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  1. (Bx19) Harlem


  2. The (B103) and (B110) are in a class of their own. To keep the thread going: Another thing about the MTA that confused me was when they had the QBx1 running from Flushing, Queens, to Co-Op City, the Bronx via the Whitestone Bridge. For a period of time, I thought this bus was an express route, but was confused as to why the bus always sent Orion V's as if it were a regular bus. Now it's the Q50 and Bx23, and I don't understand how they run in Co-Op City. I've rode this bus (Q50) a couple times before, and I hate the fact that it has 30 minute headways to Queens, but only 10 minute headways to Co-Op City. So if you're standing at Pelham Bay Station waiting for this bus, you'll see 2-4 Co-Op City-bound buses. And they'll always be a idle Q50 on a side street next to the bus stop. Always wondered why... -P.S.: Anybody got any info on why the QBx1 was the only Queens-Bronx route w/ the title QBx?
  3. I'm a daily Bx5 rider...The headways need to be improved too, but AM rush hour service on this line sucks because its the only bus that runs down Story Ave w/ a connection to the Bx27, which goes to the same terminal at Southern Bl.-W. Farms Rd. PM rush isn't better, all the buses get crowded at the first stop w/ most passengers coming from the . The next stop is Hunts Point Av., where the are, so more riders there too. Leads to some buses going from the first stop straight over the bridge to Soundview, skipping Hunts Point. Think that bus needs at least an AM/PM rush LTD service, similar to the Bx36, or just more frequent buses could help. Also, would the trains hinder LTD Service on the Bx19? My only thought is to have the LTD service split in two sections: 1) Between 149 St.-Gerard Av. and Southern Bl.-Westchester Av. 2) Between Southern Bl.-174 St. and Bronx Pk. (Northern Term.) Local Service in Manhattan.
  4. yea you're right..wonder why they didnt do this before..
  5. Does anyone approve of this? I think it helps, but its a real hassle for 4 straight days. Weekend construction never bothered me as much as this will.
  6. I've always wondered what Limited-buses could be efficient on certain lines. Some of mine are: Bx5: (Rush Hours, Peak Direction) as some buses skip stops due to crowding. Bx19: This bus goes everywhere in the Bronx, so why is it only a local? Bx39: (Weekdays and Saturdays (maybe)) When the Bx41 served Wakefield, Limiteds ran there...Bx39 doesnt exactly need it, but it could help. M1: (Weekdays) Maybe could benefit 5 Av. during Middays w/ the M2 LTD. Anyone have any other suggestions?
  7. I've seen some 5780-5820 LFSAs on Bronx routes too, like the Bx15 and Bx19 Are those going to move soon too?
  8. Still Waiting for That (T) Train...Never Seems To Come On Time, Sometimes Even At All . . .

  9. Feels Good To Be New

    Bad Days For Traveling via Subway Coming Up

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