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  1. I agree with what the others are saying. Your dad can definitely get in through a side door if the front door isn't open. Just let him know that Transit isn't like The Honeymooners.
  2. For future reference, the blue light that someone referred to earlier isn't readily available to riders. The best way to help as a passenger should that ever happen in front of you is to find a booth, employee, station agent, etc. and tell them there's a passenger on the tracks and to kill the third rail. Make sure you tell someone to do it while you watch the person or do it yourself and make sure someone else watches the person. That is really the best you can do. Going down or trying to wrestle them can end up with you BOTH getting hurt and/or killed. RIP, man. Regardless of your state of mind, it's horrible that you died that way.
  3. When I went in, I mentioned my meds to the screener as soon as I entered the room. Screener said that it didn't matter. I understand now that they are simply a part of the process. They can't clear you should you screen positive. So, leave your meds at home. For any prescribed meds, I'd say prepare to be put on medical hold. You can possibly speed things up by having your doctor write a letter describing your med history, treatment plan, and future outlook, etc. That's just an idea of what to expect. At MAC, the doctor will tell you EXACTLY what you need to bring. I know some might be tempted to fib to avoid hold, but consider the ramifications should the issue come up in the future. If it is discovered as pre-existing, one is guilty of omission. I imagine some type of disciplinary action, firing, etc. would be in the near future. Be honest...ESPECIALLY about major and/or current issues. I'm a new jack, so this is only MY experience and not necessarily a definitive one. I imagine it's pretty commonplace though. Good luck!
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