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  1. Can't run the to 34th when the portion from 59th to 47-50th is also closed and you also can't run the via 8th when both WTC and 2nd Av are unavailable for the second weekend due to a separate G.O., so your only option under these conditions is rerouting the to the Bronx.
  2. I think the simplest course of action is via 6th/Rutgers via Broadway. We can try other things but why not just keep it simple. Ironically, the MTA demonstrated that you can make the and all co-exist on 6th when it replaced the with the the last time they ran a G.O. like this. Simply slot in the where the was.
  3. Seems to me that they're trying to get as much work done as possible without large scale outages, which will probably have to come later.
  4. It's considered separate from the rest of the facility
  5. Why suspend the in the Bronx if the work is on the Manhattan Bridge? In addition to the Bridge, 47th-50th to Columbus Circle is also closed off.
  6. It was even worse before the 2010 cuts, you had routes like the X25 with a operating cost per passenger of $80 (yes that is not a typo: eighty dollars). A bunch of other routes were in the $20-$30 range.
  7. they have sensors over each door that count whenever someone gets on or off.
  8. The ones that open the wheelchair gates, so far I've seen them at Fulton Street, Union Square and I think Bowling Green.
  9. I'd bring back the B51 to finally end the pitiful B57 to Red Hook experiment and give them the direct Manhattan link they've been begging for for like 25 years now. Start/end at Ikea, take Smith/Court to Borough Hall then straight on the bridge to City Hall.
  10. I haven't had a chance to personally go by and look yet, but apparently 9123-9124 made it to Arch St over the weekend.
  11. Even if they do move elsewhere, that's 5 years away at best...
  12. It's literally just an extra SDU from the R188s calm down... I do agree that it is counterproductive to use them on the ... should have swapped out the circle/diamond module for a full color bullet.
  13. For the R211s the stripe is a wrap except for the doors which are made with blue metal
  14. If I had a nickel for every time you've shared that presentation, I'd be rich! lol More seriously, has transit done anything about equipping work trains since that came out?
  15. Hypothetically speaking (since the MTA's use of two person crews complicates this) if the system were entirely open gangway trains I could place one police officer on every train and because of the gangways they could respond to any issue in any car within seconds. i don't see the problem here.

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