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  1. when do the nat gas tanks on the 2011-12 busses expire?
  2. doses this mean that cs might send 60 xc60's to lga? '
  3. Does this mean that cp is not getting there full order of 81 busses off the bat.
  4. I was wondering if anything bus lines like the q64, q6, b103. Being the next local bus order will enclude busses for MTA BUS.
  5. Is there talk of artic expansion after the B15 and the B82+.
  6. MtWhen they say make Bus Queens it includes SC.
  7. because they are running school closed scheds
  8. could it be that the ta are just trying to equal out mileage?
  9. because the only new fliers is this round of orders were xde's
  10. i quess the mta is not going to order any more xd40's
  11. i wonder if they plan to transfers 2009/10 to nta bus so they can retire there 2005/6 busses?
  12. Dose anyone know if mta plans to place any buses at mtabus depots?

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