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  1. Yeah it's not called long beach transit duh.it's called Long Beach bus hope on the 15 get off at terminal and look for yourself.I live LB so i know what goes on here and get your info correct the fomer depot is a big white building connected to a city owned garage.the fleet of buses are 169-178 excluding the trolley 179.And we don't take no metro cards on are buses just dollar bills and quarters.
  2. I here that Suffolk is looking to make something similar to the metro cards.If they do and the talk of Bellone looking to change Suffolk transit hope there is more connections and express buses to Both Nassau and Suffolk.
  3. I heard a while that long beach is getting 4 mini paratransit buses and two gillig 35 foot buses .bus number 170 runs bad now it has 2 years left on it
  4. 1553 and 1545 are in the island park scrap yard.
  5. They just retired 15 Orion 5 buses the numbers are from 1526-1579. They are at cadar creek park.
  6. It was the n15 in long beach on Edwards and park when a car hit it. The bumper of the car fell off and the bus and a scratch on the bumper.
  7. Nice bus just retired about 15 Orion 5's the other day numbers from 1526-1579.
  8. There is about 15 nice buses at cedar creek park in seaford all retired and all orion 5.s numberd from 1526-1579 also the nice logo as been taken off and the mta li bus logo is back on?
  9. These buses are now retired 1526 1562 1535 1538 1532 1537 1539 1542 1561 1571 1579 1544 1534 1553 1555 they are on auctions international.com also the buses have the mta long island bus logo and not Nassau inter county express logo on it.
  10. Since 15 Orion 5 's have been retired and probably more to come since they are 12 years old.
  11. Yesterday I was at work and saw a able ride bus which did not have the orange and blue logo on the bus like the orion 5 and the able ride fleet have. The new logo says able ride on the side Which a blue logo got a little bit of a look at it looks werid.
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