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  1. Two timer, You are 100% correct. When only one pull comes in and the power is removed and a call to the associated phone goes unanswered the power is restored and it is chalked up to vandalism. The second pull is serious and a vandle will usually not stick around. Any more than 2 pulls will not get help any faster.
  2. Great photos and great info, Thanks.
  3. Many led's were installed on fast track and more are slated to be installed as they arrive on the property. When bulbs are ordered by the thousands a typical vendor and manafactur can be overwhelmed.
  4. I Remember that area in the late 70's and 80's when Pacific st was a ho-stro ! It has cleaned up quite a bit since then.
  5. Plenty of transit options are currently available in that area of Bklyn. I won't even drive there without the BC ! You would have to crazy to entertain the thought. I do feel for the residents though.
  6. Scrap it? Naa a those cars are robust, it would take a lot more than that to make it irreparable.
  7. Second truck of first car hit the ground after the train split the switch. Aledgedly !
  8. Back in the 70's and 80's that building was the nerve center for Transit. Every thing good or bad came and went through that building. I was in it a few days ago and was actually saddened by what I saw. I hope the new tenants restore and care for it better that Transit did. I can still go watch "Taking of Pelham 123" to remember the old command center.
  9. The 9th ave el used to go down 53rd st. The train fell off the tracks at 53 and 9th. You can still see the old substation on 53 st behind the Letterman theater.
  10. The N and R are affectionately referred to as the Never and Rarely. They run on the BMT or broken mangled trashed lines. Unlike the IRT aka Irratable rusty tired.
  11. Yes crane cars are used in the subway. If you look closely you will see the "boom" is hooked down so it cannot be raised. The turret is only unhooked in wide areas so the crane can do a side pick. The crane is very helpful in dropping off and picking up sticks ( single rails).
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