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  1. Almost back to school.

  2. My BVE failed again. I think I have a solution. Or rather brightonkid does.

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    2. Quill Depot

      Quill Depot

      How do you install BVE

    3. Quill Depot

      Quill Depot

      How do you install BVE

    4. Gong Gahou

      Gong Gahou

      Which BVE are you talking about? There's BVE 2, 4, and 5, and then there's openBVE.

  3. Hope to ride in a LFS someday.

    1. error46146


      i only rode an LFS once on the Q88 lol

    2. Broadway Local

      Broadway Local

      Me, many times on the B1, B6, and B64.

  4. I need to download some stuff in BVE to get it to work, but I know the top speed in BVE is 192 MPH.
  5. Here's the official fantasy line thread! Here you can discuss lines you made up and if it's from somewhare, you can post photos and videos!
  6. Kawasaki? I don't exactly know how to spell it...
  7. Welcome! Hope you have a nice time here.
  8. I would take that seat if it was big enough, the people were nice, and if there was a window behind it. I would'nt take it if thee was something interesting was going on. 85% yes and 15% no.
  9. Cool. I have OpenBVE, but it says there's a problem and they need to shut down. Same with Brightonkid 7.
  10. ****** My failing BVE

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    2. brightonfan666


      No, it said there was a error and they had to shut down.

    3. Brighton Express

      Brighton Express

      Nah download the R32 and rip it wide open. 111 on Queens Boulevard, entered Roosevelt Av at 55.

    4. brightonfan666


      I figured it out.

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