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  1. Lol its only my concern cuz they can be sharp, and at those platforms only have moving platforms at the middle doors with the end doors having still a significant gap and what if someone got stuck between the PSDs and train, just that thought scares me.Btw, those types of PSDs maybe be the best look for the subway system.
  2. Well 306 feet (six car set of the 11 car train) for the mustnt be an issue I guess and the only exceptionI also forgot for the PSD issue, what about curved platforms like 14th Street-Union Square on the and Times Square on the ?
  3. Platform screen doors wont come into existence for a LONG time for several reasons: 1: Forget comparing A Division to B Division size trains because they dont even use the same tracks anyways, but the size of B Division cars to each other matters because the still hasnt decided on a standard size for the B Division trains, first it was 60 footers, then 75 footers, then back to 60 again but the R211 order consists of 75 foot articulated trains too now addabout 45 years to when they may be delivered and see the next order, you know, unless there is a set size, PSDs will not exist any time soon which brings me to the next issue that affects ALL rolling stock... 2: Door positions, we can say that all A Dkvision cars are 51 feet long but that doesnt mean anything if the R62/As are still around then and they wont be leaving until around 2030, the doors on them are right across from each other and smaller while the NTTs have offset doors and are larger, thats why the proposal for the PSDs at 34th Street - Hudson Yards wont happen until the only has NTTs because of the door positioning. 3: Sound, you know these newer NTTs' speakers/PA system is atrocious especially in the summer underground where the A/C is blasting ( subs to the R143s and R160s with their loud ass A/C and poor speaker quality), now imagine an announcement is played but you cant hear it because the A/C is blasting and noise can barely escape because its mostly trapped which I think is a safety issue 4: unless these PSDs have a quick way of unlocking in the evnt of a tunnel fire or emergency, then whoever is in the tunnel is screwed, thats it for this reason, you figure the rest 5: Vandalism, wtach soon the PSDs will be scratched and painted up and for the neglected stations, thats sad plus you wont be able to see the end and side signs of an approaching train especially if you cant hear anything (reason 3).
  4. True, I fell asleep on the in Brooklyn during the weekend (it was nice btw), I fell asleep at around DeKalb Avenue, and after what I thought was a long nap, long enough to where I woulda woke up at Coney Island, I woke up at Avenue H, I was like damn this is slow lol
  5. Also don't forget that part of the line would still be drilled underground like from Erskine Place to Bay Plaza, also that bridge rarely opens up, if anything the MAY build new ones and the Oak Point Yard spur will get in the way but when operations are occurring, the RR services and will work something out to have smoother, less conflicting operations like building a flyover of some sort, I never said that the line had to run ENTIRELY on the ROW.
  6. I would propse this for the Second Avenue Subway Since this thread is one of the few threads that allow me to foam without criticism, here's what I would propose: I would propose two routings After 116th Street: One will stop at 125th Street-Lexington Avenue (ADA accessible with transfers to , M60 to LaGuardia Airport) One out of every four trains will only serve this station on weekdays, other times, the will handle service here. The second will run via Amtrak's Northeast Corridor following an earlier plan, this one will be known as the Corridor Line making stops at: Willow Avenue / East 135th Street (ADA accessible) Leggett Avenue / Bruckner Boulevard Lafayette Avenue / Bruckner Boulevard Tiffany Street / Bruckner Boulevard Hunts Point Avenue / Bruckner Boulevard (ADA accessible with a transfer to at Hunts Point Avenue) Westchester Avenue / Sheridan Expressway (transfer to at Whitlock Avenue with a reopening of the old NYW&B station house) 174th Street / Bronx River Avenue East Tremont Avenue / East 180th Street White Plains/Unionport Roads / East Tremont Avenue (ADA accessible) Bronxdale Avenue / Sackett Avenue Williamsbridge Road / Sackett Avenue Pelham - Hutchinson Parkways / Stillwell Avenue & Hutchinson Metro Center Erskine Place / Hunter Avenue Bay Plaza / The Mall at Bay Plaza (ADA accessible with transfer to Bx12 Select Bus Service) This line will see frequent and constant service.
  7. Dont worry about that down vote I gave, my tablet is acting up and put in that command while I was scrolling.
  8. Things can happen, I once heard of announcement bit for a 96th Street bound and at "57th Street-7th Avenue stop", it had one of the transfers as " to Astoria"
  9. Well, dont forget the R179s may also expand the SAS fleet which means some may go to the , this is just a hunch, but if the isnt resurrected, MTA will just have two trains, one via Astoria/59th Street and another via 2nd Avenue/63rd Street , but we wont know until its time actually come.
  10. Thats not a surprise to me , one time a door guard of an R46 that I was on, opened the doors without realizing the front half was still closed until later. Naaahh they wont do all that overhauling especially since the R62/As will only be around until the latest around 2030, if anything they might get LED side signs that face inward and outward like the R46s. On top of that the R62/As strip maps arent even updated or show wrong info on the R62As, at Times Square-42nd Street still showed transfers to and trains, luckily it was so small and hard to read and the R62As show the Q32 goes to LGA, when it was actually the Q33 and now its Q70
  11. Not a surprise to me that theres a catch because the announcements on the trains make it sound like you can get a transfer anytime between those stations
  12. Dont forget some bus maps arent even up to date
  13. I would still stick with this routing because its not like every other is heading to 125th, then to the Bronx, since there's a to take it on too, so like during rush hours, one out of every 3 s would go to 125th and weekends, one out of every 4, and late nights only have Bronx and Manhattan service and let the take over 125th to reduce congestion hopefully, so I dont see the issue with making a new train especially since one service, the already follows a similar concept of service, but ewww why convert the IRT lines to B Division standards, that's a lot considering now maintenance shops like East 180th and Westchester, wouldve had to have been expanded, I think its fine as is
  14. reroute Two trains, after 116th Street station, the will split into two services 1: to 125th Street-Lexington Avenue (connecting to and M60 bus and ADA accessible), making a diverging turn after 116th Street 2: to Bay Plaza via Amtrak Northeast Corridor known as the IND or BMT Corridor Line making stops at: Willow Avenue / 135th Street (ADA accessible) Leggett Avenue / Bruckner Blvd Lafayette Avenue / Bruckner Blvd Tiffany Street / Bruckner Blvd Hunts Point Avenue / Bruckner Blvd (change to available at Hunts Point Avenue and ADA accessible) Westchester Avenue / Whitlock Avenue (change to available at Whitlock Avenue) 177th Street / Bronx River Pkwy East Tremont Avenue / Adams Street (ADA accessible) White Plains & Unionport Roads / East Tremont Avenue Eastchester Road / Bassett Avenue Pelham & Hutchinson Pkwys / Stillwell Avenue/Hutchinson Metro Center Erskine Place / Boller Avenue Bay Plaza / The Mall At Bay Plaza (underneath mall, connection to Bx12 Select Bus Service, and ADA accessible) Line runs on Northeast Corridor right-of-way, then goes underground between Erskine Place and Pelham & Hutchinson Pkwys and runs underground from Erskine Place to Bay Plaza and after Willow Avenue What do you think?
  15. We'll keep Montague open, sorry I didn't mention it.

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