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  1. Normally that is how it's handled elsewhere. Bank cards are always full fare, reduced and time based fares (except capping) are on a transit card. Then again this is an account based and most modern system so who knows.
  2. trains are running via 53rd but (M) trains still running via 63rd today. Did something happen with the CBTC system and are trains running ATPM?
  3. Does the final charge(s) settle incorrectly? Are they doing any type of batching (lump sum amounts) yet? I haven't used OMNY in a while, the last time i used it, each individual subway ride would show up in my settled transactions. This is in contrast to Oyster contactless in London where all charges are aggregated and charged as one amount each day.
  4. Some have always been around, others came about in the last year or two as part of the Save Safe Seconds initiative to increase speed limits where safe to do so.
  5. It will be implemented in the near future otherwise they wouldnt have modified the contract to buy and install more readers at the rear doors. The virtual OMNY card was what they dropped in the last update. Also the no ADB update is ambiguous, here's how it literally reads in the document. If they left out a bullet then it could mean it will launch in December. Otherwise only SBS will have it. Remaining OMNY Bus Launches by Dec 2020 • Queens • Brooklyn • Including Select Bus Service (“SBS”) All Door Boarding
  6. Some good and bad news according to the CPOC materials released today (excusethe mobile formatting) 1. Reader installation will be complete by year end on subways and busses. SBS will have all door boarding. No word on ADB for other routes 2. Phase 3 and 4 pushed back by more than a year. More details below 3. Next six months will bring the following: Closed loop pilot (aka OMNY card testing) Time or trip based testing using credit/ debit (bank) cards, with sales via site and app Mobile app beta 4. Phase 3: Retail network for OMNY card begins rollout in July 2021 5. Phase 3: Reduced fare by September 2021 6. LIRR/MNR rollout by June 2022 7. New vending machines in 2023 Source https://new.mta.info/document/23941
  7. It was probably easier to do the reader setup and activation first, since new vending machines need to be procured a nd a new retail distribution network estabished in the meantime. The majority of NY area banks now have contactless credit and debit cards, with OMNY being cited as the main driver (pre pandemic of course). Even then mobile wallets are ubiquitous and cash is still an option. This isnt like the 90s/00s where contactless credit/debit and smartphones didnt exist yet (like when Oyster was implemented in London starting in 03, contactless credit/debit rolled out there in 2014 or so)
  8. I know its only a sample render but i would be surprised if the future OMNY cards are on the Visa/Mastercard network , given that Chicago did that at first then dumped the wallet part of Ventra.
  9. November list is up- Remainder of the from Rockaway Blvd to Lefferts/Far Rockaway Crosstown 4th Ave West End 36th St-79th St , Bay 50th St Remaining for December - Remainder of West End Sea Beach
  10. This is outlined in a press release dated 10/6 but the QBL will be a hotbed of reroutes/closures the next few months via 63rd st/6th Ave Oct 9-30 weeknights/weekends, and the weekends of Nov 20 and Dec 11 Thanksgiving and Christmas (Nov 25-30 long weekend, and Dec 26-Jan 4) 24/7 shutdown of the 53rd St tunnel similar to those in the past. via 63rd st/6th Ave and to Chambers Fasttrack closures west of Roosevelt - 21st St Queensbridge/53rd St tunnel (though not explicitly called as such) the weeks of Dec 7,14, and 21
  11. Not a signals expert either but im sure that short overlaps for Station Timers, interlocking logic, etc all come into play.
  12. Bud youve been talking nonsense for a while chill.
  13. Probably not. I dont think there will be fare capping. But i believe there will be batching, where all credit or debit pay as you go fares from a single day will be aggregated and charged once. At least that's how it works in London.
  14. Reconstruction of the archer ave tracks is going to knock out E train service on Archer ave 24/7 from 9/19 till November. Excuse the mobile formatting. https://new.mta.info/jamaicatrackreconstruction Phase 1 (September 19 until November 2020): To start, we’ll need full access to the tracks. While we work, there will be no E service at Sutphin Blvd and Jamaica Center at all times. Phase 2 (Dates to be determined): Once we finish Phase 1, we’ll be able to bring service back at these stations but still have additional track reconstruction work to complete. While we work, E trains will run to Jamaica Center at all times but operate on a single track there. This limits the number of trains we can run so customers should expect reduced frequencies on weekdays. We will keep you posted as we finalize these plans. Service change and alternate travel options There will be no E service at Sutphin Blvd-Parsons Av-JFK Airport and Jamaica Center-Parsons/Archer. During these closures, J Z trains still serve these stations. The last stop on most E trains will be Jamaica-Van Wyck station. During weekdays, we will send some E trains to 179 St F to both prevent congestion at Jamaica-Van Wyck and increase service to nearby stations on the F. Both Sutphin Blvd and Parsons Blvd on the F line are a ten-minute walk from stations without E service. During rush hours, E trains will run every 8 minutes to each station. Middays and evenings they will run every 10-15 minutes. During weekends, all E trains will run to Jamaica Van Wyck every 12 minutes. 
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