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  1. Bx46... No one uses this route. The area that this route serves minus the pool is also not conductive to any potential ridership growth
  2. JFK Flyer was before Airtrain. Now, its MUCH faster to take Airtrain-->LIRR
  3. I mean, they are implementing OMNY, might as well replace the turnstiles too. Those high door turnstiles will be ideal. I also would consider start looking at making people tap out of the system too. This way people literally have to fare beat twice. An ADA Accessible turnstile would be great, to replace the emergency door. Its an one time investment, much cheaper in the long term than hiring 500 police officers. But again, MTA is literally a puppet to the governor.
  4. I do not think the union will agree to this. Otherwise I think tap in/out is long overdue.
  5. MTA copying other cities again.... hub and spoke, grid, coverage vs ridership... It seems like they completely forgot, they serve NYC, not some system in the suburbs. Uber... good luck, the more people that take it, the more money it will cost the MTA. The Chief "innovation" officer got to do better than this.
  6. The problem I have is that the MTA seems to be completely ignoring current ridership patterns. You don’t create new riders by throwing away your entire old ridership. some examples Those Jackson Height route- Ok fair enough, now there’s a bus north of Roosevelt that goes to QCM. It could’ve been done by extending the current Q47 south. But they decided to extend that route to Columbus Circle. Q49- That new Q74 will carry air when people realize it’s faster to walk to 90th than wait 20 min for a bus. That’s the time it takes to walk from Astoria Bl! One of the busiest and most efficient route, gone, just like that. Q33- No one gets on/off at 82/Roosevelt. Most people want the E/F, like the 49 example, people are simply going to walk to 82nd if they can’t get a bus direct to E/F. If they have to take the 7 anyways, might as well walk it. People in that area takes the bus because of laziness. They could and will walk to the 7 if things goes awry. By taking away the direct option to 74th, I would estimate that 80% of the current ridership will be gone. Could you get that back at QCM? Those Flushing Routes They talk about having a grid system like we are in the middle of nowhere and no one takes the bus. All of hose zoned express runs Rush hours only which means, during other time, to get to Flushing, passengers will have to transfer to QT85/84/17. That and the new Q65 will no longer go to Flushing, I think QT17 will get completely slammed with passengers. There ain’t no way those three routes are able to handle the current load of passengers, at least not at the frequency they are proposing. Im not complaining about change, I’m complaining about the complete disregard of the present travel patterns, and telling commuters to suck it and deal with it. I’m all for change, but I think some of this plan is completely flawed. sticking strictly to theory is not how to design a bus system.
  7. New S66 schedule is posted https://www.sct-bus.org/assets/s66 for January 5 2020.pdf
  8. 1) I agree, the former N20 was completely unreliable. Buses will routinely come 30-60 min late and bunch together. Ever since they split it, reliability went up. I would bring back the former n20L as the only service between Hicksville to Flushing and have the local cover Roslyn to Great Neck via Clock Tower during rush hours. 2A) NICE eliminated n22A and replaced it with n22 Short turns ending at Mineola. While I feel like NICE is trying to keep a balance of ridership on local/express. I still feel like most people along Hillside and Willis would prefer Roosevelt Field vs Mineola 3) n26 was actually expanded under NICE. I would expect more service increases in the future. 4) Its the unreliability that killed NICE more than the cuts. Those tight schedules and interlining guarentee drivers would be late. Regarding rerouting the n1 is there ridership along Pen/Mill Rd? I understand serving Five Town Shopping Center, but is there ridership on the n1 south of Green Acres currently for the transfer to the n31/32? n19 used to have decent ridership, I feel like the Merrick Rd corrider have potential for every 20 minutes service. n27 in general most people are going from Roosevelt Field to Glen Cove/Greenvale. There isn't much ridership along Roslyn Rd compared to Willis Ave. I would suggest rerouting n21 via Glen Cove Rd and extending n23 to Roosevelt Field via n27. Transfers would be at Roslyn Clock Tower. n48/49 I agree. Front St needs more service. n73/50- I think that should be the n73, the n50 has half the route duplicative with the n49
  9. Q49 down 90th? Last time I checked 35th Ave consits of a significant portion of that routes ridership. Most of the routes in that area with the expection of the Q66 serve primarily people who transfer from the subway. The Q32 however I can see it go from 74th to 81 St. I never understood why it still did that
  10. No track connection between Former Erie Main and the NEC at SC Junction. They been talking about building the loop line for years but haven't happen yet, probably won't
  11. n78 is used during rush hours to alleviate loads along Old Country Rd. I wouldn't say it isn't used
