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  1. I’m pretty sure you can put a Xclesior in the film and the general public won’t notice. Us rail/bus fans will though
  2. I don’t think those neighborhood that warrant an express bus on the weekends. The demand of those two neighborhood, may not be enough for a full weekend express service. The demographics on the ferry and typical express rider is different and that is especially true in the Rockaways
  3. Usually comes down to property and money. Texas have rural groups fighting to prevent their lands from being taken. LIRR third track was delayed for many years for this same reason FL, WI, OH had anti- Transit politicians that to “save taxpayer” money they had to be responsible with the money. In reality they just hate Transit (and some politics too to reject “obama” money) Remember outside of NYC, Transit is associated with the poor and treated as welfare. Therefore many politicians don’t like funding it In California’s case the governor actually cares about HSR however the cost just keep rising. Voters originally approved a 40 billion system that is 400 miles long. Now to complete the 171 miles from no-where to no where (Bakersfield-Merced will cost 77 billion. A 37 BILLION dollar increase for less than half the promised length. California simply couldn’t afford it.
  4. Why doesn’t the MTA sell metro cards online like other transit agencies? They already have mail and ride for commuter rail, it should t be that hard to sell preloaded Metrocards
  5. I mean isn’t MABSTOA also a different division too? But they don’t have different timetable fronts and still says MTA NYCT. I mean I’m pretty sure the general public don’t really care but I guess I just focus on that aspect too much as a rail/busfan
  6. Lower Montauk? That branch will literally serve Industries along the western end! I can think of so many other way to fill the transit deserts in Queens and that including RBL and Triboro RX.
  7. We don’t hate HSR It simply isn’t feasible. First, the cost. Building a HSR on Long Island will probably cost close to a trillion dollars based on land value and electrification/NIMBY Second Capacity- LIRR runs ALOT of trains along Main/Babylon Lines. Any HSR will not be able to travel more than 70 mph without slowing down for a local ahead. Third- Complaints can delay building by 10 years. California HSR has people during the State for almost every inch of land taken from them on environmental reason Texas have people literally wanting the law changed so they could not build the train Brightline in Florida also had multiple lawsuit and even a website call notrain.com or something like that
  8. MTA “Improving bus service is a huge priority to the MTA” after being called out for cutting bus service... Wow...
  9. Some intermediate stations are a bargain, Fordham to Stamford is like $6 while taking it a few miles more into GCT is more than double. Fordham to White Plain is slightly more expensive than a subway fare. Intermediate riders definitely gotten a better deal but I’m not complaining. No money and no political will. Look at California. 77 Billion and counting, first phase to nowhere will finish in 2030 and second phase probably 2070
  10. MTA mentioned that all transfer will be honored on OMNY enabled services I wonder how that works? Tap in at Grand Central and tap again at St George? And won’t get double charged?
  11. I think we need to discourage driving especially in NYC, where road capacity is limited That being said I don’t think it should be an obligation for public transportation to be self sustaining as people who don’t drive also pay for the upkeep of road. As a society we should stop treating Transit as welfare and more as a public service. The welfare mentality is exactly why many cities have bus system that runs VERY unfrequently and VERY early (some end at 5:30PM) Does that give the a excuse for our of control cost? No absolutely not. We need a full audit of their books done by someone OUTSIDE of NYS to ensure we taxpayers and riders are getting the best bang for our bucks
  12. The demographic along the especially the areas affected WILL take Uber and Lyft when things go south on the train, that part is predictable and not changeable.
  13. The thing is, I don't actually think there should be a airport bus from 61 Street. By far most of Q70s ridership comes from 74th. The only time I've seen people getting on the bus at 61 St is either when the express is running, tourist hearing the announcement not knowing they could catch the bus two stations down, and people only traveling between 61 St and 74th St to transfer to other lines. The only reason Q70 goes to 61 St like the airtrain going to Mets-Willet is because of Cuomo and his belief that LIRR passengers will use this connection, which honestly I don't see much of. What I would do is cut the Q70 between 61 Street and 74 Street and run all buses 74 St- Astoria Bl-82 St (for MAT)- Terminals
  14. Still the optics of this is terrible The fare just went up, MTA tells our government that they needed money and fast Congestion pricing passes We taxpayer pay more and now this. This is completely unacceptable. 3,000 hours of overtime? I want a thorough investigation into this, and if nothing happens, I want ALL LIRR funding suspended until a detailed report and changes could be published.
  15. Probably 2/3 of NICE bus ridership came in via Queens so I would assume they will accept NYC payments as now

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