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  1. I've noticed new "Danger - High Voltage" stickers under the door sills on a number of R160s recently. Whats that about?
  2. Whats up with the 10-car R179s as of late? Did they magically teleport themselves back to Plattsburgh or something?
  3. There's no point in speculating over where all sorts of fancy trains are going to go if the infrastructure crumbles to the point where it can't handle the damn train. In the end, as a Brighton rider, it would be nice to see a little variety in the fleet around here, but I really couldn't give a damn as to what kind of train I board as long as it has wheels and a seat. Hell, you can give me a handcart and I'll be happy as long as it takes me from A to B.
  4. Similarly, I had just got off the at Kings Hwy the other day and was waiting with a group of friends for a local and this hygienically-challenged man and a woman in a similar state just simply walked up to us, and shoved their cup in our face, demanding money, without any reasoning whatsoever. Methinks they were drug addicts looking for money to buy weed or heroin or whatever, but this is a prime example of an underlying problem in the subway system - the homeless/crazy people who simply have no where else to go. I think that the MTA and NYPD should work harder to purge them out of the system and find them a place where they can receive help and care to get back on their feet and become functioning members of society.
  5. Sometimes you'll see people who instinctively hear the doors sliding open and walk forward...straight into that disabled door. I might be one of those people at times
  6. Hell no. I think the MTA has learned their lesson from the 75-footers. This latest episode embodies the fact that the MTA is currently, for lack of a better phrase, waist-deep in shit. Deferred maintenance and a lot of "we'll-eventually-get-this-done" over the years is coming back to bite the MTA's ass, as the signal and power systems start giving up due to their age. Hell, if I were on that train, as soon as the battery power kicked the bucket I would have popped out the end door window, reached for the switch, and gotten the hell out of there, because I would not waste my time and risk my health and safety dealing with the MTA's bureaucratic bullshit.
  7. Since the bonus will be going down soon, would it make sense to start buying fares now to take advantage of the current bonus?

    1. Via Garibaldi 8

      Via Garibaldi 8

      Perhaps. I'm not stocking up on express bus passes to avoid paying $2.25 cents though, and I can't stock up on monthly MNRR passes either, but if you can get a nice savings, why not?

  8. Out of curiosity, are there fire extinguishers on subway cars? I rode NJ Transit a few days ago and noticed that there were fire extinguishers available throughout the train, and wondered if the same is true on NYCT.
  9. I waited for about 20 minutes at 59th for an that never showed up, so I decided "what the hell" and took the B9.
  10. service was suspended before and the was delayed beyond Satan's worst creation, I ended up taking an from DeKalb, getting on a B9 at 59th street, and riding it over to Avenue M on the to get to Av U. A 45min trip ended up taking 2h15min. Thanks MTA.
  11. Is there any word on when the R32s will be transferred to the ?
  12. Does anyone know which Flatbush Orion VII NGs are equipped with the crash bar looking thing on the back door instead of the motion sensor? I like those a lot better, since the motion detectors tend to ignore you and also scream "PLEASE MOVE AWAY FROM THE DOORS" when it's crowded.
  13. A quick question: Can one transfer between NYCT subway and NICE on a metrocard? For example, if I take the subway to the LIRR, and then get on a NICE bus, will the bus deduct another fare?

    1. BM5 via Woodhaven

      BM5 via Woodhaven

      Depends on how much time passes by between dipping your metrocard on the NYCT bus, and when you dip your card on the NICE bus. If you dip it within the time limit, you should be fine.

    2. Joel Up Front

      Joel Up Front

      As long as you don't exceed the 138 min (2 hrs 18 min) time limit you should be good.

  14. Does anyone remember when the MTA started removing the left door handle on the storm doors in the R160? They used to look like this https://www.flickr.com/photos/jillyballistic/8675752426, but from what I see, all of the cars have been modified so that there's only one door handle. Also, has anyone noticed that the MTA has been quiety replacing R160A end walls with fiberglass instead of the old stainless steel?
  15. Am I the only one that forces the door open (without touching the tape) when I'm the only person to get off at the stop? I do this as a courtesy so that the door will slam behind me instead of the driver waiting for the air motor to close it.
  16. Not unlocked cab doors, but unlocked storm doors (the doors at the end of the car that take you to the next one.) It's still quite careless of the TA.
  17. Rode an R46 with an unlocked end door today, my friends opened it for the fun of it. I notified the conductor about the door when I left the train. Also, why do R62s have that stupid latch on the end door that causes it to bounce back 5 times before closing?
  18. There's an R68 running around on the with an unlocked end door in the middle of the north set, I saw it today with the twin blue lights lit up.
  19. I've been commuting to school on the subway for about 8 months now, and I've noticed, strangely, that I actually enjoy the sound of flat spots on the train, but only if it's a soft, quiet rhythmic sound like on the R68s. The loud, obnixous BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG and the obvious, feelable thumps on R160s aren't too pleasant. The quiet flatspot kind of reminds me of a steam locomotive, and since it's a quiet background noise I find it helps me relax and study/do my work on the train.
  20. Caught 5168 yesterday, complete with howling motor and R32 brakes: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0aFcrwqpCnU
  21. Anyone here been on R68A no. 5036 before or know what route it's working now? It has an amazing howling motor, one of the first ones that I ever heard.
  22. Yesterday my northbound train was held at Church while the was given clearance to depart and had priority at Prospect Park interlocking.
  23. Still have it, here's the only part where people weren't talking: http://vocaroo.com/i/s1YnQIxX9qWC This bus seems to sound slightly different than the rest of the XD40 fleet, I can't put my finger on why but I can just tell.
  24. Caught 7311 for the second time this year on the B49, I made a recording of it in February and when I got on the bus today, I heard it's distinct transmission sound and realized that it was an old friend.
  25. Favorites 1. R68(A) - I love the INSANELY quiet ride that these cars give, and the propulsion system. When you step aboard, the warm colors feel very welcoming and inviting, and the perpendicular seat allows me to sit next to the window and relax, study the graffiti along the line, and contemplate life in general. The HVAC is a very quiet background noise. The howlers make an amazing noise, my personal favorite is 5136's non-operating end. 2. R32/42 - Though I only have vague memories of riding these on the Brighton when the 42s did mixed trains with the 40Ms and riding the C every once in a blue moon, I love these cars for their RFW and quick, hard takeoffs. The only drawback is their lack of a door chime, but that's relatively minor. 3. R142A/188 - cool propulsion sound and I like the fact that the MTA painted the faded red stripes on the cab cars as a tribute to the Redbirds. Worst 1. R160 - a horrifying cacophony. Loud HVAC system that sounds something like an airplane, speakers that make that horrible vibration noise, uneven acceleration causing cars to bang into each other, and the Alstom propulsion system. The only thing I like about them is the strip map, providing information at a glance. They also tend to take off and stop too hard. Meh 1. R46 - haven't rode these cars too much, but I think they fit a suburban commuter rail service more than the MTA 2. R62/A - barely even been on them.

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