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  1. What if the reason they built full mezzanines at each station was so that they could be used as platforms for a four-tracked line in the future?
  2. And you don't reduce the number of trains going across the East River. Splitting it into two seems needlessly complicated.
  3. Who else was on the first W this morning?

  4. Will the (W)s that start at 86th start at CI, Bay Parkway or some other stop due to the construction? I'm specifically asking what stop they'll start at, if anybody knows.
  5. For anyone interested in a spreadsheet version so that you can sort by speed or bus bunching https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1TpGgk54GgRW2RX7Ju8_xeeGF5W8u5MS23kCd2jCY6Ik/edit#gid=0
  6. I think you guys are overlooking some things. For starters, the PABT would be a likely funder (although I doubt they would pay for maintenance), and they have money to spare, with their near balanced budget, and need to spend money on capital projects so they don't turn a profit. It might actually save them money anyways, as it can't cost more than a few billion, which alone comes in under the projected cost of the PABT rebuilding, forgetting the cost of the new tube the Lincoln Tunnel will inevitably need, or the depot for bus parking. Second, this wouldn't be used for the Route 9 commuters, or the buses coming from Rockland County. It would likely be used to re-direct the massive amounts of buses from Weehawken and West New York and the like, and maybe even places like Paterson, which have very frequent service to PABT, even outside of rush hours. It could even be used for intercity buses, since there'd be a subway (not to be confused with a train, as the off-peak frequencies of the 7 are vital this to work) that connects to basically every line in the city. There's also the added benefit of re-directing Lincoln Tunnel cars AND buses, and the ability to re-direct buses that currently feed into PATH to the new terminal, to add capacity to PATH, which may not be needed now (as the PA is extending all the platforms and trains AGAIN), but will definitely be needed in the future as Jersey City continues to get denser, and the density expansions continues westward. This also makes things easier for Main Line commuters who work on 42nd Street, but that number I'd imagine isn't very high. And yes, this means the 7 cannot be extended elsewhere, but where would the 7 be able to be extended to that can't just as easily be served by the L? The tunnel is currently built up to 25th St, so even if the L were extended to the south, we're still talking only 12 blocks.
  7. I thought all the M2/M4/M6s were retired? I saw one at a platform in GCT the other day. Wasn't during rush hours either, it was something like 8:30.
  8. 58 inch doors? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad we're finally doing this, but an extra 8 inches doesn't seem like it'll help much. Was just about to say the same thing. I said when the first mockup was shown that there was some resemblance, but this is...WOW Not complaining though, that's a sexy design
  9. Doubt it, but does anyone know the day the first set will be sent down? I live a few blocks away from the CP line that goes through the Adirondacks, so assuming it gets sent down by rail, it'll pass through here, and I'd be able to check it out.
  10. Eh, I dunno about this. Usually these are done as tools for gentrification, and that area's really already past that, seeing how 1BRs we're already going for $1M+ in blind auctions a few years ago. Not to mention, the still isn't running full length trains, and the B32 only runs every 30 minutes, but hey, you know what, if it'll pay for itself, I see no reason why not too.
  11. Bombardier offered to do it for less.
  12. Reminds me a bit of London's new trains.
  13. There's no crossunder at 135th though. Thank you both.
  14. How does the turn around at 135th Street? There's no connection between the two platforms if I recall correctly, so it'd have to go past the station, up the middle track, past the station in the opposite direction, then reverse onto the uptown platform. It just seems like a lot of work. Also, slightly unrelated question. Does the travel ban only effect cars, and not pedestrians? I was told the travel ban started at 2:30, and while I know the subway runs regardless, there were Metro-North trains until about 4.
  15. I was going to post this in the proposals and ideas thread, but this seems like a better place. First, is the to the Bronx. The would stop at 155th and 163rd Streets at all times, as the would branch off of it's current route at 135th Street. It would run through the Concourse Tunnels where it would branch off before turning on 161st Street, to run the route shown in the map, which is Odgen Avenue to University Avenue. The area the new line goes through, while having the not too far away, has large hills going east-west, and is filled with almost nothing but 10 floor apartment buildings. The would of course be extended to 10 cars in this scenario, and would also have it's TPH doubled to 12TPH. While Cranberry is at capacity during the rush, it is only at capacity coming from Brooklyn in the morning, and from Manhattan at night, so you can have 12TPH