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  1. They need to eventally complete all phases of the SAS and start that subway to the Bronx which will solve alot of problems. Not sure if the MTA recieved funds in full because of the strife of spending between the MTA and Albany. The MTA will see to it a Bronx sopur is added past 116th Street a straight norh shot probably TBMs to make the connection. (Doubt they will mess with existing IRT lines not that they cant it could do it with many portions up to Dual Contracts standards, some it it). The new line extended from the SAS will funally fix the Bronx probme. Its a long time in the waiting I know.
  2. Here let me go point by point what I think may happen if the MTA can get the 32 billion on time 1)CBTC on 8th Avenue as well as QBL (Was inckluded in past MTA documents, have it somewhere in theb 20 needs assessment book. 2) Penn Station Access project will give people one seat rides to Connecicut (cars are crushloaded by the time a trains reached 53rd Avenue on thye IND). Same with EST: Grand Central access also a one seat ride. 3)New rolling stock is coming anticipating the QBL CBTC project that has back on the table for negotions with city elected individuals. It is to start in November samd time as Sea Beach rehab. 4)Variois +SBS+ projects including plans to assess the feasibility of Q44 SBSn as a vey useful crosstown route. 5) This combined will alleviate congestion on the 53rd Street corridor unless Cuomo rejects the MTA plans again 6)New R179 and R211 cars CBTC ready. R160 kits for CBTC possible. *Note 7 extension, SAS, sea beach rehab and QBL CBTC nay get the go ahead to be completed on time save for ADA issues at 34th Street and CBTC installations bugs to be fixed out on the Flushing line.
  3. First terrorism the this so called Ebola scare in drills what does Cuomo want to secede as a city state then install martial law? Told you all commishiners are the damn same all about oppressing the people who are poor over petty crimes. Makes me want to say the heck with the subways get a car and drive! Aint putting up with this crap.
  4. Yeah there are lot of immature kids in BMCC its a party zone which is nice but so many disrespectful student arrogent and too busy being a superstar on Facebook. Yeah good lucjk failing courses cause I aint going that rant.. Man I just keep it moving. Look I am here to get my CIS degree, leave with my diploma (Im transfering not sitting here wasting my time at the ceremonies no time for that) ...and go 4 year stay the hell out of myy way. Study hard. Because I actually have a rapt interest in controling my sestiny in terms of making it making dollars, bottom line. Not here to play games...
  5. The T will not be activated until Phase 3 and 4 is built. I think there may be a bit of logistics involved. But one think for sure the most logical thing to do is the extend the Q considering we dont have a huge surplus of cars. Also I do not thing and T LED display programsn even exist. Can that be a deterrant your guess is as good as mine.
  6. Daniel dude this is important information, Listen to peacemak3er and VG8... I see this exactly the same way you have to sell yourself and like anything it takes practice. Its good to get all the resume workshops online, the see about some articles on proper speech dictation. If you can get that down as well as other guided research (Finding about your employer) You will succed. Seems Peace is with me too on his ppoint, so we both think that you should put those fears of community college to the side and just get enrolled. Yes FASLA and TAp will cover tuition costs also books transportation and even rent! This is not HS where people will cross the line with you, in college you are dealing with a bunch of hard working, matureminded dilligent students with understanding (They are not kids but mature adults) Dont be afraid, take that plunge Daniel go for yours dont feel discourages... This obstacle you can certaintly shatter for your own benefit...
  7. Its brand new rails in many places. The reason they originally started to lay down 115 LB welded continuous rail is because the rails previously used was defective. They installed new rails on the QBL because technically the reason for the QBL derailment was because of defective rails which simply broke. Upon inspection the metallurgic tests proved the steel coming from Pittsburgh to have alot of faults in them. Yes some of the rails were grinded but most of the rails where that distinct noise can be heard are indeed replacement rails using steel that is not coming from Pittsburgh but from Asia instead.
  8. You can go through college and major in the multimedia arts. Usually in a college program they can even offer a paid internship. On top of that you have the option of Federal Student Aid to pay for tuition and other added living expenses for the entire duration of your curriculum. Also loans are extended to you. When you are done you will have the edge in the multimedia field in your case professional photography. I think you should look into college either in this city or abroad. I dont see this as the end of the world. You still can reach your goals because you do indeed have opitions.
  9. No what I meant is that most riders along Southern Bvld need the 2 not the 5 to get into Manhattan. Thats why the 5 features an express rather than a local rush hour service pattern and not the reverse with the 2. In Brooklyn, the 2 and 5 trains must share terminals at Flatbush to avoid a congested station condition at Franklin Avenue as passengers from Flatbush Avenue now have to get off to continue their trip into Bowling Green, Fulton Street or City Hall and vice versa.
