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  1. http://www.mcicoach.com/media-center/2015-07-15-njt.htm More details on the order including Wfi capablties do you think they would execuse option more if needed I am not sure if 772 buses to replace the old fleet on the rest of garage would be enough. Then again it is good news to replenish the fleet next its those neoplans that need to be repalced with possible the new flyer that intrduced
  2. I always wonder if NJ Transit should update the standard bus stop i mean not this is complaint but i wish it was more so creative, myabe better seen and also away to get infomation on bus service or something. I mean it is the same little stick guy hopping on bus i mean its kinda yawn for me. I wonder how other agencies compare to their standard bus stop.
  3. Well the policy is you can not hop off at JSQ going to NYC, its either somewhere in central ave or sometimes I do this is hop off at congress ave station. As for 99s going 24/7 yea it did before it was gone
  4. http://www.njtransit.com/pdf/bus/upcoming/T0119.pdf Well the 119 will be expanding bus service with the Pulaski closing thats two things one more servic along central ave and another option other than 10 to go on in case the other is crowded. I wonder if these extra service would perminate even after the reopening of the southbound skyway bc if i was NJT i would need to keep this kind of scedule just to appese the central ave folks you know
  5. Uh ......wow I mean i know traffic is bad but doing that in front of a woman door down thats insane. I hope who ever uses that seat may have to handsanitize the hell out of it. Lincoln tunnel is not a subititute for "pleasure" let alone the stress of jammed veichles
  6. I just got email replay back those routes will be activated becuase when the vendors (CD) forget to put in those routes when they were activitating the other routes lol but they will be fixed today. I am impressed they got my replay back and will do something about. Yup theose routes are on now its complete for now at least next the new york buses
  7. If any in JC and looking upon the AC Bus LED sign as twice as big than normal just saw that yesterday afternoon in some of their buses.
  8. And some routes are missing like the 2, 22,23,85,88 what's up with that?
  9. So looking at new schedules from June 22nd one highlight for me is the 119 removed the restriction to Bayonne if your in JFK Blvd or JSQ to hop on honestly it is a stupid rule because people will not wait for the 10 so if you hop the 119 it is almost the same thing.
  10. That was amazing and lucky that you were in almost the front to expereince the speed of this train lol i loved the part when its fully dark and all errier good show man
  11. I know i was wondering the samething as well since it was only me and another guy he probably wanted his shift done or something
  12. Hey what is the fare for riding the 81X because the reason being is on a friday with my two zone pass i wanted to get to JC quick however i was drop off at 53th in bayonne becuase the driver said i needed to pay again which is weird becuase it would cover only 2 zones. Plus it was only me and another person thats it so did i get hopped off legit or not?
  13. Congrats on the position looks like you will be enjoying the open road what ever segment you will be doing so good luck
  14. I want to chip to a proposal how about route 10 going old school and going to Hague St as an endpoint as a varient to the red and tan 231 so more central ave service goes there without realing on the 88C as much. Let the 119 have some service in the midday to and from New York. Central ave to me is underused and the 87 is not enough becuase it does not go fully to central ave. What you guys think?
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