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  1. I rode it back in 2015, from I remember, by the time the bus got to the midway point, there was just me and one other guy. The driver simply asked us where we are getting off. This route came a long way from 2010, when it ran on weekends, to Wall St, and the fare was the same as MTA Express bus. The 60s and 70s were a bad time for RR service in this country in general. The mail and express just came off the trains and most commuter and LD trains were hemorrhaging cash. In fact Conrail and Amtrak was created to save some of the passenger trains left in the country
  2. I have been saying for a long time, that the MTA should consider a Blue Night Network like Toronto. They should all be run on the same headway, every 20-30 minutes and makes as much timed connection as the system allows.
  3. I kind of thought about that scenario, because I know that the ridership west of Broadway Jct (twd Manhattan) is greater than east of it. I just wasn't sure if the level of service and crowding would be acceptable to those east of Bwy Jct. But now thinking about it, I'm starting to like your idea more and more, because most stations are currently skipped anyways with the current skip stop pattern
  4. Someone should look at NICE's new system map https://www.nicebus.com/getattachment/Tools/Maps-and-Schedules/NICE-System-Map-_Compressed.pdf.aspx
  5. Bee Lines keep their buses in very pristine conditions. Those Orions are old, but they still am well maintained and very clean
  6. LIRR does not have set patterns when it comes to which station it skips/stops But when it comes to the Babylon Branch, those rush hour flyers usually only stop at three consecutive stations and then its non stop into Penn Station. (Wantaugh,Bellmore,Merrick)
  7. I wouldn't deunionize, but I definitely would support the privatization of part of the company. Buses should be privatized by boro, the subway, LIRR, and MNR should be tendered. Like you said, the MTA will be responsible for the intergration of fares and transfers. There would also be penalty for performance related issues such as accidents and OTP. That way we may reduce cost and hopefully shield operations from NY politics. Regarding the comparsion to NICE, if NICE has the same operating subsidy as the MTA in 2011 of 9 million from Nassau, there wouldn't be any cuts to the service. Simply put, I think NICE did a pretty good job allocating buses and resources in the entire system The only way to save money from cutting the is to cut back the entire Jamaica Line to once every 10 minutes.
  8. FREEPORT- I wouldn't combine the former ridership base of the n62/n36. All you will be serving in that case is the old n62 ridership. No one will ride thru the entire freeport loop to get to Freeport to transfer. PW/Sand Point- NICE already has a route that serves the same area (port washington shuttle). The question is how to serve that loop in Port Washington and Sand Point on one bus? The ridership base is entirely different south of Port Washington compared to north of it. I think it should be three separate routes GN-Hempstead- I like the idea of a bus connecting Great Neck to Hubs in the middle of the island. I would however stay off the LIE. I would keep the (bus) on Northern Blvd and run via the n23 route after Roslyn Clock Tower. This would provide more frequent service along Willis Ave, and reduce the amount of 20H towards Hicksville. I would end the bus at Mineola however. People needing the other hubs could transfer at Mineola.
  9. I don't believe the people you are trying to attract will materialize in the way you mentioned. n14, n62 were all shuttles from another era where people in those communities DO take the bus. I don't believe they exist anymore. Plus many of your routes goes down residential streets and communities that would not want the bus down there in the first place because it brings the so called "undesirables" But looking at Bee Line, maybe the market for LIRR-Neighborhood shuttle still exist, but I don't see how it will gather ridership thats better than n14,62. Free ride with train ticket? It is a really bad idea to end all service at City Line. While you may think you could reallocate those resourses into the Nassau portion of the line, more than 80% of the ridership will simply vanish. We can't build a new bus system by destroying its existing ridership base. I think my vision of LI bus service in Nassau is to operate high frequency routes along major corriders (Hempstead, Hillside. Jerchio, Merrick,Hempstead, etc) and these routes would feed into hubs (RF, Hempstead, NCC, Freeport, Hicksville). There will be secondary routes that perferrably will all arrive and leave at the same time out of Hempstead, RF, Freeport, Hicksville into their communities). This reduces transfer time between routes, perserves the routes with highest ridership and reduces potential duplication. Of course there will still be routes outside this hub and spoke, but essentially this converts most of Nassau's system into Hubs-Spoke. It would look very similar to Dayton's bus network. Downtown Hub- NW/S/N/E/W Hubs and radical routes orginating from these hubs
  10. Yeah thats what I kind of thought too. I still think that some sort of transfer guarentee should be in place at major subway stops. Unless MTA is implementing a system where there is no new passenger entering the system but existing passenger may take any trains once in until their final stop?
  11. So MTA has the last trains for each line listed. For example the To Main St: 34 St: 34 St 12:48 AM Junction Blvd12:46 AM Grand Central 12:51 AM 74 St-Broadway12:49 AM Queensboro Plaza 12:53 AM 61 St12:53 AM 74 St-Broadway12:53 AM Queensboro Plaza12:45 AM Willets Point12:51 AM Grand Central-42 St12 AM Most cities have a last train that makes all stations. It doesn't look like the MTA will do that. Instead of one final train there will be a series of final trains. I guess what they are doing is trying to get most of the stations closed down by 1am. I guess those who board at terminus station are allowed to be dropped off at any station along the route and those station will be exit only after last train departs. How will transfers work though? I guess commuters need to pay attention what time their connection leaves too. I don't know I feel like having one last sweep train is much easier to implement than what they are doing here
  12. There is a bus from Port Authority into Chester, NY
  13. I wouldn't say they are a proposal. NICE was about to implement these shuttles as part of the April service change. I still think these shuttles are still in NICE's mind
  14. NICE was about to establish four new shuttle back in its March 2020 meeting, however it was postponed. Those new shuttles are The Port Washington Shuttle (I guess to make it permanent) The Bethpage Shuttle (n81?) Oceanside Shuttle (n36 probably) Merrick Shuttle (n51? or n53? not sure) https://www.nicebus.com/getattachment/Passenger-Information/Community-Meetings/Title-VI-Feb-2020_FINAL.pdf.aspx
  15. Bx46... No one uses this route. The area that this route serves minus the pool is also not conductive to any potential ridership growth
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