  10. Its actually because of service demand. In the Bronx passengers along Southern Bvld and the WPR prefer the 2 for service into Manhattan. In Brooklyn many people prefer not to make an unnecessary transfer at Franklin Avenue to get to Flatbush Avenue or Utica and New Lots Avenues. Thats why the 7th Avenue and Lexington Avenue trains both share terminals in Brooklyn and why we have only local service to Wakefield in the Bronx.
  11. Exactly. See the BMT Broadway line was originally designed to have its express tracks run to 125th Street via Central Park West using the Morningside Spur. 57th Street wasnt supposed to be the last stop for all Broadway express service but then circumstances changed with the IND 8th Avenue Line being completely built so a Broadway BMT connection wasnt necessary, but the spurs still exist. But now that problem is fixed - The MTA is using that original provision to run trains on the middle tracks but instead of the CPW to Harlem as they originally intended to but in 1918, they will send trains through the 63rd Street line then Second Avenue to 125th Street and in the future, the Bronx or Lower Manhattan with new construction starting in 2016. So that means in the future, all Q trains switch to the express tracks from the Manhattan Bridge then continue to Midtown and 57th Street then 63rdSt/Lexington Avenue and finally 72nd Street via Second Avenue. =========================================================================================== Phase I: An extension of the Broadway Q from 63rd Street to 96th Street, with new stations at 72nd, 86th, and 96th Street; the Q would continue to be a Broadway Express train below the 72nd Street Station (this is currently under construction and expected to be completed in 2015); Phase II: An extension of the Q line to 125th Street, with new stations at 106th, 116th, and 125th Street (connection to 4, 5, 6, and Metro-North); this phase would include tracks that would allow the line to continue along 125th Street and/or into the Bronx; ============================================================================================
  12. That will quickly change when the 2nd Avenue line is open to the public a couple of years from now. All Q trains must skip 49th Street to get to next stop: Lexington Avenue/63rd Street.
  13. Ever wonder where all of those printed subway station signs come from? There’s actually a little shop in Brooklyn manned by a small group of dedicated MTA New York City Transit workers who fabricate informational signs for the largest mass transit system in North America. “When our customers enter the system, they expect to see clear and concise signage directing them to where they need to go and it is our mission to provide a product that they can depend on,” said Director of Station Signage John Montemarano. The workers at the Bergen Sign Shop practice a culture of creation, taking pride in their work and satisfied in the knowledge that 5.8 million customers a day depend on what they do. Referring to an upcoming tour by the members of the New York Transit Museum, Bergen Sign Shop Superintendent Keith Parker believes visitors will be in for a shock. "They're going to be very surprised, because a lot of people don't know exactly what we do in the shop or how we change the signs. A lot of people don't even know that we have a sign shop in New York City Transit,” said Parker While many would think that once a sign is up, that’s it. That does not take into account the sheer size of the system and the need to change signs on a pretty regular basis. “Up to this point this year, we have created more than 60,000 new station signs,” Montemarano added. “Most of those new signs keep customers up to date on service changes.” Link: http://www.mta.info/news-new-york-city-transit-subway-sign-shop/2014/10/17/look-inside-mta-new-york-city-transit%E2%80%99s-sign ========================================================================== The article also sheds some light on future long term revenue service changes on Broadway: "A major change coming up on December 7, involves the train, which will begin making local stops overnight in Manhattan. This service change, which affects only five Manhattan stations, nonetheless requires the creation of 200 new signs to be installed at 31 stations along the line."
  14. If I had my choice in terms of the best IRT line I would have voted for the 7 express from 34th Street in Manhattan to Main Street, Flushing. Wait until CBTC is finally activated on this line with the R188 cars... OK sticking with the topic the 2 and 3 trains on the 7th Avenue line has some of the fastest runs in the subway system. There should be four complete speed zones on the four track section of the trunk line, Chambers Street to 14th Street, 14th Street to Times Square then to 72nd Street and 96th Street. Its all about speed, thats why we refer to the R62s on the 3 as the 'Red Rocket'. Its a really fast line especially after Chambers Street in the four track sections as it goes uptown to Harlem. So in terms of speed the IRT 7th Avenue Line is faster then the Lexington Avenue line which has alot of timers along its path citing passenger safety concerns and possible points for accidental derailments if that is the Track and Signals division stragedy.
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