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  1. I have noticed it stopping when it gets to melville park road but theres no sign so i figured that was the case. but what was wierd was that it pulled on to melville park from 110 which is the same way as it would in the morning so is its PM route through 110 corridor slightly different?
  2. Thanks guys, so you are saying the stops are only at the time points? if so thats perfect for me
  3. Hi guys, Ive decided to use the suffolk clipper since i see it passing my office whenever I leave work, so I just need to know where exactly is the exit 58 Park&Ride? and as far as stops go i dont see the signs anywhere so where do the buses stop and pick you up? and how do the PM the run through the 110 corridor because some parts look to be one way so will i get picked up on the same side of the road?
  4. When exactly did Unitickets become available for LIB? And why did they play ball with HART and Long Beach then? As far as metrocards go does the MTA still take money from the NICE or Bee-Line fares that get paid in metrocard?
  5. I wasnt trying too give an attitude, sorry if it seemed that way. I thought u were implying that the subway turnstyles would become part of the railroad along with the smartphones or something, my fault for reading incorrectly.
  6. at the non elevated stations, wouldnt you be able to scam that easily by simply walking the tracks and climbing on the platform? or did an important part of it just fly over my head?
  7. well if they want to act like brats over it who loses? everybody because both organizations lose riders and those who want to use it have to sit in traffic, and those who would drive anyway have more cars on the road to deal with.
  8. Also, would it be such a tragedy for SCT to play nice with the MTA and let you buy a uniticket with the monthly for the railroad, because theres plenty of people who use both now and i feel like its a huge deterrant that keeps commuters from using the bus. Or is this the MTAs fault you cant get a Uniticket for SCT?
  9. That Actually makes a lot of sense to do it that way, how much money would the mta save per train if they ran 6 cars vs 12 tho on the LIRR?
  10. they need a bus lane on 110 for the crush loaded s1. or an s1 express or something that would make the buses less then a half hour late every day.
  11. ok thanks guys im glad i found out now instead of on the train lol
  12. on a semi related note, i have a monthly from sayville to amityville, will i be able to use it to go from sayville to mastic shirley since its the same price? or is ther no way theyre gonna allow it?
  13. I know what you mean, that whole area has an eerie feeling. that said its nowhere near as bad as ENY in my opinion.
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