run on the with no problem in the peak direction. It's new supplememental yard will be built on top of the current Concourse Yard, where it will have a connection to the yard below. I believe the line will get enough ridership to warrant running into Manhattan late nights. Second, is the to Pelham Bay Park. After the Yankee Stadium stop, it will run on it's own line, down the route of the Bx6, then up the Bruncker Expressway to I-95. This would mainly be done to take off crowding from the , and as an added bonus would make commutes easier for quite a few people, especially those in Throggs Neck. If needed, a new yard could be built at the brown marker, as there's just a movie theater occupying the current space. I wasn't 100% sure about the stops east of Zegera, so stops can be added there. The as a result will run all times (at least in the bronx and manhattan) as it is now the only train serving Grand Concourse. If any trains need to be added, they will be taken from the or . Third, is the to Eastchester. After Westchester Square. it will run up Cooper and Blondell (or alternatively could be run down Waters, with a stop at Hutchinson Metro Center), turn onto Willamsbridge over the amtrak tracks, and then onto Laconia. This will not only take people off the and , (there should be room because of the customers that moved to the ), but also serve vastly underserved areas. During the rush hours the will run to Pelham, while the goes to Eastchester. Other times I'd imagine a shuttle from Pelham Bay to Westchester Square will suffice. EDIT: I forgot to mention, all of the roads and streets being used, with the exception of Odgen Avenue, and 161st Street are wide and flat enough to support cut and cover or elevated construction.
  16. Yes, however, keep in mind, the is already capped by the , , (soon to be or whatever you want to call it) and the , so if the needs to up it's capacity, it has other issues. Having said that, any extra trains coming from Queens can be turned at Whitehall, and any extra trains needed in Brooklyn can be run as (T)'s instead. If it ever does become too much however, we can simply end the at Broad Street, which while taking out service to Brooklyn, still saved A LOT of money in construction costs. In response to the second comment, I disagree in that it's Broad Street's location that makes it perform poorly. I believe it's due to the fact that the average person wants midtown, where the doesn't go. Lower Manhattan isn't a destination if you don't work there. I'd also like to add, that we're talking a five, ten minute walk at most to the Nassau Street line from Water Street, so with the exception of perhaps Worth Street, they're not missing out on much.
  17. Haha, funny, I just found a page with them yesterday completely by accident. How bout that? http://ny.curbed.com/archives/2008/07/03/the_bloodiest_subway_car_youll_see_this_week.php
  18. Instead of wasting a ton of money on giving the it's own line in Downtown Manhattan, only for it to end there, why not route it through the only 4 tracked line in the system to run 10TPH? I propose running the through the Nassau Street Line from Bowery to Broad Street, and then continuing through Montague and the 4th Ave Local (The doesn't share tracks through Dekalb, and only runs on 10TPH, so it can work) up to 4th Ave-9th Sts, where it will continue to 15th Street, where it will branch off in time to clear Prospect Avenue Station, and run under Prospect Parkway to a new station between 5th and 6th Avenues, where the train will terminate, without interfering with other trains. Since it's being built on a city owned ROW, tail tracks could easily be added. This would require a reconfiguration of the Nassau Line tracks (shown here (with a street overlay of the Bowery-Chrystie connection here)) and ideally an extension of the platforms, but is not required. The separate station at Prospect could also be cut, but that would require running the trains to Bay Ridge, which seems like vastly overserving it unless you cut all ®'s to Whitehall. This would also mean being forced to use 60ft'ers on the , but it seems like a small price to pay for getting the to Brooklyn while still saving money over the original plan.
  19. Love how we're getting smartcards before the MTA is lol

    1. BM5 via Woodhaven

      BM5 via Woodhaven

      Your transit system is much smaller and not as costly to operate, so I'm guessing why that's the reason.

    2. JubaionBx12+SBS


      At least the operating budget has to be balanced each year. The capital budget which is where smartcard technology would come from is a piece of shit right now.

  20. I would assume they're doing work here
  21. You are aware that they provide three trips on school days only? I don't think there's much to abuse with that. And don't forget they also stop working at 8:30. (Sporting events frequently go that late) Also, I'd like to ask; What about students in say, Far Rockaway, or Staten Island who want to attend Brooklyn Tech? You can't just go the local equivalent because there isn't any. I'd also like to add that despite living in Washington Heights, I had to go to school in the UWS because my local schools were all filled. Should I have to pay for that?
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