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  1. Yeah those Central NJ roues were exactly what I was thinking. In fact I am still thinking why they decided to end the 817 at Campbell Junction...
  2. Thats if the conductor charges the on-board fare, most of the time, the conductor won't bother and therefore they get a free ride
  3. The number of trains per hour between Jamaica-Forest Hills will increase, and it will also reduce delays along QBL locals at 67th Ave. Those who want the express can always transfer at, Parsons, Kew Garden or Forest Hills which should see the same amount of service. Those people who currently have long bus rides from Eastern Queens or Nassau, usually gets on the train at Jamaica-179th St anyways, so they will not be affected. In fact they now get a one seat ride to stations along the Broadway Line. Those going to Eastern Queens/Nassau usually gets OFF at 169th St. But that will change with the express. There wouldn't be any three seat rides for those coming in East. You want an express to Manhattan, take the at 179th St, you want to go to those local stops take the or . You want to go to 6th Av? Take the . Is it about 10 minute slower? Yes but I would argue its much more reliable than the QB Express anyways
  4. I mean its also this one seat ride mentality in NYC why we interline everything with everything. Sometimes its best to deinterline and let the passengers transfer. Those people who get off at 169th could get off at 179th. In fact I think most of them get off at 169th because its the first opportunity to do so, but if the service ran express, much more people will get off at 179th. It will also result in a faster ride for those coming into 179th on the buses
  5. will never send express buses to Long Island. First there is no money. Nassau is paying NICE NOW less than it was paying LIB during its last year of operation when the was kicking and complaining. Second, there is no demand. LIRR dominates peak hour usage on the Island, and there isn't significant reverse peak ridership. Plus Mineola and Roosevelt Field are mostly transfer points within the NICE bus system more than they are destinations. MCI on n6? thats like having an MCI on the Bx12. Thats crazy. Suburban riders treat the LIRR as the ONLY way to get around the island. Its LIRR or car service. Buses are only for those who don't have any other options. In fact I would estimate that 60% of the riders on NICE bus and former LIB ridership comes from Queens. Its also why those Eastern low performing routes were the first to be cut, they simply aren't picking up middle class residents as they used to. There is no need for the n21 to operate 7/week to Glen Cove aleast along its current routing. If it was rerouted to operate via Glen Cove Rd (via the n27) I could see a argument. I also would not combine the n20H/n20G again. I remember those days where the bus was routinely 45-60 min late. Two buses once left Hicksville once, and that was on an hourly headway. I do think that some n20L should come back during rush hours. There seems to be alot of thru-riding between Glen Cove Rd, Roslyn and Queens.
  6. n51 has VERY low ridership along Merrick Ave when it was killed off. It was mostly used to supplement NCC service. I don't see that coming back. n45 also has VERY low ridership along its unique portion in Bellmore (Camp Av, etc). Uniondale Ave is now served by the more frequent n43, so I don't see that coming back also. n50 wasn't a bad route in terms of ridership but it was extremely indirect, It should've gone straight up Newbridge Rd. The only problem I see is that it duplicates the n49 on its northern leg. I do want to see some form of n73/74 come back though. It wasn't the best performing bus, but it filled a gap in that area which has no service now
  7. rename Northern Blvd, Andrew M Cuomo Blvd and boom, the MTA announces service increases on that bus route to every 5 min.... I wouldn't be surprised.
  8. GS plaza is $4.50 Williowbrook is $8 Jersey Garden is $7 American Dream is $9 That is insanely expensive especially considering the train-->356 is actually cheaper than the 355
  9. NJ Transit could start by rounding all fares up to the nearest 25 cents before anything. 1.85, 3.05 really? Anyone want to pay exact change? They could then try to simplify the bus system. Some buses can be straightened and some deviation eliminated. More routes should also be added. In Central Jersey, its seems apparent that NJT only cares about Route 9 and nothing else, unless its a branch of a route from Route 9
  10. MTA says all transfers are included with OMNY. But the only stations where the transfers will be accepted I guess will be those downtown stations. Though, MTA did say they plan on expanded more downtown stations this year. But the day that NICE stop accepting MTA transfer is the day Nassau bus system will shut down
  11. The bus that ran along Little Neck Parkway. From the LIRR station at Little Neck to the Q36 terminal in Floral Park. Was cut in 2010, and restored with an extension of Q36
  12. The MTA want to streamline service down Stadium Av there to reduce turns down there, to save money
  13. NICE Bus schedules are notoriously tight. I had an n49 driver literally floor it. He left Hicksville on time, and STILL arrived at Hempstead 5 min late, (or just on time for his next run I think on the n72.
  14. So they make a decent profit for the operation of the Q19.... no wonder they don't seem to want to improve the frequency on that route
  15. N26 serves a different market than most riders on the Q46 to/from the subway. The n26 ‘s primary riderbase seems to come primarily from LIJ and a few stops north of that. With that I think the extra buses used on the n26 if it were to be full time should be used on the n25 to boost that route instead.

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