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  1. i believe you would be cleared but you have to keep using it because you go into the ta doctors for follow ups regarding the sleep apnea.
  2. Most all new conductors are extra extra meaning you don't have a set schedule you can be sent anywhere in the division. It's like your a substitute conductor. You'll cover for people who normally have a schedule. It's fun at times because your somewhere different everyday but at times you want a set schedule and work with the same train operator. Being extra extra you have to learn different personalities everyday. No offense but some train operators can be a**holes. So you have to learn dealing with that. I've been out since early August and, I like the job. It's always a adventure but the one thing everybody says to me. "Don't stay a conductor your whole life. " I see what they mean. You can always move up in transit that's a big plus. You don't have to be stagnated.
  3. If your EKG is off for example your heart beat per minute is over 100 you would have your doctor clear you. Transit is going to want you to have a echo and stress test done just to make sure that you don't have any heart problems. The echo and stress test can be done in one day and, usually takes a few days for the results to come back. You would have to go to a cardiologist to do the echo and stress test. That's what the MTA doctors are going to ask for. They want to make sure you don't drop dead from climbing on and off trains and walking. which during school car you will be doing a lot.
  4. Sam here, 1st assignment is on the 4 afternoon tour.
  5. Seen a bunch of new conductors at the learning center today getting their books and tools, I had my midterm today and passed. I had my yard practical and passed as well. I start posting on tuesday on starting with the 4 line. It's been over a month and it feels like it has been months lol.
  6. I would say about 120. I believe 6 A division classes and 4 B division classes. All school car classes for conductors are 3pm to 1am. I have to report tomorrow at 240th Street Yard on the 1.
  7. well B division filled up quick so everyone else went to A division.
  8. he posted it but for some strange reason the font was small.
  9. Yeah for some strange reason they are making people fill out the pre-employment each time they come.
  10. you see the MTA doctors and get medically cleared you then sit down with the interview person who is going to go over your paperwork and let you know when class starts. After that you do your finger prints and take you pass ID. That's it. Now if you get placed on medical hold you have to have your doctor clear it and see the MTA doctor you had. After that you can see the interview person.
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