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  1. Hi everyone...I've read a lot of stuff that was said about me...and it hurts like hell...I'm not starting any drama or anything like that...I've just been knocked down...So its possible that this is my final post on here. And I guess it'll be here, and I guess this post will probably or probably not be locked...but in case if it does, I just want to thank everyone, who has welcomed me with open arms. A select few made me feel welcome here, but others, not so much. I just feel like the forums can survive without the likes of a female railfanning, someone who loves trains and buses just as much as you do. I've enjoyed my time here, and have enjoyed seeing a lot of posts on here, whether they were good or bad, whether they made me laugh or not..and I have seen a few posts saying that the mods have gone completely crazy and locking threads for no apparent reason..Hey...you can like them or hate them..I say they are doing their job,and they're doing it well.. Some may say that they need to relax, and back off. But I say let them do their jobs. Let them make this site as even more awesome as it is now, withoutthe likes of a female rail buff coming in and ggetting laughed at and stuff..You all can do great without the likes of me here, so I'm just gonna step away from the forums, maybe just.…be alone for a little bit...You know?...I just feel like its the best decision for you as well as it is for me...Mods, keep doing your jobs, keep makingg this site as awesome as it is now...because I'm gone.. I just don't know how to respond to whast has been said about me on another thread as well as the shout box..but the least Ican say for now is...just.…totally distasteful...I think its wrong, and I think its out of line. In the 2 and a half hears I've been here...I've never..I just don'tknow anymore.…All iI know it's this: The mods are doing a good job, and that I should just step down...I guess I'll just...let all of thiis sink in, and just, talk to someone, a friend that I can share my heart with, and just vent, and talk to...I guess this is goodbye, forum users... See ya.. JennM7Lover...
  2. Back Home In Ronkonkoma, NY.

  3. Currently at the Waiting Area at Penn, getting ready to board a Port Washington Train. The 1:18.

  4. Currently on a Prevost to the city from Eltingville...2411 on the X1...

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    2. JennM7Lover


      I've been on both the X1 and X17B. The reason I say X17B is because the last time Irode the X17 it went through Brooklyn and stopped at 86th Street and Dahlgreen Place, and the ride was mighty long as well.

    3. BM5 via Woodhaven

      BM5 via Woodhaven

      Usually refferred to the X17C (it runs the A and J route).

    4. BM5 via Woodhaven

      BM5 via Woodhaven

      With the exception or some areas.

  5. Hi railfans..Its Jennifer again...and here are my previous uploads to my YouTube channel..These were taken with a former video camera I had...we have R68/R68A and R160 action at the Coney Island Yard, on the West 8th Street side, with an appearance of the usual, now I guess no longer rare view of the train of R68s. Seen here in these videos are: R68/R68A's: and the R160s: and Those Not In Service trains you see here are trains going back into the Storage Yard, The actual yard or the Coney Island Yard Shops. The viewing quality kinda sucks I know.. I was down in the dumps, and I apologize for not being here usually..I was busy comforting my heart and I felt like I needed some time away from this forums for a while. Hopefully this makes up for it. And I apologize again but to add, I disabled the comments there...I allowed comments here..
  6. Just wanna feel better...but theres no way for me tofeel better.…i have eliminated 36 of my friends on my facebook, that doesnt help...i went to my favorite bar and grill spot, nk help either, even though their food there was pretty okay..Maybe going down to the World Financial Center woukd help…Ive been a wreck...Ive been knocked down.…Now i wilk get myself back up. Probably thinking about deleting this, and probably thinking about drawing how i feel.…How i feel inside…How i feel in my heart...

