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  1. Last few times out I've seen uptown M2 buses signed up as saying M2 Limited / M2 Worth St via 5th / Bway
  2. Is there some future plan to send the M2 to Worth St or just some special occasion code I've been more recently seeing?
  3. If NJT gets involved, is it possible that SEPTA could join? I'm just thinking that OMNY could become the E-ZPass of Public Transit in the region
  4. I just have this feeling when it comes to the Manhattan redesign and the Lexington Avenue routes, the 101 will be shorted to either 96 or Hunter College, the 103 becomes the limited, and the 102 doesn't change. But there's no real direct path for the 101 to get front Amsterdam to Lex/3rd without using 125th. So the 125 and the 101 have to be the local to the 60. As for the Bx15 going to Lex, it will still suffer from the Triboro. So I can understand why they would leave it in the Bronx. But true Bus Lane enforcement of 125th is needed and the 60 should have been one of the routes that have cameras to issue tickets as well.
  5. Back when I worked on the East End JC for the city, I would use the M100 to work and the BX15 from as I knew both would be mostly empty. Nice way not to stress coming or going to work. But I can tell, especially on the PM rush, the Triboro will kill reliability on all the buses coming going east past Lenox. It doesn't help that even now with the bus lane, that enforcement is minimal. So this is pretty much the MTA's way of dealing with both issues. M100s won't have to short at 5 Ave, Bx15s won't have to end at Lexington and more room for the M60, M(1)25, and the M101 Most people just say last number for 125th, 135th, and 145th. So a M25 would have made more cultural sense but only to those who live in the area (espcially how all the other crosstowns equal the street number. Speaking of which, when they do come to Manhattan, I feel like a lot of the through-Harlem N/S routes will suffer. The M101 being split will be good. But I can also see them taking the M3 & M4 off of 5th/Madison for expanded M1/M2. The M7 being shorted to Times Sq or Columbus Circle seems highly likely as well since a lot of those buses already end there during the rush.
  6. I'm still content to say that the M2 should have the extention to Worth just to remove justification of 15 minute midday headways on the all day LTD 5th Ave corridor. It's like they just want to fix one problem by cause by them instead of thinking outside of the box.
  7. I use the M60 more frequently going to and from work on the east side during rush hour and those buses are usually packed leaving Lexington going to Queens. I wonder though if it's related to the bunching, especially on the 106th St trips. I can almost always guess there will be at least 2 at Lexington during the evening rush hour coming back from the airport and at least one will from SRO to available seats I didn't even think an extension of the mall back in 2012. I was just thinking it was a closer put—in.
  8. Bringing a classic back: Due to water erosion, 2 service is suspended between 149th St and 96th St. This brings back the return of the L1. However, the circle at 110th and 8th Ave is closed for reconstruction. Buses effected L1, M10, M3, and M4. Note: the L1 must connect 110th - Lenox, 110th - Broadway, and a 8th Ave line Station.
  9. And the same can be said coming from Lexington going west (especially if no bus has come in a while on the on any othe routes). There has been so many times I got an empty M100 or Bx15 leaving 3rd Ave and once we left Lexington, it was packed. Outside the ends (2nd/3rd going west and 12th/Broadway going east), any of those buses are due to being crushed. Lenox isn't the only place and more often than not, is not the place where they are crushed.
  10. Today is the last day that the original first stop for the M60 (125th/7th Ave). Of course I wish they kept it for legacy reasons but I know why it's gone in 77 minutes. Maybe that B32 has the potental to be the next breakout M60 if treated right.
  11. So I leave McDoanlds this moring around 930ish thinking oh, an M2 shouldn't be that long away. I check Bus Checker (modded) on Z10 and see 24 minutes. I say, that can't be right. I check the moblie bustime app and sure enough it was right (155th and Edgecombe Ave). I decided to walk home. Around 1005 I hear said bus go by from my window (which isn't that far from the McDonalds). This is the thing that infurates me about how ran into the ground the M2 has become.
  12. Driving on 125th will be more of a pain after they are finished with the bus lane (or like July when drivers are used to it). Then again, driving on 125th isn't usually a good idea. I even adjusted to not take the M101 to work in the morning since 2 to 3 busues will sit on 3rd Ave/125th St intersection waiting to turn.
  13. The face that the M1 out of all the 5th Ave routes got a bump scares me. I guess I understand how the 5th/Madison Ave section of those routes work but for the M7 & M10 to keep pretty consistant numbers means that Harlem & Washington Heights will respect the service if it respects them. I just wish they woud improve on M1-M4 service instead of ways cutting it down. In othere news, no shock M116 service is in on the rise as that area develops and the mall evolves.
  14. Perfect example would be the M60 deadheading back to 126. Most follow the M116 to either 3rd Ave or 1st Ave but most of the time, those buses are not needed for the M116. The time the M116 needs buses is the same time M60 needs them
  15. These two posts explain to me how infuriating it is to get from the East Side to either Lenox or 7th. One has been run into the ground by the MTA on the thought that the M3 & M4 need better service on the whole route and thus ruining the branches of the M2 and M1 (which just got weekend service back). The other is TU just ruining their buses into the ground. I doesn't shock me out of the core "Harlem" routes (M10, M2, M7, M102, M1) that the M7 would do the best. Even if you add in the M3, the M7 seems to do better within Harlem. It makes it seem that the best way to get to Harlem would be get an M7 if you aren't taking a subway As for 125th St, I'm not going to say that one corridor helps all the buses on it jump to the Top 10 of their boros, but it does show how long overdue something is needed there that benefits all (passengers, pesidtrians, drivers, and delivery)

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