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  1. I just think that it is a good opportunity to keep cost of operation in line. While keeping the conductor is good for the union, it is not good for the finances of the and the taxpayer. Even if fares don't go down, it will no doubt reduce operating expense and create a surplus for the budget, which can be used to keep fares flat or add more service. We can even get it down to two crews per train if the fear is such a big issue. This way each train will still have one conductor to prevent any issue while still saving money. We all complain about the ever increasing fares and the ever ballooning deficit and debt. I think it is responsible for the MTA to try to rein in their expenses. The union will no doubt be against this because it means layoff, but hard decisions will have to be made in the future years. We escaped doomsday this year, but that doesn't mean the is in the clear yet. may very well take that route of using OMNY as an alternative to paper tickets. That's ultimately up to them. I just hope they take the fiscally responsible route and not the ststus quo. But I still respect your opinion. I just think the tradeoff is worth it.
  2. LIRR already had more than two crews prior to the accident. We can still have two crews per train. But those extra conductors who's sole purpose is to collect tickets will be eliminated The money saved from not having extra conductors will be used to invest in more MTA police to prevent that kind of things. Plus Metro North covers 70% of its operation from fares. If we eliminate conductors, both LIRR and MNR will probably make a profit, allowing for more trains or a fare reduction. If you haven't noticed, those showtime dancer primarily prey on TOURISTS. That is why they disappeared during the pandemic. Once those showtime dancers realize nobody is going to give them squat on LIRR/MNR they will quickly disappear. Finally, we could have someone manning each car to really keep passengers safe, but we all know how inefficent that is.
  3. Looks Westchester is looking at improving Bee-Line. It sounds like a redesign to me. https://www.westchestermobility.org/
  4. Coming from the year 2100 ("After finishing Phase I of the SAS in 2016, officials proposed to extend the up to 125th Street. Ultimately the plan was delayed than canceled due to budget overruns and project delays..." But in seriousness. The 1968 project was depressing. Back then Phase I of the SAS would be from the Bronx all the way to 34th St in Manhattan There would be an LIE Subway E train to Hollis J train to Rosedale. If we have gotten the QBL Bypass, that line could've been alleviated. Because after the Lex Ave I think the QBL is definitely the next on the list for overcrowding
  5. BdB did talk about the Utica Ave Subway. The included "a study" after getting the city to pony up billions more for the capital project. Safe to say, he got HOSED by Cuomo in that deal.
  6. I choose the SAS over the for 3rd Avenue because there the curvature will be less than compared tot trying to get the Lex Av train from 138th - GC. For Throgs Neck, I would then just build a spur off the at Castle Hill Avenue. I will also convert that station to an Express station. Regarding Lenox Avenue, while I understand that some people will be left with bus service. The two stations are no more than a 15 minute walk from 145th Street on the IND or 135th on the . I just don't think its worth the expense maintaining a shuttle between 148th and 135th (I don't see a need for that Times Sq shuttle either, but I guess MTA maintained it for some reason) I believe more people use Jerome over GC for some reason (I think its because the runs like crap). You may be right about the transfer load though. But hopefully under my proposal, people transfer at 3rd Av-149th to the SAS service, alleviating the loads at 149th-GC. Regarding Fordham Rd, if they could convert the bus lane into a LRT Track that would be great. But we should also consider looking at an extension of the to Co-Op or something
  7. Canada has higher frequency for their suburbs (well Toronto has every 10 minutes). Most of Canadian's suburb has all day 30 minute service at the minimum. I would also argie that Canadian suburbs are more walkable I also think its a mindset. In the U.S we written off the suburbs as "they would never use the bus" or "only the poor will use the bus". This mindset prevents transit agency from improving service. The only poor will use transit also cause PEOPLE to not use and support funding transit. Ironically in my opinion the most successful suburban transit system was MTA Long Island Bus. They had more ridership than most midsize cities in the U.S. If they would've gotten more funding, we could've gotten a Queens style network in aleast the Western part of Nassau
  8. Took a ride out there on NICE yesterday. Some observations I noticed They renamed the Mineola Intermodal Center into Mineola Bus Terminal. Looks like they realized not much people used it as an "intermodal center" (maybe between taxis and LIRR) Runs are actually early! I was surprised. Usually NICE does not give enough time, but buses were actually early or exactly on time! When did n6 bus became so infrequent at night. 25 minute between buses after 7PM come on. The buses were a full seated load by the time it got out of Hempstead Transit Center. Luckily there were alot of intermediate offs, so the bus never had more than 5-6 standees. Most likely those trips to down to East Meadows on the n24 were (like a lot of NICE's route) from an era where Nassau County residents actually used the buses. The really spoiled us with their clockface schedules. I'm guessing its more efficient to "keep the bus " moving and keeping layovers to the contract minimum, instead of rounding up to the nearest 5-10 minutes
  9. I'm pretty sure NICE long forgot that LIRR exists. I doubt the system they are using takes LIRR arrival into account. I'm guessing they did this so they could better interline them with the n25/26/20g/h/21.
  10. The trump adminstration changed the rules, so transit agencies could operate with only one crew https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/trafficandcommuting/white-house-pulls-rule-that-would-require-two-member-crew-in-locomotives/2019/06/12/29d6e1b0-8bb0-11e9-adf3-f70f78c156e8_story.html
  11. Its a response to the LIRRtoday post above which does advocate elimination of conductors to save money. Quite frankly, I think it makes sense.
  12. Passenger rail in Europe and newer commuter rail in the U.S already uses a tap in/out system. European trains are packed and there is no problem there. Plus most LIRR are commuters, so if the passes are activated, they most likely wouldn't even need to tap off. So that leaves you with passengers who have one way/RT tickets and pay per ride customers. One way riders probably wouldn't need to tap in or out as well as MTA will most likely just give them a SBS style proof of purchase There is no safety issue. MTA can continue to maintain two crew per trains. They have the option to reduce that to OPTO. The only problem here is that the unions will not agree to the job elimination
  13. Not a bad plan. My stations will probably be Fordham Plaza East 181 Street East 176 Street East 167 Street East 156rd St and then 3rd Av-149th To reduce the number of stations required. I wouldn't use the though. I prefer an SAS extension from 125 St/2nd Ave. If we are going to do an Lex Av extension, we need to find a way for the to branch off before 138th-GC to reduce the curvature. I was wondering about your interlining proposal though. What if, we completely shut down 145th/H-148th and just reroute all the Lex trains to Woodlawn and all the 7th Ave train via East 180th St. That being said, bronx do need a crosstown subway. preferable one that crosses Fordham Rd Now I completely ignored 's construction track record. Because if I have to take that into account, there will be no subway
  14. With the traffic condition in that area, I don't think its feasible putting a dedicated busway on that portion of the BQE and GCP (or any portion as a matter in fact in Brooklyn and Queens)
  15. I don't see an area where you could put a new yard in that general area between Ditmars and LGA. That area is very residential, unless you want to remove the plants in that area On a positive note, tourist would enjoy the real NYC subway experience. That is witnessing pushing, shoving and fights at 74th Street trying to get on the . Then once they get there they will enjoy paying $7.75 more at Mets-Willets Point for the airtrain ignorant of the fact that the Q48 is right there.
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