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  1. two weeks of posting is done, time flew by! not as scary as school car makes it seem.
  2. i just asked as a joke. i like the hat myself but my classmates were ripping into me for it, figured yall would too. thx for the help, this forum has been a pool of information.
  3. maybe a dumb question, but would i look like a retard if i wore my hat while im posting? I know yall would chew me up for that. my classmates already did. lmao
  4. yea thats what i was hearing from some of the instructors, "had off last year so why not this year." thats why it might vary depending on what schoolcar wants to do not necessarily TA, i guess.
  5. mid-term and yard practical is done, now posting monday, nervous as all hell.
  6. thats not necessarily true, it might vary based on holiday etc., but I was in school car during the fourth of july and we did not have the day off. The tss's was all upset about it because they were not told but we all had to show up for the holiday. we were told that we had to be on the job for 30 days before we could enjoy those perks of paid holidays, so it might vary.
  7. why is it that you can have everything memorized in head, door cut-out procedures, radio transmissions etc., yet when a TSS calls on you to verbalize to the class you forget everything down to your ABC's. its mid term and yard practical week and i feel like i havent retained any of the information, maybe its just nervousness/anxiety. Any advice?
  8. Day two of training, 19 C/R's are assigned to B-divison!
  9. Wow! 4+ hours one way, that is a hell of a commute everyday.
  10. To be honest, that commute from jers to the boondocks of the boroughs would be strain on a person of any age. Depending on where you are going, your commute could be 2 and a half hours just one way, and jersey transit does not run as frequent as the mta in the city. therefore you really have to plan accordingly to jersey transit. The night before my appt to go to 180 livingston I stayed at my brothers house in newark. i had to be at a bus stop, a few blocks away, at 430 am to get to the path train at 505 am, just to get into the city at 6 am. i played it safe by being so early, but if I would have left later than that I would not have gotten to 180 livingston until at least 8 am.
  11. congrats on passing your midterm and pratical, and thx for the encouragement. I was gonna ask you, how has school car been? Monday is orientation and I am nervous and anxious at the same time. This past week seemed as if time was moving in slow motion, I cant wait to get started.
  12. Thx, i know im getting ahead of myself, one step at a time, but i was just thinking ambitously and planning for the future, also curious as to the experiences of those before me.
  13. understandable. but if ive already have C/R as a permanent position why would i get terminated, wouldnt just get demoted back to C/R? im not talking about applying for operator while im on probation as a conductor. i was just asking if anyone has done something like that
  14. train operator is a promotional title, as well as an open competitive title; The T/O test came out in mid 09, therefore, there should be another exam coming soon. As a brand new conductor who hasnt even started school car yet (june 25th) would I be able to take the exam and get that promotion, thinking about it, that would be a five year plan. any of the vets who so willingly answer all rookie questions ever done something like that?
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