  7. Hi everyone...Its me, your female rail fan buddy, and I apologize in advance, for not being here as usual anymore, its just because I'm a victim….A victim of bullying, a young woman with a heart that has been destroyed, a woman who is broken down, and a young woman who has been called a lot of horrible, distasteful things she is not. I wish I can show you all what has been said about me, but I don't want to name Amy names, because that would be wrong. Just as wrong as others were for calling me negative things I'm not. I have a stomach that was completely turned upside down by these guys that called me negative things, like "fake", "a fake female railfan", "a fake angry lesbian", "a keyboard warrior", and other nasty, distasteful, disheartening things about me. A lot of people have spreaded lies about me, and to this second it still hurts. If you look at my profile, it says that I will not tolerate negative comments of any kind. I've been a wreck, by what these guys did to me. That's why I haven't been here regularly. I was afraid to speak up and speak out, because I was afraid of being judged, laughed at, not taken seriously and just...yeah. I'm not going to name any names like I said about who it was that said these kinds of things to me, but I will say this...Someone on the forums took it upon himself to call me something I'm not. He called me "a fake", "a fraud of a human being", and it hurts like hell.. I was also looking forward to meeting up with these exact same type of people, so that I can seriously prove I am what I say I am..A lesbian, a good hearted woman, a railbuff, a railfanning and not a fraud, a fake like these people and this person claims I'm not. But because of what has been falsely said about me, this set of people have lost their chance, and the privilege for me to meet up with them. I wanted to set the record straight by meeting up with them. But they lost that chance now. Railfans, I have a broken heart by these people that want to spread lies about me the way they did. I didn't tell you until now because I was afraid you'd laugh at me, whoever is reading this. But this is this truth. I'm telling the truth from my heart, not by my fingers, by this person on this forums, who's YouTube account I really liked. I really thought these types of people were actually cool, and awesome! And I really wanted to meet up with them sometime this year so we can relax, and just talk about transit related stuff,you know? But because of the lies they spreaded about me, they lost that chance. They earned a privilege to meet up with me, but now they don't. I go railfanning and traveling alone now because I did not want to surround myself with others that want to start trouble, cause drama, and criticize me the way they did. I keep my train of thought going alone. I've been traveling alone for 5, close to 6 years. And I was tired of it, and I wanted to meet some friends, so that we can just chat and stuff, it because of the lies, and horrible untruths said about me, no. I wanted to meet up with them. So I can set the record straight. But no.. ????..They have made my life miserable, spreading lies and stuff. I apologize for me keep saying "spreading lies"..It just makes me upset, and sad, seeing what they did to hurt, torment and just make me feel so miserable. This is not how I wanted to end the previous year and start fresh with a new year..Them, hurting me and stuff like that. ???? I feel like I've been scorned, and you know those two types of sayings.... "What goes around, comes around"....and .."Hell hath no fury over a woman scorned"...? I know this is long, but I just had to speak up and speak out before I get hurt more... And to add, to this long long explanation of why I have been gone...I am real, I am a woman, and I am who I say I am.
  8. ang it aniel ! You've done it again Awesome shots as usual, and yours truly wishes you luck in the future. -- enn
  9. Those four Orion VII NG Hybrids on the S79 SBS...*Heart pounding* Totally liking that one the most out of all these awesome shots, Matt. Sent from my 2330C using Tapatalk
  10. Its good to see our B37 bus route back. Now if the MTA was smart, and I do know they are, they would bring the B51 back, and make an extension for the B51. I don't care where they extend it, just make sure it goes across the Manhattan Bridge. Sent from my 2330C using Tapatalk
  11. Okatimes.ince my above request isn't available, which I hope will be in the future, can I please have an train destination sign seen above? Here is how i would like my sign:. Manhattan & Queens: : 6 Avenue Local To Jamaica- 179 Street via 53 Street and Queens Blvd Express All Times. Can I please have that sign? With the white background? Please and thank you.
  12. Yep. Also on a few R68s you see on the , R46 Train car #5741. I truly adore the howling motors. I thought the R44 motors were the loudest, IMO. Sent from my 2330C using Tapatalk
  13. And the R68A's, if you listen real closely, sound like our R32's. Sent from my 2330C using Tapatalk
  14. I think so too. And I think they ran nonstop to Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue, with a stop at West 8th Street. <3 The Railfanner Of Gender <3

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