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  1. Well we know there's 183 2020 MCI's and we know those will occupy 20001-20183 so round up and they'll probably start at 20201. The only thing that could possibly throw a wrench in things is if the pilot buses are 2019 models not 2020's... I'm not sure the specifics on that but a few XD60's in the 1920x range might be possible. Speaking of which, when is the first XD60 bus due at NJT?
  2. There is an program to 145 Street. The problem is it's heavily glitched (I mean it says its a 145 Street bound express train at 7th Avenue and a Myrtle-Wyckoff bound practically everywhere else) so they went to plan B which was use the 42nd-Bryant Park program and make manual announcements from there.
  3. The only reason that a tap card would expire is if it has debit card feature on it like SEPTA Key has and Ventra had. In those cases MasterCard's security rules apply from: https://billypenn.com/2019/05/31/what-to-do-when-your-septa-key-expires-and-why-thats-a-thing/
  4. It's all about increasing the spare factor systemwide and fixing the shortages that they've been dealing with since the mass retirement of SMEEs in 2010.
  5. 4137 has the bases for OMNY readers at both doors. AFAIK it wasn't at a Staten Island depot previously so I find that very interesting...
  6. They were listed on the wikipedia page for the MetroCard IIRC, I don't know if they still are...
  7. It would have to be because of 8th Avenue CBTC in 2022. Jamaica would most likely get the 1st option cars and deal with R160s from CI for a period of time.
  8. An update on the "work train staging" that got me up in arms last month... Got an at 9th Street at 8:45pm (an R46 of course) and the damn thing was packed up to the doors... To make matters worse, the next train was 18 minutes away! Looking back at the stringlines now the previous train was 21 minutes in front. Absolutely ridiculous... The dwells were so bad, however, that the train that was 18 minutes away was only 12 minutes away by the time we got to Bay Ridge Av and we sat for at least a minute in every station south of 36th.
  9. I take it you haven't been on the along 53rd during peak rush hour when everyone and their mother is getting of their offices in East Midtown and trying to get to PABT/Penn Station at the same time... An R46 at that time would be an absolute disaster. Dwell times are already enough of a problem along that stretch of the with all R160s.
  10. I'm pretty sure that Tuskegee still has a handful. I saw one on the M103 just a few days ago.

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