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  1. Around the Horn

    Bay Ridge area politicians call for split R train

    I will give credit where credit is due, Justin Brannon is at least listening to and conversing with people on Twitter who are (rightfully) complaining about losing direct Lower Manhattan service... I would not be surprised if they revise their proposal based off the feedback they're getting from their constituents on this.
  2. https://maxrose.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=65 Thought this was interesting since we've been discussing the in the proposals/ideas thread for months now... People on Twitter are calling for an Essex-95th "shuttle" instead, which @RR503 might find interesting...
  3. Around the Horn

    ADA-Accessibility - General Discussion

    Seems they've added this huge boarding area graphic on the floor of the Downtown side at Fulton on the ... Saw a bunch of MTA people having a look when I took the first pic so it must be some sort of test.
  4. Around the Horn

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    The CBD is covered by to / (or in this case, it would be to / ). The biggest difference between 2010 ridership patterns and 2019/2020 ridership patterns is the emergence of downtown as a legitimate destination in its own right. There's definitely more people staying on the to/from Lower Manhattan than I can recall previously. The was also hurt by missing the highest ridership portion of 4th Avenue (45th-95th) completely. The combination of serving Bay Ridge/Sunset Park and serving the east side of Lower Manhattan (Fulton Center, Wall Street, Water Street, etc) would make the attractive.
  5. Around the Horn

    ADA-Accessibility - General Discussion

    If we're counting PATH, Grove Street is already accessible
  6. Around the Horn

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    IIRC, the system lets you in if you swipe an unreadable card four times (or something along those lines; they've probably fixed that loophole by now) so the trick was simply bending the card so it was unreadable.
  7. Around the Horn

    R262 (R62/R62A Replacement) - Information & Discussion

    The problem there would be parts. I don't see the MTA spending the money to keep all the necessary parts for an oddball fleet of 20 cars just because they're "in good shape" when everything else in the A division will be techs by that point. It's cheaper just to replace everything and keep one set of parts that works on anything than to go through the hurdles to keep 1980's era parts for just the shuttle cars and 2020's era parts for everything else, plus the open gangways (I'm assuming they'll have them because it mentioned in the fleet review) would be a benefit for the shuttle in rush hour, over the R62As. Considering that the crew already swaps roles between operator and conductor based on which direction the train is going, it shouldn't be that annoying to set up the AAS in the direction for which you're the "conductor". I'm wondering if it's possible to make a "smart" AAS system which switches back and forth between the Times Square and Grand Central programs automatically, to facilitate shorter dwells, but that kind of technological knowledge is a little above my pay grade lol
  8. Around the Horn

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Queens Village doesn't have enough buses to swap with Ulmer Park, so that's a moot point.
  9. Around the Horn

    MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    To be fair, that rendering precedes the first 8504... I do hope they come with the new window and roof scoop. Nova's just look weird without them IMO.
  10. Around the Horn

    Department of Subways - Proposals/Ideas

    Ideally, have another service take Fulton Local ( or from Broadway has been discussed here in this thread previously), move the to the role of Fulton Express to Lefferts, which allows for all trains to alternate between short turning at JFK and Far Rock.
  11. Around the Horn

    R262 (R62/R62A Replacement) - Information & Discussion

    That's a rather tight spare factor... I still don't quite get why they're going with 6 car sets when you can just use 5 car sets and swap sets with other lines as necessary, should the situation arise.
  12. Around the Horn

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    After observing a few downtown trains at Columbus Circle during the PM rush, they need to get those R46s off the line ASAP... The dwell times and crowding are through the roof and its a night and day difference when a 60 foot train pulls in.
  13. Around the Horn

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Both times I've gotten it, its done a Far Rockaway roundtrip then a Lefferts trip from 207 at around 6:20-ish PM
  14. Around the Horn

    R179 Discussion Thread

    Weinstein is such a tool. It would great to see him try to walk that quote back.
  15. Around the Horn

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Random thought from riding the shuttle today: Which reading on the south roll was covered over with the "34 Street-Hudson Yards" sticker on the R62As and do the cars on the have that reading?


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