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  1. Harry, long time no hear, did you make the list? Are you Lazarus? Get me back!!
  2. Now I'm hearing from some that they are going to take their sweet time once we receive the letter if we pass. They're gonna drag their feet so to speak with the transition from temp to perm?i know it's all heresay but its not helping me stay optimistic. Ya know???
  3. Yes they do. But you'd better pass the practical exam if you plan on keeping the job!!
  4. I can't speak for all exams but for car inspector I went in for my practical about 6 months from receiving my passing score on the written. Hope this helps
  5. Just curious. it seems like 100 years since I filed for it, in nov 2011.took the written in march 2012. And took the practical in December 2012. Only after like 4 reschedules I didn't think it would happen but I got to take it. But now here I stand 6 months later and still don't know if I passed or failed. This is such bullshit. I; like I know so many others have awaited patiently not so much as for a score but rather a pass-fail answer which should be given, like the 6 weeks you have to wait to check your answers on the website from when you take the written. But this is just downright unfair,unprofessional. And one cannot dismiss the fact that the next written exam would be administered before the results of the previous exam would be released! For the same title job. I pray that the ones filing for the later exam don't have to wait as long as myself as so many others have for their results. Go ahead and say it WELCOME TO THE T.A.
  6. Thanks a lot for the input. Records cristal clean no write ups or anything on paper that would make me look bad.
  7. It's time for me to move on to bigger and better things. I had to make a move, roll the dice. Can't live your life in fear of "what if". Besides HR said I can come back within 1 yr.
  8. I'm hoping that the initial training for the title C.I. Will offer a little insight to the practical examination as most of us don't really have much experience with trains ( I should speak for myself on that!). : )
  9. Finally, my start date is on the 22nd, just pray I pass the practical test next month. I resigned from Mta bus and with any luck will eventually get a permanent spot over at the T.A.
  10. Warranty work gets done at the secaucus dealer as well as the cummins dealer in Newark so from any given time they have an assortment of busses from different depots in they're yard. Mostly Orion next gen though. As they are the lousiest.and least dependable. I'll take an rts any day over this crap!!
  11. Hey thanks, good luck and congratulations on the job!!!! Well deserved : ), all this shit is just frustrating, sorry if I came off the wrong way with you earlier. Yes definetly I'm sure we'll bump into one another out there. Hey get your ass to work!!! : )
  12. Well your experience has definitely paid off : )
  13. Just make sure you disclose all that information to H.R. When you go back. You don't want to take any chances, sometimes by not saying anything you can inadvertently hang yourself!!!
  14. Ok so you say you dont have a list number? But you were called in for pre- interview screening on the 15th? With I'd have to say record time with them calling you in for a physical? I really don't think you have anything to worry about at this point you should already be on the job yesterday!!! I took the urine analysis on the 29th and still waiting for them to call me back for the physical, and I have a number On the list? Please someone explain how does this all come to be. I'm not calling you a liar or anything but how can they call you for a physical when they tell everyone it takes about 2-3 weeks for them to get the results back from the urine analisys??????????
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