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  1. no they have busses that were supposed to be used on the q58 if it had been converted.
  2. whats the story with up is at artic ready . or will the b1 have to be transfer.
  3. dose anyone know if there will be any extra artics when the L job is completed .
  4. which buses are in fb., and how many artics are they going to wind up there.
  5. if u look at transee app the pick code on bk division depots says AO witch indicates first pick of 2020.
  6. what happened to to changes at fp and ga? and allso the artic conversion of the b46sbs?
  7. thanks for the info. can't wait till tomorrow when all the blurry line finally get cleared up.
  8. is there any indication the the northern half of b24 being rerouted to go north of queens blvd?
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