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  1. TheBigLD

    Track Worker 3600 Hiring Process

    Thank you very much for your reply, I've worked construction off the books for about a year. Its hard to keep a steady job. Im hoping this will turn into a career with room for advancement.
  2. Hello all, Today was the last day (8/8) to submit an application for the track workers test in april. Ive submitted my application online and I guess I wait until i get a letter in the mail to get the exact date of the test. Now being unemployed and ''Uneducated'' according to a piece of paper known as a diploma I am very anxious for this. Id like to know a few things: what does the exam consist of? Is it general knowledge or stuff youd have to learn from a manual and if so what kind of manual is it and wheres the best place to begin studying. I also would like to know if the waiting period is very long once you take the test will you be running through hoops for a few weeks months or years even? I am very hopeful and would love to hear your guys input. Thank you and be safe out there LD


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