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  1. does anyone know the total requirements of 40 footer in wf?
  2. when is west farms going to send the xd40's back to up, ja and mjq,.?Are they going to get a order of xd40 of their own?
  3. how about 0021-0089, 0091-0099 and 191-196 never used?
  4. because dob wants mjg to get the newest busses for the mi4 sbs aka the L train replacement.
  5. is the first page of this thread going o be updated?
  6. Don't forget that fla will need less xd 60's as of Monday . Do to a service cut on the on the 44sbs.
  7. 7718-21 and 7723-24 fp to ga 7694-7698 jam 7840-7849 ?
  8. is anyone going to be able to update thee first page of this tread.
  9. i thought that when the 46+ gets converted to artic all 48 sbs xd60's will be made local.

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