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  1. I thought the guideline for express was to get a whole seat load. I never remembered a rule banning standees.
  2. The $400 is designed to be a deterrent. Maybe it is too high but if you get caught more than once or twice I definitely think it’s fair. The back door says no authorized entry. An MTA driver telling you to enter thru the back door is “authorized”.
  3. If I don’t have $2.75 I won’t ride the bus. If I don’t have $7 to buy food, I won’t go into Walmart and steal food. If you do, they press charges and a huge civil fine. It’s the same here. Maybe $400 is too much but we need enough to act as a deterrent. In Toronto it’s $325 in Canadian dollars.
  4. Yeah Lancaster is pretty hard to get to with OurBus schedule. Bear in mind though, I’m the past Amtrak was more lenient with platform access to rail fan, but at many stations that is no longer the case. Amtrak will keep the platforms locked until boarding time. I know they don’t allow you in Philly and Harrisburg unsure about Lancaster
  5. 1) Unreserved train means just that, not reserved. You can buy any ticket for any train and it’ll be valid, just like LIRR. Except during peak period where there is a peak hour fare on the Keystone Corrider. (Peak Time is not commuter peak time, it’s Amtrak peak time I believe it was Friday/Sunday from 10AM-7PM, not sure, but you could ask Station personal for more info) 2) Never had a problem getting a seat on the Keystone at least for me 3) On unreserved trains standees are allowed, because they do not cap amount of ticket sold 4) Not sure about Lyft but usually surge pricing is in effect is where there are more passengers than drivers available and depending on the shortage is the “x” amount of surge.
  6. The boat would tip over with passengers if they accept free transfers
  7. That will cause a service cut in the opposite direction towards Queens during PM rush hour, which arguably has higher ridership than local stations along Culver (that’s assuming the MTA doesn’t add any additional trains)
  8. The thing is they are not punishing the fare evading criminals. They are literally punishing paying riders. I think having the police ride the bus is a good start. Enter through the back door, $400 ticket fine. I don’t want to hear the poverty BS
  9. Adequate service level? Have you been to Queens? For the most part we have only two subway lines that are close to being the busiest in the whole city. MTA looks at the ridership by fare counts. You want service, you pay for service. Just look at S78. People told the MTA I’m not paying, MTA cuts service in half due to decreased ridership. The only people you are harming is the people in your neighborhood that actually pay.
  10. I don’t think the Q12 needs limited stops. Most passengers it seems like head straight into the or along Sanford Av
  11. I don't see how making the n27 serve Mineola will increase ridership. In fact I feel like Mineola is more of a weekday destination than a weekend one. https://www.thelirrtoday.com/2019/07/lirr-diesel-branch-service-cuts.html?fbclid=IwAR1uONepfinIlQ8YQmLZCyFPSN6Xli2IM_rNIoBCD0EC4mujYEqhkw0UNKI I never knew that Oyster Bay Branch have a two hour layover at Jamaica. In that case 90 minute headway do make more sense than cutting it back to bi-hourly
  12. This has all the hallmarks of "we don't have enough diesel equipment"
  13. The Northeast Queens bus study I think mentioned something like that. It may work some routes that I have in mind is Q46, Q12(Flushing-165 local) (Flushing-165 first stop) The problem is I am afraid that the MTA is going to cut buses for the outer express portions due to lower ridership and cut happy MTA
  14. Regarding yesterdays meltdown, someone on reddit posted this video.
  15. Light rail may actually be slower than the bus especially in NYC. Those light rails would never get to Northern Bl/165 St along Sanford anywhere near on time due to all the double parking along Sanford

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