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  1. I remember now Mel told me i don't bid you remember mel
  2. Hey young I think you were in my class Jan 27
  3. I just received my letter to come down for the pre interview list number in the 48× but I will be declining because I got hired as a bus operator from exam 2613 I have almost 2 years on the job 1 more year to top pay don't want to start all over and wait 5 years for top pay
  4. Ms McMillan don't give up I know how it is felt the same way on day 1 myself I thought there was no way I would have qualified but after day the first I decided to try to slow things down and I made it on day 7 now I've been on the job a year and a half and I almost quit after day 1 because I had a horrible day when every one else on my training bus did well just try to improve everyday day 6 and 7 is what really counts
  5. You are allowed the A restriction because u will not be driving out of state
  6. There is RTS training on day 8 9 10 while you wait for the rest of your classmates who went to didn't qualify yet and I know that because I'm now in line training from the 1/27 class
  7. I'm list #385 and I'm line training at MTV currently with WannaBeMTA12 and a couple guys with numbers above 385
  8. The tall dude my boy Pedro from greyhound yes we all made it today how many made it off your training bus WannaBeMTA12
  9. I was with the short Spanish dude and the tall looking Spanish and another dude that joined us on Wednesday but he was there for mta bus part time the girl was at laguardia too on the first Day but with a different superintendent then they got sent to Ulmer park from the Wednesday How many people qualified on your bus today WannaBeMTA12 was it just you
  10. Laguardia depot everyone on my training bus qualified I was the only one without a cdl
  11. Qualified on day 7 also but I'm going to Jamaica depot tomorrow for rts training
  12. That is kind of strange I am # 385 and I'm gonna be in the 1/27/14 class I wonder why.Maybe some people missed their calls
  13. They gave us a paper stating what is the proper attire to wear when we report to zerega on Monday that is all I was stating that I'm gonna buy do you understand now
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