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  1. Outside of the hubs (Downtown Brooklyn, Flushing, Jamaica, etc) there's just not enough foot traffic whereas almost all of Manhattan is busy enough to justify these huge ad buys.
  2. And there's an (apparently really popular) festival at Citi Field all this weekend too? Good grief.
  3. That's probably the mockup shell getting scrapped since I highly doubt they're using wood for the roof of the actual cars.
  4. 6 months from May is November so the next phase is right around the corner. I'll also add that a lot of Manhattan local buses have OMNY bases installed as well.
  5. 2887 is currently doing a trip on the SIM33, which is a Meredith route. I'm just slightly annoyed I'm not by Brookfield Place right now since I already have photos of that bus on the SIM7 and SIM9 over there and I don't know when I might next get a chance to "complete the set" Actually I just saw the standard king version of the Watchmen ad this afternoon on 757. Hopefully Ulmer Park's Prevost's get that wrap cause it looks sharp.
  6. An update on OMNY installations: In operation: 42 St-Grand Central to Atlantic Av-Barclays Center bases installed: 51 Street 59 Street Whitehall St 34 St-Penn Station 34 St-Penn Station
  7. Since we're talking about the B37 I've got a rather outside the box idea: Extend the B2 to Bay Ridge Shore Road via 65th Street, 13th Av and Bay Ridge Av (the school trippers from 12th/80th to Shore Road would remain and run as B2s) Reroute the B16 via Fort Hamilton Parkway Reroute the B64 from Bath & 14th Avenues via Cropsey Av, 7th Av, 92nd St, 4th Av, Shore Road and then up 3rd Avenue terminating at NYU Langone in Sunset Park with the B11 Discontinue the B37 Create a new route on 13th-14th Avenues covering the former B16 and B64 portions (I haven't really thought about endpoints for it yet)
  8. Well I really hope 1922 got it's seats reinstalled...
  9. Well the simplest answer is that the stations weren't designed for it and retrofitting screen doors would be difficult if not impossible, in addition to train doors on some fleets not lining up with others (the R211s having wider doors will practically lock us into this situation for another 40 years.)
  10. You would not believe how many times the morning commute for almost all of Southern Brooklyn gets f**ked up by a work train dying either on the bridge or while going through DeKalb Av
  11. train riders and Bay Ridge politicians are wising up to the "work train staging" that has the running on a 12 minute supplement after 7 PM and is reeking havoc on evening commutes, even spilling over into the morning commute (when work trains are late returning to the yard) and they want answers. Just handing over the road to MOW like this isn't going to work... https://brooklyneagle.com/articles/2019/10/04/construction-cars-causing-longer-commutes-for-r-train-riders-pols-allege/ If you want to read the letter Byford, you can view it here: https://brooklyneagle.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/MTA-Letter-R-train-Evening-Service.pdf
  12. Spent the afternoon fanning the via 6th Avenue GO. I figured I'd put my thoughts on it here: -Incorrect signage Of all the trains I saw today, only six trains were properly signed up as via 6th Avenue (and two of them were R160s). Of the four R46s, all of them were uptown and none of them were correctly signed up downtown. This should be something basic and easy to manage. -Lack of signage at stations explaining that the stops there all weekend There were many, many confused faces, especially at Grand Street and 47th-50th in particular, when an would arrive and few people would get on even though the train would take them where they were going but they were unsure of its routing. There was pretty much no signage at all on platforms explaining that yes trains are stopping there and here's where their going and there were no platform conductors or "wayfinders" to provide assistance. Only Herald Square on the uptown side had any signage at all about the and it was very vague. The only signs explaining what the detour was were on the regular parts of the from 95th Street to DeKalb Av and Queens Plaza to Forest Hills. The electronic strip maps at ESI stations still showed the via Broadway route which I really thought was ridiculous. I think that as part of this G.O. they should have put up posters at stations along the rerouted with "Queens bound R trains stop here" or "Brooklyn bound R trains stop here" and a basic strip map showing what stops it's making. The wall of text approach they're using for what few signs there were isn't really that effective. -Lack of signage/maps on trains explaining where they go Not only were most trains completely signed up wrong, there were very few announcements being made by crews and no signage at all on the trains explaining where trains were going, which also contributed to people letting trains go and continuing to wait for the or even if the would have gotten them to their destinations too. I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to print up special strip maps to stick in the windows like they did for the to Metropolitan Av but I guess the MTA didn't feel it was necessary and frankly that was a mistake. -Overall operations There were some merge delays at Broadway-Lafayette northbound and 47th-50th southbound but overall trains seemed to be moving smoothly. There was one large 18 minute gap in the mid afternoon but otherwise they were every 7-12 minutes regularly. My train home back to Bay Ridge took only 38 minutes from Lex-53rd even though we were held twice, while the comparable trip from Lex-59th normally would be about an hour. I personally feel like the performs better during this GO than it normally does on weekends to be honest with you.
  13. You're oh so close to getting the point... Obviously the Rockaways isn't the best example but there are plenty of sections of the subway system where this should be done... Take a look at how frequent the core portions of the tube in London are off peak and weekends and then by comparison running trains up the West Side and across Midtown every 12 minutes (I'm looking at you train) borders on insanity. (And yes I understand the reasoning behind the cut in service but I still find it ridiculous)
  14. Some Reroutes Southbound and trains are running at slower speeds near Court Sq-23 St while our track crews perform urgent inspection work. To avoid train congestion along Queens Boulevard, we are running fewer southbound and trains until the work is completed. Some southbound trains will run on the line from Jackson Hts-Roosevelt Av to W 4 St-Washington Sq. In addition, some trains will run on the line from 36 St to 47-50 Sts-Rockefeller Ctr. Expect significant delays in , and train service in both directions. As an alternative for service along 8 Av, consider using or train service. If you're traveling to Manhattan, consider taking an train. For service to Queens, consider using train service to 74 St-Broadway. Posted: 10/3/19 5:04 PM
  15. To go into a little more detail, the number of trains on a particular line depends on its length and frequency. In the case of the a round trip is around 78 minutes and the peak frequency is every 6 minutes so that's where we get the 13 trains figure from.

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