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  1. They said the when the fish bowls/ blitz's we're retired.
  2. so how meny xd60's will f get all together?
  3. i don't think the bx 6 was on thee radar for conversion untill they decided put sbs on the line . the order was to replace the 2003's and and put artics on the bx 36 i believe.
  4. now that in seems that the L shutdown is off, when will the the last rts be retired?
  5. i believe that the xd40's at west farms are temp untill the flatbush lfs 60's are transfered to the oa when mjg gets the 38 lfs 60's.
  6. the 47 xd60's that are comming this year will do that by converting the 48 xd40's from the b46sbs
  7. how many artics does Quill currently need to make service + spears?
  8. also they will eventually receive nova artics when gh receives the rest of their order. the xd's are loaners.
  9. i wonder if what they are minipulate is a drop in ridership on the sim1 so they can reduce off middays ans evening weekdays 15-20 and week as well and eventually run both the sim3c/33c hourly off peak and weekends.
  10. i think there waiting for the rest of the 36 nova"s to arrive for for gh to the older nova's to wf.
  11. when will mta nus start gettimg there xd60's and redeploy the loaners?
  12. because the ta wants to give the displaced l riders as many uses with wifi and usb ports as the can. this is also why the 88 xd 40's be assigned there.

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