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  1. Guys, 3706/7 are still in service. I rode it yesterday at around 4 in the afternoon on the J to Broad St.
  2. What gets me though is what New Flyer 230 said. The R42, in their decrepit looking state still have a better MDBF rate than the R32's... I mean, I know the R32's are five years older but they just recently had an SMS in 2013....Personally, I think they should at least give the R42's some dignity and paint them until the R179 comes in which is still a good while away.
  3. I know the R32 is getting another SMS but I have heard nothing about the R42's getting one. Can anyone clarify?
  4. and between Queensboro Plaza and 59th street, both ways. Not express per say, but almost always do you get past 40 mph down there and with a good operator even past 50!
  5. So no chance of any remaining stored R-42s coming back? If there isn't what a waste and a shame. Are there ten left or are they done? On the other hand, mtattrain sparked something to me, any remaining r44's on property? Any chance of any action with them? According to the roster thingy on nycsubway.org a few hand fills of them are still left.
  6. 1. I agree that the reason why they were scrapped was because they had some kind of flooding from Irene and Sandy as many of you had stated earlier (explains why some r33wf were thrown in, they wouldn't rid their work trains for no reason?) 2. They should have at least salvaged something, anything at this point for the 42's is needed. Not everything is neccesarily flooded (I think they just throw a label on it once they see a few things and don't go to the extent of actually looking into it). 3.(Almost) EVERY car (I believe early 2009-) that was to be scrapped recieved the sticker THIS CAR PENDING SCRAP- NOT OK FOR SERVICE. Even if they just came from a nice run on whatever line packed with passengers. The TA wants them out (retirement time). But being flooded only adds the (actual) meaning to it. I just think it was something to differ the cars meant to be used in service and the ones that would be scrapped in the near-future. 5. Maybe the MTA is testing some of its equipment that they forgot to test after the storm with have been dealing with the major issues the storm caused and its time to deal with the "minor" issues. It seems theyre scrapping the mechanically dead (seems to me what's going on R40 4392-3 scrapped along with this pile: mechanically dead), maybe the other 10 r42's might be fine as you stated, but we shall see within the coming weeks. Someone stated earlier if they could revive the 2 r46's they could revive these. I agree on it in ways (the TA doesn't want the 42's anymore, etc) and I disagree in other ways (damage factor- these 42's have been sitting since late 09 and went through two storms and these 46's just happened to be "left outside during a storm".)
  7. I personally don't think they were exposed to too much because remembering, for most of the time they were stored, they were either in the pitkin yard or in 207th. Not too much should have happened. But like I said. There's still more thats on property. Lets hope those head wounds they have heal and they actually see what they're doing. So 3352-3 are back in service?? Phase II cars had major brake problems and were retired in Fall 08. I honestly agree 100%.
  8. There shouldn't have been much wrong with them if they were pulled from service and stored somewhere. They were originally meant for scrap but knowing how the MTA scraps everything, it was probably a large chance it was fine.
  9. I'm seeing things about those "stored" R32s and 42's going out to scrap in NJ. It makes no sense to me why to scrap these cars that are on property and nearly/fully intact and only need a minor amount of work to get them back and running. It would make an improvement to the situation that's going on now and could "swap scrap" for some cars that are in worse condition (do you see the rust on them 42's??) The "pairs" of R42's I saw pics of going out to scrap were 4704-5, 4795-6??, and 4674-5. Former Jamacia cars pulled from service either on the R or the now defunct V in late 2009. These cars have quite minor to NO rot visible on their roofs and lower body. I say they should "swap scrap" them for cars with actual rot or ones that are running quite poorly or they could run them with them, or even just donate some parts to the already revenue active cars and then send them off to scrap!!!! But no, as usual, the MTA decides to waste everything they can. The R32's and 42's that were sent to NJ for scrap a week-two ago were all fully intact (despite missing trucks of course) and the only cars that had a "boo-boo" were 3676-77 which were maybe 5% stripped (a window or two and their led signs). It really gets to me how they could easily just put some minor work into them, help out this situation that's going on with the car shortages, or at least just salvage usable parts that would really be put to use!!!! There's still time though. At least 10-12 inactive r42's are still sitting around (if I remember correctly a few pairs at 207th, maybe one or two at CI and pitkin). Theres also one inactive pair of 32's at CI (3720-1) that look like they haven't had anything removed. I think they were oos since early 09 i remember seeing em with the red sticker at Jamacia. And for crying out loud, if they don't re activate them, save yourselves, the riders, your workers, and anyone else affiliated the hassle by stripping them of their useful parts and giving them to the cars who need. In the end everyone will be (6% ) happier, service will minorly improve but right now the TA needs anything they can and they just seem to be acting as if they get nailed in the head daily with anticlimbers and trucks and throw out anything that's a use to them as if its a paper bag... If they wanted to throw out a paper bag maybe they should clean the stations and tracks more often.
  10. Will they be scrapped eventually? Do they still exist at least? Will they be scrapped eventually. Do they still exist at least?
  11. Whatever happened to the R38 pair (4028-9) that was supposedly preserved? Also what happened to r40's 4392-3 that were at Rockaway Park Yard? I saw another thread on that from earlier this year. I also saw pics of 4028-9 @ pitkin 2 months ago. So someone tell me what's going on with these cars. Thanks and have a good day!
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