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  1. If they did something with the right side mirror on the RTS, the RTS would be the best bus out there.
  2. That is what Ive been seeing, Does anybody know why they are not doing the training on the RTS anymore?
  3. Could this mean the end of the famous RTS??
  4. Listen to the instructor, Do not be a wise guy, do not answer back, Give it 100%, study and and get plenty of sleep the night before.
  5. The phone number requested from you is so when your drug test is clean they will call you back with a date to come back. Training is 10 days, but most people qualify on day 7. Take a leave of absense from your job if you could, Just incase something doesnt go right at the mta you have something to fall back on. I have a interesting question, While in Flushing on Thursday, I saw many low floor 4,000 series buses being used for TRAINING BUSES. Is the mta still doing training in a RTS bus or did they change policy and train new guys in the new buses? Any info? Thank you. Mr Q66
  6. 638 was scraped a few months ago So with the 6000's at ECH many used on the Q50 will ECH still use the RTS for the Q50 route?
  7. 666 will be missed, it used to break down on the q 32 alot. RIP
  8. Watching the Honeymooners the movie,....Anybody know if that Orion bus number 455 is still around? It looks so good in the movie.. (haha)
  9. I have no idea how it will affect you, the only people that would know that answer would be down at 180 livingston in Brooklyn. But once you go threw the hiring process on the 21 page application where it asks you if you were ever terminated from a job,tell them you were terminated and the reason, do not lie. It will ask if you worked for MTA also tell them yes and the reason you were terminated.
  10. First it depends on why you were terminated, but on the 21 page application just tell the truth, mta wants the truth, if they discover a lie, its byebye,
  11. In Jamaica Queens, most of the fairbeating occurs.
  12. Fairbeating is also high on Express buses.
  13. Why would the TA wanna put SBS on lines with such high levels of fair beating?
  14. Good luck in trying to get every kid to pay that machine and get a receipt, Fair beating on the B44 is sky high, we need more inspecters out on the bus to stop it.
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