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  1. Just heard that another class starting March 2 from 4700
  2. Saw it this morning, still has Grand Ave decals. It probably pulled in already. That run on the s55 pulls in around 9:20am
  3. I posted this in another thread but my theory is the 7000s are due for their 8 year upgrade, so some new LFS buses are being diverted there to cover for those being sent up to Grand Ave. A couple of 7000s are already up at Grand Ave
  4. Just a theory but could it be that the Orion VII 3Gs are due for their 8 year “upgrade” that Castleton is getting new Novas? There are a few Orion’s up at Grand Avenue currently.
  5. Not that it means much but they’ve slapped CAS decals on those 3 buses. One is currently in the yard training. Another is inside the depot. I want able to locate the third bus.
  6. So far only 8136 at Charleston has screens installed, but aren't functional at the moment.
  7. The Meredith buses are parked at the Forest Hill Yard at Yukon and at the Eltingville Transit Center when there is a flooding threat.
  8. In the SI Division, open trips can be covered by any operator regardless of depot. When you transfer to SI Division, you must learn all local and express routes in the division.
  9. 2808 towed off Yukon Property today Sent from my iPhone using NYC Transit Forums mobile app
  10. 8183 to YU from CH Been on s44 all day and has Yukon decals Sent from my iPhone using NYC Transit Forums mobile app
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