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  1. thanks Lirr 154 your very dependable. well i dont really lose anything my railroad retirement transfers over but Lirr exceeds amtrak in all benefit category tats the reason i want to jump ship. how long was your probation ?
  2. Reason im writing because im having a little decision making thats hard for me to make i recently ACE the interview for MTA LIRR trackworker position my drug test and physical is tomorrow that will be a cake walk my start date is July 24. I work for another Railroad and i been there 4 years amtrak Track as well . i always wanted to work for LIRR now my question im trying to get a leave of absent from my current job but they can only grant me possible 30 days and i have to make a decison quick because the 24 is approaching so now i was told MTA LIRR track dept probation is 1 year i just want to protect my self just encase things at MTA dont work out that i can return to my amtrak job what would you guys do i have experience in track so its not like im over my head.
  3. Good day folks Just wanted to get some information does anyone on here work for Long island railroad in (track) just want to get some information how is it working over there because i have a interview for them this week i work for amtrak in the Track dept but amtrak is not really my place that i want to be i also had alot of admiration for Lirr and want to start my career with them for long term, there benefits and union and pay exceeds amtrak across the board. Just want to ask if there anyone out there can give me some knowledge thanks.
  4. Man i can respect that u being real. i say the same why you confessed about your employment history i say be as real as you I def respect you for keeping it all the way real it takes a lots of guts. Much Respect. i work for amtrak but i look on here too for info on jobs i apply for. also look into Amtrak.com there hiring for conductors, Trackmen, Carmens everything.
  5. thats strange there already hiring wasnt everyone suppose to get a letter in the mail regarding test results ? congrat bro
  6. @ bknitti i call yesterday they said they cannot release any test infomation or even scores. Crazy i tell you
  7. Good day everyone i was just wondering if anyone got any information on the railroad stockworker test that was taking in april. Havent heard anything in months i know i pass because i verified my answers i got a 80 %
  8. same thing i was saying we all should have got a letter in the mail by now? what seems to be the problem ?
  9. any news on the current railroad stockworker exam 2603 ?
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