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  1. Haven't been to this thread in a while lol. These are all amazing btw.
  2. Forgot to add something (bolded in red): You and Bob know me very well in this forum though. You honestly thought I was dumb enough to not realize the headways, the running time and the number of trains needed (which I'm already well aware of) on each and every line? CenSin, your data lesson was not needed here. I was just saying to relieve the Forest Hills delays with my proposed extension. The only downside of my proposal is that almost everyone east of Forest Hills are on their way towards Manhattan and won't care about the local, as well as everything else I said in the first post above yours. That was it.
  3. Sigh, fine. I get it. But don't surprise if they add a bit more service in the real world for the shutdown and the delays on the northbound Queens Boulevard Local during the rush get more bad. This also means that the can't be full-length (which would allow all its current fleet of R160s and the future R179s to be push off to the east) either by then I suppose. So we're just gonna have to get used to the delays at Forest Hills on the northbound locals for decades to come.
  4. Unlike some of the members on this forum (especially CenSin) that you yourself and Lance lectured me for personally criticizing just fairly recently, I wouldn't dare make the express anywhere along its route outside of the Queens Boulevard Line and completely go against the aforementioned ridership demands. Of course I know why they stopped running local service to and from 179th back in the '80s. Anyway, my whole goal is to simply relieve the Forest Hills delays on the local and . Because the plain fact is that back when the was running, all Queens Boulevard local service were entirely R46s and both the and would often swap trainsets east of Forest Hills. Now with the taking the 's place, any Queens Boulevard local trains can no longer swap cars due to the being 480 feet long and the being 600 feet long respectively. Instead, only one train at a time can relay east of Forest Hills and is the major reason for alot of rush hour northbound Queens Boulevard local delays between Roosevelt and Forest Hills.
  5. At least you aren't afraid to speak out your mind and stick to your own self.
  6. Yeah, but once the entirety of the R179 and R211 cars are delivered, respectively, they will be enough cars for all 's (not just some 's) to be extended to and from 179th to relieve Forest Hills. Which is also a part of the reason why the should be full-length, to push the R179s and R160A-1s to the east for the aforementioned extension.
  7. At least you're one of the only members who I get along with pretty well and rarely ever fought with...

    1. Around the Horn

      Around the Horn

      Well that's good to hear. I try to keep my cool on here and not let things get to my head. Its good to see that its working...

  8. So forgetting all of the most recent completely lousy ass lectures (including the technical ones) in the thread about that stupid proposed real world's Culver Express trash and moving on, here are a couple of things that I think is worth looking into in the foreseeable future... -Rehab of any poor conditioned stations. -Transfer between the and at Broadway and Lorimer Street. -Change the current structure layout upstairs in the mezzanine areas at stations that don't offer a free transfer between directions (meaning stations like the local ones north of Nostrand Avenue, not meaning stations like Nostrand Avenue/Fulton Street or 86th Street/Lexington Avenue). -Make the local west of Myrtle Avenue-Broadway outside of the skip-stop service, to allow Jamaica/Nassau Street Line riders a direct transfer to the rather than changing to the or the . -Make the full-length with the future R211 expansion order if possible, which can push off the R179s to the east for fleet expansion or service increases. -Extend the to and from 179th Street to relieve 71st Avenue. -Get rid of all the "local" announcements and change some minor announcements such as restoring the old "This is a Manhattan-bound train" announcement previously made by Chowdery. -If that Culver Express crap fails and everything goes back to being completely local, the agency should look into extending the permanently to and from 18th Avenue, using the middle track at the station with diamond X switches between that station and Ditmas Avenue if possible. Or instead, just keep it at Church Avenue and the agency can go along with the most recent Culver Express proposal (posted in the other thread). This is all I can think of for now.
  9. I'll agree with implementing the Culver Express as long as local service is kept the same. I do like P3F's idea a little bit. At least his proposal seems alot more sensible unlike the real world one.
  10. Yeah...so? Whatever term I use really doesn't matter. My main concern is what the express will do for the aforementioned reasons, which is why I am against it. I, for one, just think it's wrong so the shouldn't really bother with it. Even some others (such as you and Lance) seem to not like the idea either. All of my other concerns are just secondary. After all, we are talking about high ridership at these local Culver stations anyway. Anyway, since the "corrupted" thing seems to bug you and that R10 guy, I'll fixed that error by saying it's just simply not a good thing. But it's kinda too late for me to edit that now.
  11. Listen bud, I don't care if anyone agrees with me or not. I stand by what I say, period. Like you said, everyone has their views and nothing more. Second, I'm well aware that the agency is corrupt (thank you) and also that decision to run express service on the Culver Line is part of it. I find it laughable that you think skipping 5 stops and also saving 5 minutes is gonna make a difference. Not only that, but also because you seem to forgot why the express in the Bronx never worked out. Why do you think they did nothing else after that little test years ago? Trains were just running empty and other trains were loaded to the gills. Also, with the Culver Express, as it sounds in the article that I posted, clearly indicated that the proposal is to have some trains run express and others stay local, meaning 50/50. You realize this would just create confusion right? Even with the new trains and the conntdown clocks on the line, people still get confused thinking their train will go to their stop. For the record, the stations north of Church have higher ridership than those south of Church. I think the same people who were screaming for express service on the Culver Line are the same people who happen to live at the stations that they know their proposed express train will skip which results in reduced service. Oh, and the express thing will surely fail like the / skip-stop did for obvious reasons---ridership. So you willing to mess up service just so you can get a faster commute? No, I don't think that's a good ridership. We're talking about high ridership at every station some lines like Jerome, West End, Sea Beach etc, and those clearly don't need express service. Skipping like 5 stops really makes little to no difference.
  12. Blanket statements? Very funny. I thought we already made it clear about this "Culver Express" thing a while back. There have been multiple threads about it. You can check them for more info. It's up to you.
  13. The MTA will start running express service in Brooklyn, officials are set to announce Tuesday. Locals have long clamored for the service, which hasn’t run since it was nixed in 1987. “This is huge. You’re talking about half a million people who use this train on a regular basis in an area that’s starved of transit,” said Councilman David Greenfield (D-Brooklyn), who has pushed to make the express happen. According to a letter to the Council from New York City Transit president Veronique Hakim, officials plan to start running some trains express in both directions during morning and evening rush hours in the fall of 2017. Read more: Source & MTA Report
  14. The Broadway-7 Avenue Line and the Brooklyn IRT also have the updated announcements on the train arrival message boards as well.

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