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  1. It would be nice if they added a sticker under the number plates on the cab cars like ENY did. Perhaps there's something in the cab denoting it has CBTC?
  2. Can we get an update on the R46/R160 swap? I'm noticing way more R46 and trains in the last week.
  3. According to people who have ridden open gangway trains in Toronto and across Europe, this actually isn't a problem since the open gangway actually allows for more fresh air to enter the affected car.
  4. To my knowledge, the other 2008s are correct. Almost all of them have the screens.
  5. 263 is running around with a Bronx map inside and West Farms stickers even though its been at Gleason for months.
  6. I got 5814-5817 and 5686-5688 on the today. Also saw 5810-5813 on another train...
  7. If they can announce the R262 last year, come out with renderings and an RFP this year and expect contract award next year, they can announce a potential R268 at any point this year and have a contract award by the end of 2022. It won't delay anything.
  8. All CBTC installs from here on out use the same specs as QBL CBTC so the only cross compatibility issue will be R160s for the versus R160s for the
  9. Since we're throwing out our predictions, I'll have a go: Base order 440 cars SIR 75 cars Option 1: 260 cars (note: R211s displace the Siemens R160s to the which displace the R179s to the and the R68s to the ) 380 cars Option 2: 405 cars 32 cars (I am not expecting many R211s to hit the or but I still see it as a possibility hence they make the list)
  10. One (big) step closer to Triboro RX becoming a reality... http://www.mta.info/press-release/mta-headquarters/mta-begins-study-bay-ridge-branch-passenger-service?fbclid=IwAR3dBE1ktmUWpr52sn0jT-WlHqTsNcNC4aAjYO3s4bnDGd93XmJwpcjF1A4
  11. It usually takes about a year for non revenue tests and then it seems they're budgeting two months for the 30 day revenue test in case of glitches before accepting production cars. I would assume the 10 car R211A prototype and both R211Ts. The R211S prototype isn't due for almost another two years (December 2021)
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