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  1. 880 mil for the new jam depot, little more then i word have thought . only 8 depot conversions to electric . bus fleet expansion by 200, including natural gas?
  2. whats going to happen yo the bx11/35/36 and the western part of the bx20/42 proposals?
  3. summer to fall 39 runs to 43 runs, their were 50 in the winter.
  4. don't think so they restore the spring schedule over the reduced summer schedule.
  5. that what it was before the spring service cuts.
  6. makes seance i believe that the b44 only needs 26 pieces and the m15+ need 45 to make service,
  7. are the jam xd transfers for good or temp?
  8. Because they have the Artis available and need to retire the hybrids.

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