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  1. The bus that ran along Little Neck Parkway. From the LIRR station at Little Neck to the Q36 terminal in Floral Park. Was cut in 2010, and restored with an extension of Q36
  2. The MTA want to streamline service down Stadium Av there to reduce turns down there, to save money
  3. NICE Bus schedules are notoriously tight. I had an n49 driver literally floor it. He left Hicksville on time, and STILL arrived at Hempstead 5 min late, (or just on time for his next run I think on the n72.
  4. So they make a decent profit for the operation of the Q19.... no wonder they don't seem to want to improve the frequency on that route
  5. N26 serves a different market than most riders on the Q46 to/from the subway. The n26 ‘s primary riderbase seems to come primarily from LIJ and a few stops north of that. With that I think the extra buses used on the n26 if it were to be full time should be used on the n25 to boost that route instead.
  6. http://www.twulocal100.org/sites/twulocal100.org/files/twu_rejects_mta_contract_offer.pdf For the whole http://www.twulocal100.org/sites/twulocal100.org/files/mta_contract_proposal_aug_19.pdf
  7. N22 is significantly faster between Jamaica and Roosevelt field. N24 is slower between those two same points due to those stops in Queens/Floral Park. It is however faster east of Roosevelt field along Old County Rd vs the 22 via New Cassel/Westbury
  8. Alot of contactless cards I believe don't expire. the ones that have a prepaid card in the back usually do (Ventra, Key). I'm not sure if thats the path MTA is heading towards. Especially at commuter rail vending machines, they charge you $1 to buy a Metrocard and now require you to buy a R/T ticket, completely ignoring the needs of NICE Bus/Bee Line commuters.
  9. My fear is that if we move the non-stop portion too far east, MTA will cut buses out to LIJ/Glen Oak negating any savings those commuter will save, so i think the elimination of a few limited stops is a fair trade off overall.
  10. My vision for the railroad, is for the railroad to be converted to something similar to Europe, where its proof of purchase is normal. Doing so, will reduce staffing requirement for the LIRR when it comes to collecting fares. Maybe they should be taking a page from NJT light rail and have ticket validators at all stations. the cost of installation will be outweighted by savings in labor. Tickets in turn will no longer have an expiration date like NJT.
  11. Alot of riders seems to get off at Main St presumely to take the Q44. There seems to be decent turnover/boarding at Utopia. Honestly the Q46 LTDs could skip all the stops till 164th St to significantly speed up service for riders while also not impacting ridership significantly at the Main St/Parson Blvd stop. I would argue that riders from the subway are 50 percent on and 50 percent off at Utopia on the current Limited. Those needing the Q46 east of 164th could take the local which should be expanded. the local- express stop line will be 164th St to minimize impact. That stop at Kew garden will also get its stops cut down form the current three to two. Local to Springfield, and Limited to Glen Oaks/LIJ
  12. Greyhound is in a death spiral now. I don't see a future for them... atleast as a national carrier
  13. This is basically saying screw you to anyone not using their phone (the people who need the buses the most). If the MTA didn't cut many midday and night service to once every 30 minutes, I wouldn't need to look at a schedule. They say they won't cut service but just wait till fall. BM5 would again list BX...Q... service reduced from xx min to xx min Oh wait... they are cutting service anyways https://nypost.com/2019/08/16/mta-warns-of-subway-and-bus-service-cuts-amid-budget-woes/ MTA is again telling people how to ride THEIR system. I am losing hope for this agency. Something I thought I would never say before, I'm starting to think that an private-public partnership could actually be a boon to commuters. Enough is enough... taxpayers and riders alike
  14. I don’t see what’s so bad about it. It’s done all over the world. Too many times you have people buying a ticket from Forest Hills to Penn Station and using the ticket 5-6 times because usually the conductor already went through

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