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  1. Question about the R42s, if they're scrapping them, I would really want a car number plate from one of them. Anybody have any ideas on how I could get one from the MTA?
  2. I was on the yesterday. They do have a program to 121 St, at least on the R179 they do..
  3. On another note, I have always wondered why there were never plans to build a subway under Woodhaven/Cross Bay Blvds, considering their wideness. Just being curious. Any reasons?
  4. I didn't know Woodhaven Blvd (IND) had a closed entrance! 75th St-Elderts Lane has a removed entrance too at Eldert Lane, as well as 104th Street at 102nd Street/Jamaica Avenue.
  5. Was very shocked to see an entire rollsign removed from the side of my R42 car 4795. Why? (And would I be able to buy it lol)

  6. Happy I got to see the lower level of Bergen St on the Culver Express ^_^

  7. I wonder what a NIS R68 G train was doing on the Queens Blvd Line local headed for Manhattan this morning?

  8. Why do they stop J express service from Marcy-Myrtle after 6PM?? It's still rush hour! And why did they push skip-stop service back early?

    1. RollOver


      I agree with you that the PM Rush doesn't end until 8PM and they shouldn't have push skip-stop back so early like that.

  9. What a nice commute today; a jammed R62A door on the (7) and a hobo stinking up an entire (E) train car. Again. -_-

    1. BronxBombers


      No offense but Queens has a lot of homeless people on the subway.

  10. I was on R32 3806 with a diamond C rollsign and one of the heaters just exploded!

    1. BrooklynIRT


      Can you describe the explosion in detail? Was anybody hurt? Were there smoke emissions?

    2. 4P3607


      How did it explode? Pretty sure it wasn't big or it would be on the news.

    3. R42Ztrain4795


      It wasn't big, the heater under the seat near door 8 just started glowing until it made a big popping sound and sparks flew everywhere and it freaked everybody out. No one was hurt thankfully.

  11. I thought saw an R32 passing by near my house near Jamaica Avenue this morning...

    1. peacemak3r


      You might of seen it then as someone posted pictures of it.

  12. I knew I saw an R32 on the line outside from my house
  13. Took my first IRT SMEE fleet ^_^ yay

    1. Threxx


      So you've never been on an R62 or R62A before?

    2. R42Ztrain4795


      Hehe, I meant I've never been on the R33, R15 or R12 before. It was great.


  14. My R42 4795 is now on the C train... -_-

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    2. ttcsubwayfan
    3. Brighton Express
    4. 4P3607


      Ride it while you can, I don't think they are gonna last very long.

      Besides, whats so special about 4795? lol.

  15. file:///D:/Michael/My%20Pictures/NYC%20MTA%20Subway/Copy%20of%20NYC%20MTA%20Subway%20013.jpg i even met another railfan taking pics of it. Car 4807 file:///D:/Michael/My%20Pictures/NYC%20MTA%20Subway/Copy%20of%20NYC%20MTA%20Subway%20012.jpg i also got this odd one lol. Car 4820 (this is my first time posting pics srry i dont really know how to do it)

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