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  1. These f**king crackers should be permanently banned for getting all racist and shit. Even if you think a post is wrong, there's some places you shouldn't go.
  2. You best shut the f**k up right now you bitch ass racist little cracker.
  3. The moderators that make money off the advertising on this site are being blatantly RUDE to the customers that get them paid for advertising by ignoring social courtesies like not making multiple threads on the same topic and are being blatantly RUDE to the customers by acting like they are too good to follow the same rules made for everyone else. And so are you, but who knows what your post has to do with promoting civil discourse.
  4. Why? No one else does. You close every thread where someone posts 20 dancing locks even if it's a perfectly good thread on something new, so why discriminate against me just because I don't know how to make the dancing locks? This thread doesn't even have any info anyway-just repeat posts and people trying to kiss up to moderators.
  5. That's not why though. They're doing it because they're idiots that think those short trains should be trains because they're trains. If they were thinking to get the biggest trains, there are tons of empty trains sitting on the express tracks. Except maybe to keep the station from overcrowding.
  6. What good does the to 74 do? The will be full long before that. Why can't an go to Port Authority to help and let the start at 71st so the people not in Jamaica can get a train.
  7. It was already posted twice on the first thread on this. How do you do the dancing locks?
  8. Maybe it's an idiot ad, or maybe if you think don't post it because they might blow us up it's a right ad.
  9. Of course there's few around. You don't drive a train.
  10. how bad they smell, if they'll have the manners to sit up and make room or slouch over on you, if they might get violent because you say excuse me
  11. Needs a driver that knows how to drive. Way too slow, can't even go faster than the local trains.
  12. What happened on Queens Blvd earlier this afternoon? Worse than weekday rush crowds on the platforms and announcements that E, F, & R all delayed.
  13. No one's mad about the pension. He deserves the pension. But he also deserves to have to pay back the money he stole-the money he was overpaid when he was working and didn't man up and say wasn't his. So he gets his pension minus the money he owes. How is that not fair?
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