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  1. Since the bonus will be going down soon, would it make sense to start buying fares now to take advantage of the current bonus?

    1. Via Garibaldi 8

      Via Garibaldi 8

      Perhaps. I'm not stocking up on express bus passes to avoid paying $2.25 cents though, and I can't stock up on monthly MNRR passes either, but if you can get a nice savings, why not?

  2. A quick question: Can one transfer between NYCT subway and NICE on a metrocard? For example, if I take the subway to the LIRR, and then get on a NICE bus, will the bus deduct another fare?

    1. BM5 via Woodhaven

      BM5 via Woodhaven

      Depends on how much time passes by between dipping your metrocard on the NYCT bus, and when you dip your card on the NICE bus. If you dip it within the time limit, you should be fine.

    2. Joel Up Front

      Joel Up Front

      As long as you don't exceed the 138 min (2 hrs 18 min) time limit you should be good.

  3. hey, check your PMs when you have a moment

  4. lol see you next year at Tech

  5. yey, got into brooklyn tech

  6. Do you think there's a chance that R32s might make an appearance on the (B) before they retire?

  7. Yesterday I saw a C40LF with HID low-beams...wut

  8. No R1-9 action tomorrow? Shame, the day I head out on the Brighton on a day of significance they don't bring out the good stuff...

    1. BM5 via Woodhaven

      BM5 via Woodhaven

      Why would they bring out the R1-9

    2. B3 Via Av U

      B3 Via Av U

      Hmmm...come to think of it R1-9s make no sense.

    3. Cait Sith

      Cait Sith

      Just the Low-Vs unfortunately. Hate riding them things.

  9. Saw an Orion VII on Ocean Av around 6AM this morning...some idiot rear-ended a VII. Guess who won.

    1. peacemak3r
    2. B3 Via Av U

      B3 Via Av U

      Well the car was banged up pretty bad, the VII lost it's bumper, and there was a pissed off B/O and supervisor standing about 20-30 feet from the bus. IIRC it was 4599 (don't quote me, it was 6AM) and the bus seemed to be fine, the lights were on, hazards flashing, engine running, and the LED sign was still flashing Q TRAIN TO PROSPECT PARK.

  10. ugh...taking the SHSAT this weekend...eventually it will be all worth it....

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    2. Union Tpke

      Union Tpke

      i got 541 and turned down the specialized high school

    3. B3 Via Av U

      B3 Via Av U

      Well exams are like one-shot GT timers. One shot to get it right.

    4. peacemak3r


      Not necessarily true...if you fail the road test/exam you get another shot. lol

  11. i'm back! I'm going to stop here and set a handbrake for a while. :D

    1. peacemak3r


      No harm in having two hobbies and/or interests.

  12. Rode an XD40 on Friday...BEST SOUND EVER.

  13. Almost 2 years of membership

  14. I HAVE RETURNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. B3 Via Av U

      B3 Via Av U

      God damn the 188s are already running?!? I've been living under a rock...

  15. yay 4GB of ram! Windows can see all of it but only addresses 2.96 GB, so the rest (1.4GB) becomes shared VRAM, adding to an onboard chipset with 64MB shared.

  16. Apparently the "light sensor" in my computer is experiencing a Code 10 (device not starting) in device manager. Meh. I don't even see such a thing and if I did I would have no use for such a device.

    1. peacemak3r


      Either my 4 years in IT is insufficient but what the hell is a light sensor?

    2. B3 Via Av U

      B3 Via Av U

      It senses how bright the light around it is...

      Kind of like the sensor that detects when the head-lights should turn on in a car.

  17. Disgusted by my trusty inkjet. I opened up the print head access door and I come across the cleaning sponge. I touch it, and there is 6 year's worth of sludgy SHIT sitting there. And this is the first time I've opened it up and took a real good look at it.

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    2. peacemak3r


      Printers are some of the things where you'd rather not cheap out on.

    3. peacemak3r


      Actually us techs are beyond cheap when it comes to maintenance. Shopping smart and good deals is rubbish compared to knowing your tech. I mean I still have my Brother printer working tip top performance and it's been 5 years already. And last year I barely touched it. Secondly, driver updates shouldn't be a bother. I've only updated my drivers twice in the 5 year duration.

    4. peacemak3r


      If they weren't reliable now, you'd think I'd be pulling overtime to handle the situation, wouldn't you think so. My entire building still uses Brothers and we haven't had a reported incident on 'printers' for a long time. HP products are just not worth the money, I rather get a Canon printer over an HP.

  18. Took the bus by myself for the first time today. Rode the B-49 home because it was slushy and I hate ruining my sneakers. :(

    1. Quill Depot
    2. peacemak3r


      There's a first time for everything! Sneakers are meant to be worn! Don't fall for that sneaker hype!

    3. Via Garibaldi 8
  19. I am BACK!!! Long time no see!

  20. Going through the underside of keys on my laptop keyboard. Discovered lots of sh!t that accumulated over the years.

  21. How is everybody doing?

    1. Metro CSW

      Metro CSW

      Cool, Thanks! ^_^

  22. Taking the Hunter College High School entrance exam later today (gotta be there @ 8:15).

  23. Hunter College High School test on Friday!

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