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  1. July was the original delivery date. Because of COVID there are delays with suppliers so the cars will obviously be delivered later.
  2. If you center Union Av station on the street proper then there is no need for either Hewes or Lorimer to remain.
  3. Still too soon to tell about Ulmer Park but Grand Avenue has fixed up their units.
  4. I remembered seeing one like that last summer... It's 2213:
  5. Might have something to do with the elevator work at the station and they'll add OMNY later
  6. Apples to oranges since it wasn't actually in passenger service, but they've already brought one to Manhattan for filming the first Fast Forward video back in 2018 and they were first unveiled at Quill in 2016.
  7. As much as I understand the reasons why such a slip up could occur, I have to agree with this take. It's sloppy and it just shows that they don't proofread these things.
  8. 20811 was seen at Hoboken earlier (not my photo)
  9. I agree however lets see what nonsensical definition of the boundaries of the West Village the MTA/DOT are using before judging (they did once call the same terminus Bath Beach and Bensonhurst simultaneously)
  10. I was going to add my two cents to this discussion but you, @EastFlatbushLarry, @B35 via Church, and others seem have that covered. Particularly in regards to your post, I found the subways proposals/ideas thread to be a good place to discuss complicated operational issues before it got overrun with nonsense create-your-own-route proposals and now I just don't bother. Part of the reason why it is so easy to leave spaces like NYCTF is that I can get the same information and have thoughtful discussion about operational minutiae elsewhere without the drivel and headaches.
  11. What on earth is this and who approved it? The B9 stop list has multiple stops that straight up don't exist in addition to being way out of order.
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