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  1. From what I understand, he works in Research and Development.
  2. Canarsie Shutdown fleet swap thread

    I wouldn't be so quick to say that as fact...
  3. Canarsie Shutdown fleet swap thread

    This thread is going to be the death of this forum... *sigh*
  4. MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    5448 is en route to New York (photo from Facebook)
  5. R179 Discussion Thread

    I like that second option... That could also work.
  6. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Interesting... The last time they had this GO, Flatbush had a large piece and sent a few of their SBS XD40s.
  7. R179 Discussion Thread

    My guess would be: 3050-3113 (64 cars-8 trains) 3114-3259 (136 cars-17 trains) 3010-3049, 3260-3309 (reconfigured ten car sets) (100 cars-10 trains)
  8. R179 Discussion Thread

    Two sets are out today: 3093-3090, 3058-3061 and 3065-3062, 3066-3069
  9. A few photos of the bus at Willamsburg Bridge Plaza Enjoy
  10. MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    For those interested, 5447 has a GPS now
  11. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    A second, different set ran on Saturday. It was 9028 on Friday and 9058 on Saturday
  12. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    It appears to be all day as its still out now
  13. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    In an interesting development, theres a Siemens set on the today.
  14. Select Bus Service Discussion

    Was that an @Union Tpke? Did you see if Corltandt was updated by any chance?


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