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  1. Congrats jromanva. I was #92x from the May 20 induction class. This list is moving super fast. GL to all.
  2. All great advice to be used as a reference when developing your style of safe/ efficient operation. I would also add, learn/read about the differences btw dynamic and friction braking, the various mphs they are activated and deactivated. This is good to know especially when you feel the train is under control but it slides a wee bit.
  3. It's been about a 1.5 month out of school car. For the most part progressing well. But there have been a few humbling on the job experiences. For all the ones coming out to the road, think before you say something to supervision/rcc, and establish a professional relationship with your c/r before you start. Yes we all make rookie/fng mistakes, write G2s and speak to superintendents. But I've been honest and forthright in stating just the facts and how they relate to the situation and rules/regs. Thank goodness I read my blue book while in the yard.
  4. congrats etrain. I got till end of may. Then no more probie on the sign in sheets.
  5. Released to the crew office today. 5 months left on probation.
  6. Congrats to the Nov'12 class and thanks for sharing whether in the crew rooms or on the thread.
  7. HI all been a while since my last post. for all those waiting, read this thread meticulously and be extra prepared for each step. when unsure about something, research it first, then ask specific questions. remember just bcuz we all scored well on a test does not entitle you to this job. I picked A div. & start road posting this week.
  8. A word to the wise for those yard posting, whenever possible be caught reading your rule book &/ manuals. Besides supervision, many others ie coworkers take note on how wise or unwisely probies use their time in the crew rooms.
  9. I think they would oblige if there is an October class and your reason is valid. HR accommodated a few from my class. I would wait til the very end to ask. Gl
  10. How can I look up a job using tens? - thx in advance
  11. Were you guys at Livonia today? Congrats TA 26. Everyone looked so relieved...
  12. Congrats! I know you'll do well... On another note: this past Friday TA-28 operated a R142 10 car train roundtrip from Livonia Yd to 239 Yd successfully under the guidance of TSS Richardson and TSS Taylor. Our confidence is growing as we are increasing our skills reading the irons and signals during operation.
  13. I strongly advise reading chapter 1-2 in the Rules/Regulation ASAP prior to start of school car if given early and prior to being assigned your schoolcar TSS'.
  14. Yesterday class TA-28 took a R-62 from VC to Livonia and back. TSS' Richardson and Taylor said as a whole we operated very well. I won't lie I was bit nervous but TSS Taylor was on the money calling all the switches and grade time signals... now onto R142/R142a.
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