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  1. Original delivery date was "July" we don't know how delayed they were by COVID.
  2. I vaguely recall them saying they could have had it all done by October and left two months contingency for exactly this kind of situation
  3. You would need more CBTC sections elsewhere to really have a scheduling impact (hence why they're moving forward on 8th Avenue and eventually 6th)
  4. I imagine we'll see more on the M14 as regular schedules resume.
  5. I haven't seen recent data but as of February there was actually a decrease in delays and faster run times after the swap began.
  6. The "tramlink" is completely unnecessary. No need to be cute (see the joke that is eBART) just extend the damn train. Hillside Avenue widens just west of Springfield Blvd for the Second System line out to the city line. I personally would build this underground with WTC Cortlandt-like stations close to the surface.
  7. Combined with a rethink of the buses in that area feeding the train, I think it's something worth considering. Looking at the bus routes currently on Hillside, stops at 188 Street, Francis Lewis Blvd and Springfield Blvd would allow you to consolidate the buses on north and south of Hillside into one route rather than funneling together to Jamaica.
  8. No bus operator should ever operate a bus commandeered by the police with detainees on board--ever. That is not in the job description. Point blank end of discussion.
  9. And that falls squarely on *checks thread title* forgetting our transit experts.
  10. That is still one of the most ridiculous comments I've ever heard 1% of the cost of construction is spent on art. I believe that's a law (but someone else can correct me on that) not to mention that art has been in the subway since before it even opened when the first construction contract was signed. The quote "a great public work worthy of attractive design, even of beauty" is attributed to that first contract for the original 28 stations. Squire J. Vickers, who designed the tile work of the dual contracts and IND is also quoted as saying, "It is not enough that our stations should be sanitary, commodious and convenient-they must at the same time present a cheerful and attractive appearance to the public." Colored tiles on the walls should "blaze with the brightness of a jewel," providing a 'joyous note like a banner flung from the frowning window of a castle"
  11. This is where not installing a crossover between Hoyt-Schermerhorn and Fulton Street bit them in the ass.
  12. The union is refusing to transport ANY arrestees in solidarity with the protests (good for them)
  13. What I'd really like to see with full OMNY installation is real time monitoring of reader counts vs the passenger counters over the doors... Big discrepancy between devices tapped in and passengers counted? Have the eagle team meet that bus.
  14. The M15 SBS is every 2-3 minutes during rush hours. Pre SBS the B46 was also every 2 minutes. The combined M14A/M14D SBS is every 3-8 minutes throughout the day, 7 days a week.
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