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  1. It looks like 7581 is back at JG again, I think it was on the B63 today.
  2. Can anyone confirm the location of 7724, I don't want to rely on any bus tracking apps but it states its on the B35, thats a West Farms ZF unit correct?
  3. If this hasn't been reported already, 9539 GA --> UP and 4996 FB --> UP.
  4. I think 9678 just flew past me on Avenue Z, looked like it was on a KBCC bound B49, I briefly saw it making the left onto East 16th Street, can anyone confirm this move? I just looked on Bustime and saw it was 9678 but I don't fully trust Bustime.
  5. 7659 is on a B16 short turn to 36th Street so that is another move from WF to JG. My apologies if this was already mentioned.
  6. I have noticed that 2002 Orion VII CNG 7560 is off some peer created depot rosters and I haven't spotted it in a while. Is said unit still in service or has it been retired?
  7. Im pretty sure 7685 and above have orange sings, as well as ZF transmissions.
  8. So I hate relying on BusTime for any form of a move, but can anyone confirm that 7632 has returned to West Farms? Its showing up on the Bx31, joining 7606 and 7613 in the transfer. Also have any of the four recent moves to JG (7648/57/67/80) seen service?
  9. I apologize if this has already been reported but 6626 is at ENY depot, on a 25th Ave bound B82 local.
  10. Does Flatbush Depot have AM school trippers on the B1 to KBCC?
  11. While I was on 7560 on the B4 I saw 9452 on the B36, so that bus is now at Ulmer Park from I'm not sure where.
  12. So I just saw a 947X RTS on Avenue U while I was on the B44-SBS, it appeared to be in service on the B3 but I couldn't catch the last number. Does UP have any of the 947X RTS's? Could be a move for all I know.
  13. Great shots. I was in Brooklyn myself, took the bus from sheepshead to fan In Bay Ridge, I saw most of the buses you shot and rode 7589 to Bay a Ridge on the B4 at around 1 and 666 back at closer to 4:45. Awesome stuff though.

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