  12. I took all the routes except for n14, 62 and 36, some more than others.
  13. N14- This route was bound to be eliminated. People in RVC simply gotten richer and no longer took the bus. As recent as 2009 believe it or not this route was full time from 6AM-9PM. Ridership on each bus was never more than 2 person and even lower on the shuttle NICE later brought back. N73/N74/N81- These routes didn't carry much passengers, but there was always a decent load (5-10 passenger but no more). Never understood what took NICE so long to cut Saturday service on these routes. I always felt like these routes does much better closer to Hicksville than their southern terminus. From what I can tell, the middle class that took the bus back in 73 no longer does in 2017. I however would like the n73 to comeback though, as network coverage. N62- Never took it personally, but based on observation, not much people rode it, both ARHC and S Freeport Loop N51- Ridership seems to be declining since MTA days. Towards the end, this bus was mostly used by NCC students. Similar to N80/81/73/74, Middle class stopped riding it to the train station N50- Half of the route was covered by the n49. I would argue that it also was the busiest part of the route too N08- Hardly anybody ride this bus, for those who did, they have other choices they could take (n25, n1, Elmont Flexi) N45- N43 killed this route. Most of its ridership came from Uniondale Ave. No one took it along Camp, Beltagh, to Bellmore. Ironically, n43 service was increased under NICE N36- Haven't rode on this route, but from what I can tell not much people did either N46/N47- I always felt like these two routes exist to give Front St more service instead of actually functioning independently. Reductions N26 - 2 additional trips added during morning/afternoon - still Weekday, Rush hour only- Actually its 6 trips PM added and 4 trip AM added. N19 - Reduced to Weekday, No Midday Service- A shame really, I felt like the n19 could have been one of NICE's strong routes had they not cut it so much N27 - Reduced to Weekday, hourly service (from half-hourly)- Most passengers seems to get of in Roslyn/Glen Cove anyways, NICE should've rerouted the 21 along Glen Cove Rd N78/N79 - Only between Plainview/Huntington and Hicksville. Sunday service removed. No midday weekday service. I think this route should be restored. For network coverage N20/N21 - N20 split in 2 sub-routes (with timing changeS). N21 reduced to weekday rush-hour only. I actually like this arrangement, I remember the old n20 and how late the buses could be N01 - Jamaica served weekday rush hours only, westbound in the morning and eastbound in the evening. With articulated buses on the 6, I could see it going away N70/N71/N72 - No longer serves Babylon or Newsday in Melville, N70/72 shortened to Farmingdale State College- Farmingdale State College was the big winner here. Massive service increase Weekday and Weekends. I still think there is potential for an n95 style service for all the office parks around route 110. N54/N55 - No longer serves Amityville. Weekend service reduced to between 45 min and 1 hour. What sucks the most is that the connection to S1 is now not available anymore. SCT could really extend that route to Sunrise Mall N33 - No Sunday service anymore. Saturday service reduced from 22 trips each way to 15 trips. N16 - Reduced to Weekday, some trips operate as express between NCC and Hempstead- NICE has definitely been trying harder to attract NCC kids than MTA has. They tried everything Major Service Changes: N24 - Now serves Old Country Rd between Roosevelt Field/Hicksville. No longer serves East Meadow. Service level about the same as previously.- I think its a plus, passengers no longer have to transfer between the untimed n24 to the n78/79. N22/N22A - N22A discontinued. N22 Limited created in 2012 but replaced with N22 Express. 10 additional trips added on weekdays each way.- I still feel like n22A was the best arrangement, but I guess NICE felt like that those Mineola short terms and Express runs allow them to balance ridership. Saturday service was improved from every 30 under LIB to every 20 min now. Small adjustments if any (includes timing changes without major reduction/addition of runs/stops): N88 - Similar service levels as LIB during the Summer - Weekday service was cut back to every 60 min and theater service restored N58 - Similar service levels as LIB - Service after 9pm was discontinued weekdays and weekends N43 - Similar service levels as LIB- Service was increased from LIB days of every 45 min to every 15-20 min rush hours in addition to being rerouted along Babylon Tpk. N48/N49 - Similar service levels as LIB (a few trips have been added on weekdays/weekends)- I believe weekend service was reduced from every 60 min to every 90 min NOTES: - The total ridership in 2011 under Long Island Bus was 101,981 weekday riders. In 2018, the total ridership for Nassau Inter-County Express was 77,333 weekday riders.- Its expected. Back in 2011 MTA expected to lose 25,000 from the 2011 service cuts. Now that NICE is mostly done, it should be just right. Discussions 1) See above 1a) I believe the n17 should be cut. Shouldn't run a whole bus to serve one unique destination. 2) No those those years btw 2012-2017 NICE was in a fight for their life. I think now that NICE have stabilized, I want to see what they will do 2a) Breakdowns have gotten much better this year than prev years dating back to LIB. Some of it because of the new fleet, some because NICE actually spend more money maintaining the fleet 3) n17, Elmont Flexi (isn't much of a flexi), n21, n1 south of Green Acres, the rest of n19 (unfortunately), n57, n80 Service reductions- n70/71/72, n20H, Weekend elimination- n33, n1 4) Definitely. MTA received 9 million of discretionary spending in the last years of LIB. NICE I believe still don't have that money. It means that If NICE had the 9 million MTA had, NONE of the service would've been cut. One of the major losses I think with NICE is clockface scheduling. I guess whether makes them more efficient matters, but it still sucks having to rely on my app to know the schedule To end, I think NICE Has done a really good job despite both politicians and county residents not giving a damn
  14. Most of Nassau county residents wouldn't be caught dead riding the bus. The people who ride NICE are: People reverse commuting from Queens Students People too poor to afford cars. It doesn't matter what bus NICE uses. NICE used to have those Foothill buses with nice seats... didn't make a difference
  15. Translate it to Grocery Shopping On November 29th, Nobody pays. This is a call for a strike against the cost of living Take all the food you want, walk past the cashier and intervene when you see the cashier "harassing" others. This is giving both progressive and the city a bad name.
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