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  1. TSP actually works elsewhere but with this mayor and this DOT they're incompetent enough to neuter it before it's even implemented.
  2. https://www.citylab.com/transportation/2018/08/how-america-killed-transit/568825/ The article from last year but well worth the read.
  3. Bay Ridge Avenue is a unique situation where ADA accessibility is a pain in the ass at a minimum if not impossible, because of the design of the mezzanine. The mezzanine is very compact, with most of it being located underneath the northernmost crosswalk for Bay Ridge Avenue and the staircases are already on each corner. You also can't add a sidewalk extension to fit an elevator because the B9 makes a turn on the same corner. Dropping an elevator directly from the street to each platform is also impossible because the Manhattan bound platform is directly underneath the leftmost northbound lane of 4th Avenue. Not to mention that back of the house spaces on both the mezzanine level and underneath the stairs on the platform level prevent you from moving a staircase to create room for an elevator shaft from the mezzanine to the platform. I suppose you might be able to extend the mezzanine northward and install elevators down to the platform but I don't know if the vertical clearances work out for that.
  4. I will be very interested to see who Byford taps to replace him. Does he go the UK route again and bring in someone from TfL?
  5. The Clever Devices ones are often completely blank or the left side is completely blank
  6. And we've reached the portion of Saturday afternoon where the train just gives up...
  7. That's a glitch I believe... I've seen that on the Prevost's occasionally since they got there.
  8. R179 update (as of 5/17/19) East New York  3050-3149, 3190-3193, 3206-3209 (108) [13.5 trains] Pitkin 3010-3019 (10) [1 train] 3150-3189, 3194-3205, 3210-3237 (88) [10 trains]
  9. Looks like this will be the design for the OMNY card... I was hoping for some kind of skyline image to go with the OMNY logo but I like it and it's pretty sharp.
  10. LMAOOOOOOO What's even funnier is they actually gave him an answer
  11. I wouldn't be so quick to say that... How quickly people forget when depots like West Farms and LaGuardia were perennially short buses.
  12. Still at UP. The Grand depot sticker is also gone but hasn't been replaced with anything yet.
  13. Construction on the elevators at 59th Street has kicked into high gear this week... The 60th Street exit has been converted from HEETs to the typical low turnstiles and there's a booth being built there too. They've closed off one of the stairs from the 59th Street mezzanine to the southbound platform for "relocation" and put this sign up.
  14. Chase is jumping on the OMNY bandwagon and advertising their contactless cards in the Shuttle passage in Grand Central the website is TapToRideNYC.com and you find this rendering on that page:

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