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  1. Transponder installation has been going on for a while, at least the last 2 to 3 years in some spots. 6th Ave has had some for a while, along with 53rd st. The 11th st cut got them in the last couple of months.
  2. Usually when that happens it is announced as a switch problem. This time the NYCT twitter mentioned the tower. Service resumed in the meanwhile
  3. Was the running up 2nd ave this weekend? I am sure people will complain. However, what really should happen is the should be extended to Forest Hills on weekends once CBTC work is complete. QBL needs the second local more than 2nd ave needs a 6th ave train.
  4. What is up with the Queensboro master tower that would cause the (F)/(M) swap?
  5. There were some gaps on the local this morning as well. Not sure what the cause was.
  6. Assuming this is only for CBTC and not ATO?
  7. Not 100% sure on the timing, but the swaps on the started happening in 2013/2014, which was a few years before testing began IIRC
  8. 5654 is on the for the am rush, just left times square a minute ago going southbound. Also the R46s do have an 86 st Gravesend destination sign
  9. I remember @RR503 posted something on the timer thread about how timers were put in during the CPW resignalling to increase capacity with shorter control lines, that may have something to do with slower express trains
  10. That escalated quickly. Wasnt there when I passed thru last Friday. On another random note, I am wondering how vanadal proof the system will be. I am guessing despite the big screen, it will be harder to damage the readers. I also remember seeing a twitter exchange that the readers are designed to work even if the screen is broken.
  11. Done right, signs or a whiteboard can reduce confusion. Done wrong, signs can add confusion. Case in point TfL have signs for planned work for the current time and upcoming weekend at each station and whiteboards that are updated every hour by staff with the service status.
  12. Toronto is another example of better ops. Was there last weekend and trains were short turning on the eastern section as part of a weekend closure. Trains ran on 5 minute headways with a 2 minute turnaround time using a single pocket terminal operation on a 2 track line. No CBTC or ATO in that section yet.
  13. What is the rationale for taking the track at 138 OOS?
  14. OMNY in theory could allow any number of transfers since the fare is calculated on a fare engine server. However the Metrocard currently has some 3 legged transfers programmed today
  15. I did a test yesterday using OMNY with 3 different payment methods. I noticed a very slight difference in processing speed: 1. Contactless credit card took about a half second to process 2. Samsung pay with card activated took a little less than 1 second 3. Samsung pay transit mode (screen off) took slightly more than one second. Overall it is slightly slower than a successful metrocard swipe but none of that swipe again bs that we all know and love. Also it is hard to see the reader if you go all the way up to the turnstile arm while tapping, but the click of the unlocking arm and the traditional beep help a lot so not a big deal. Supposedly thats what will happen
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