrant mentioning outside of this footnote.
  12. I can't believe they've had the West Hempstead branch closed this week for work. The line shuts down already on the weekends, they couldn't have done it then?
  13. I think the B32 and B39 should be merged. They have identical frequencies and service hours and thanks to the B39's absurd layover times, it wouldn't require any extra buses. Plus, an LES-Williamsburg (with LIC as an added bonus) route seems to have much more potential than the two routes have right now. (Although such a route would probably have the most potential running until 2-3 for all the bar-goers, we can only go one step at a time)
  14. Not necessarily. If you stop at 149th then you could just have it follow the Metro-North ROW and it'll get there in no time. Yankee Stadium isn't much farther to the west either, you'd just need an S-routing instead of a diagonal one because it's further north.
  15. Just a thought, but an extension to 149th-Grand Concourse would connect to the at 3rd-138, and the at 149th, PLUS with some reconfiguration you could build an all-line Metro-North station there as well. If you wanted to go one step further you could send it up to Yankee Stadium for even more connections. This to me seems it's accounting for the though. The -only ridership (which is what we're going to be dealing with for the next 20-30 years at least) would be substantially less.
  16. I'm glad to see you're still posting because I have a few questions! I may be attending one of the CUNYs for uni and I was wondering if this is something I could do part-time concurrently? The ones I've looked at have pretty flexible schedules and for at least the first 2-3 years I should be able to take all my classes outside of standard hours. The big questions are How rigid is your schedule when you start out? Does it change every day/week or is it pretty much the same hours? I ask because I'd imagine the MTA wants you to schedule everything else around their job rather than the other day around and if it changes drastically then obviously I wouldn't be able to do that. On that same note, what about location? Do you report to Brooklyn first where they tell you where to go or do they just tell you once at the beginning of the week? Do you do Tottenville one day and Wakefield the next or can you pick a general geographic location? The notice said you don't work more than 25 hours a week, if you do have to travel to Brooklyn, get your assignment and then travel to it (and back?) is that included in the 25? I'm assuming you would get paid for the time it takes to travel from Brooklyn onwards, right? What about training? How long was it and when was it (days of week/time of day)? Sorry about the stupid/obvious questions but I really don't know much about how working at the MTA is outside of office positions and operator positions so I don't know what to expect.
  17. I have to say I'm quite surprised everyone is awarding the contracts without them having put out a successful US order. Even if CRRC has successful orders elsewhere, those cars were not coming out of Springfield using that supply chain. Even 'experienced' manufacturers have had problems in the US like Bombardier, and SEPTA's own Hyundai Rotem.
  18. Damn, retiring trains from 1990? They should send them to us when they're done lol BTW, I just checked, their fleet actually has the same specs as ours. Hmmm......
  19. Why don't the M20 and M55 use the South Ferry Loop?
  20. Is this true, or is it bad math (a la Mangano's budget surplus)? I'm not defending this but it does make a difference. Also LOL @ 20 commuters, I'm sure that'll make them change their minds. Appreciate the effort though!
  21. That doesn't make any sense. Off of the top of my head, 8th Ave and Flatbush have even less wiggle room but manage to turn more trains.
  22. Why did the MTA remove most of the manhattan neighborhood maps from the site?
  23. I think it's absurd that there isn't a shuttle bus. For everyone saying to just take the B9, or whatever other bus, you seem to be forgetting that that's an extra fare to people who live near the station and have to transfer. I see no reason why in a system with thousands of buses, they can't dedicate one, singular bus to run back and forth between the station.
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