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  1. Guess everyone got hired since nobody writes here anymore lol congrats to all
  2. Exam 5610 is up to 227. Friday about 40 people on the job went perm and 30 are in the class. Next class is December 27 so that week another group goes down town. The way it's been going I believe the next group would be from 228-347 and January 9 group from 348- 438. That's as much info I know as of now. Until the next update ppl and merry Christmas
  3. 23 people in the current class! The one that started dec 12!
  4. I doubt temp would be hired due to the perm list being open. They hiring perm first
  5. Car inspector list numbers 138-227 have to report down town for perm status. 47 ppl are from the outside. (Not on the job) this list is moving. Good luck and remember you have two more classes coming up. Dec 27 and Jan 9 2017.
  6. Good luck to all those starting training today!
  7. Listen the training is going to be easy! Just don't be late or miss a day. They very strict on lateness. Other then that the class is a breeze. It's fun sometimes also.
  8. How they going to hire ppl from exam 6612 when exam 5610 still has many ppl waiting. 136 ppl have been made permenant. The list has 774 ppl. No wait ppl from exam 6612 are going to get hired until the exam is exhausted!
  9. If I were u I would show up there with the letter! Shouldn't be a issue but not to sure!
  10. So list number 400 + was called in for processing. Seems like this list will be moving fast! ????????????
  11. Update! The next classes scheduled are December 12 , December 27 and January 9 2017. The class that started nov 28 is for those not on the job from 1-135! The next three classes will be for ppl 136 and higher! So good luck and be patient. Your time will come!
  12. If it was dismissed or sealed then it's like it never happened. Anything that's pending or you been found guilty of must be put down. They won't hire you with pending cases. Just be honest about everything. Once again if you were never found guilty then no need to put it.
  13. So currently 135 from exam 5610 have been called down to become permanent. About 80 of them are on the job already. There is a class nov 28 and two more classes in December of about 15-25 ppl each. This list will be moving fast. By the end of December 270 ppl should be permanent with about 150-180 being on the job already. Good luck everyone!
  14. My list number is 17** and it's the second letter I received for processing. I am currently in a diffferent position in the Mta that I won't be leaving. I'm going to pass up on this job and wish the next person in line the best. good luck everyone going for the bus operator exam
  15. The list has not been established publicly yet. Sometime this month it should be. That's when they will start to hire people. From what I heard, by December 2016 about 100+ car inspectors will be hired. Those who took the exam and already on the list will just be promoted to permanent. Good lucky and be patient

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