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  1. is anyone ever going to be able to update page one of this tread?
  2. thank , I've seen info on the q 111 and the q 114 that the overnight service has bee increased fro 60 min- 30 min on each.
  3. why is cas getting new busses . no jc will need more artice becase the added running time to he b35.
  4. does anyone know many buses will be needed?
  5. maybe they need xtra busses for the q35 and 22 for the summer
  6. As i said before it was contruted for 200 40 footers but the community doesn't more then 150 currently if is was all 40 footers .
  7. the problem is that hale can handle more buses but the community doesn't want them.
  8. usually when a route is converted to artic for every 3 40 forty footer you get 2 artic. '
  9. does anyone know the total requirements of 40 footer in wf?
  10. when is west farms going to send the xd40's back to up, ja and mjq,.?Are they going to get a order of xd40 of their own?

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