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  1. It should have been BTWN Busway and Heavyrail. In the meantime, MTA should apply TSM. Also, thete should be light rail between Jamica center and Astoria via flushing and the airporn.
  2. So it was down to light rail and busway. Busway wood probabli win becasue if youre trying to get from seaview hosp/ mall to ferry, no transfer is needed. Ferry was the worst option. Not only is it very slow, think about how much it would cost to build new stations. It only got consideration because mo transfer would bx needed to get to manhattan. I wonder if theyll label any of tgese buses Selectbuservice. I hope so.
  3. I believe either the S1 or S2 will be local, most likely the S1
  4. Looks like the Metrobus is a lot better than SBS. The best differences youll see are: Stations and Dedicated Busways separated by bumps. Youll also see video cameras (a priority), longer, more efficient, and much less expensive. Plus, the fare is about 42 cents (to them its like $5) I dont think im allowed to post lnks to spanish websites, but check it out on your own.
  5. Here's what i believe: S44,S46,S48,S52,S53, and S78 need higher frequency due 2 ridership and all but S52 could use an off-peak limited. The S78 was resolved by the extra service added. Also, you could've just combined the S79/X1 into 1 route, after stopping at bay ridge, just go to manhattan and run along the M15 so it can also use the fare machines. Then, just turn it onto the 34 st. SBS! End at PABT. S59 should get nite servive B4 the X1 gets any. Also, add a depot in manhattan (23 st) just for the stroage of buses that run peak direction only. Store them for noontime to save on fuel. Only problem i can see is: SPACE!
  6. The mra shouldve wrapped these http://i.ytimg.com/vi/hrLkVz3_xGw/hqdefault.jpg buses instead because its the mini non-atriculated version of the M15. Trade some orions for novabuses with yukon & castleton. Itll look like the M15 and Bx12 have reproduced. I was at the mall yesterday wacthing 3 SBS buses leave B4 i saw a 59 bus to Port richmond. I was hoping the schedule was less accurate and will have more FQNT service but nooooooo
  7. BTW, if there are bus lanes/ TSP btwn Forest& bay, the S91S92S98S96 should be labeled Select Bus Service. A full time SBS on 98 wood help. Ex- 8 15 6 60 60 15 15 60 60 15 15 60
  8. The S48 not crowded: Off-peak direction rush hours AM, 8pm-6am, before 9 and after 6pm on saturday, and before 9-30 & after 5-30 PM The S46 sunday service is crowded btwn 11pm (some) and 4pm
  9. Its never taken me more than 1 hr to get from victory/bay to bricktown mall. S74 is DEAD past ETC. the s78 is good with the short turn runs at Eltingville. Also, have you noticed SI has longer routes than the other boroughs? Thats because if rts are looong in other boros, the schedules will be way off. Plus buses at terminal , such as the S46 usually has 15 minutes of lateness allowed. In other words, it has 1 hr to complete 1 trip. It usually cOmpletes it in 48 mts. And whatever time is leftover the driver will just play temple run on their phone.
  10. Yeey! SBS is here! Ill be using yhe bus lanes on the S78 enjoying the high frequency and watching emPty 79s passing me. S78 used to be faster,,,, hmmmm..... BTW- S48 is the only SI route slower than M15 select. Bx12 is slower than every SI bus rt. Even being SBS A Post
  11. Looks like every SI schedule has been updated and now have different setups.
  12. The new S78 and S59 are now posted on the mta website! http://mta.info/nyct/bus/schedule/staten/s059cur.pdf http://mta.info/nyct/bus/schedule/staten/s078cur.pdf Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. http://ttmg.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Select-Bus.jpg
  14. Ive seen no changes at ETC besides the SBS box at the stop. Anybody know whats gonna happen with the northbound stop?
  15. I have the brochure too but i guess if its 1/2 spanish, then i cannot scan it.
  16. S54/S55,S56,S57,S66 Off-Peak will also operate minibuses.
  17. More routes coming soon! Minibus: 35 capacity, 15 seats. On: S40/46/48/51/53/59/74/78. Late nite. S40: 60,60,60 S46: 40,40,40 S48: 40,40,40 S51: 60,60,60 S53: 30,40,40 S59: 60,60,60 S62: 60,60,60 S74: 60,60,60 S78: 40,60,60
  18. Frequency Improvements: S40 13 16 11 20 60 / 30 15 15 30 60 / 30 20 20 30 60 S42 15 20 15 30 S44 12 15 10 20 / 20 15 15 20 / 30 20 20 30 S94 15 30 12 30 / - 15 15 - / - 20 20 - S46 8 15 12 30 / 20 15 15 30 / 20 12 12 20 S96 7 20 10 30 / - 20 20 -
  19. If the S79 is a fancy limited might as well call the S5978 "fancy local"
  20. Does anyone know what the new S59/S78 frequency will be? Today i was out on the S79 and it had 2 blue lights at either side. Also, the stops have that SBS thingy above the schedule. The bus lanes are also just about complete.
  21. The S79 will improve overtime. This means eventually there will be off board fare collection and bus lanes will be extended in both distance and time. Frequency: 7 15 9 12 - 12 10 9 10 - 15 12 12 15 - I hope to scan the brochure before it comes out. The brochure, not the schedule
  22. MTA makes mistakes all the time! Check out the current bronx bus map notes and look at Bx27 night frequency
  23. Guess what! I found a factory error on Bronx BUS MaP April 2012. It says the bX 27 operates every 4 minutes during sunday late nights. Think this is the current map so check out the mta website.
  24. Oh wait. Do you not live on SI? Whoops. Now also available on the B61,B63,M34,M34a +select+. next is bronx
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