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  1. Northbound between 57/7 and Lex/63 that curve has 2 shots almost the entire way, i think those were put in during the 2016 rehab/resignalling of the BMT 63rd st connecto.
  2. It will happen occasionally happen on the and on QBL. Most of the time express on the local from Queens Plaza to Roosevelt Ave then all stops to Forest Hills. Once in a while theyll go Roosevelt Ave-Woodhaven Blvd-Forest Hills, or even a complete express run on the express track (talking about skips only, not reroutes)
  3. Looks like the Brooklyn bound is running via 53rd St/8 Ave/Cranberry Tube and the late night is cut to Atlantic Ave as well
  4. M to 9th Ave. Incident must have been on top of the W4 switches
  5. So it looks like part the work on the QBL express is recalibrating some of the timers mentioned in the SPEED press release. Saw some dark signals being tinkered with between Woodhaven Blvd and 63rd Dr on the e/b express track
  6. The Q53 is still running artics as of this morning.
  7. A bunch of the restrictions listed in the previous 2 releases looked like civil speed restrictions. Could explain why CPW hasnt made the list for review yet.
  8. Theres a video on Youtube showing a newly added countdown LED timer to an existing one shot timer at Atlantic Ave IRT. Video is not my own. Thoughts?
  9. Cool video. Anyone notice that train being played in reverse at QBP? Haha
  10. Never knew the Q53 had a short turn code for 163rd Ave, first time seeing it in use this weekend.
  11. A good way to remember which direction is which for the double deck stations is this. Trains bound for business district (Midtown, or downtown on the ) will be on the lower level outside of the CBD and on the upper level in the CBD. The opposite is also true. It has to do with letting more commuters climb less stairs when they reach their destination. Exapmple: someone commutes on the from 72nd CPW to 7 Ave/53rd St In the morning they go down 2 levels of stairs at 72nd since the downtown platform is downstairs, and up 2 levels at 7 Ave since the downtown platform is above the uptown one. In the evening its reversed, down 3 levels at 7 Ave but up only 1 level at 72nd. CPW, Lex/63rd, 5th/53rd, and Fulton are ones that come to mind but I'm sure there are more stations like this. On another note I spotted R160 9928 in service on the with what looks like bright white LED headlights. Is this a test?
  12. Currently on 7476 (XD40) on the Q53 (!) That has the announcements and screen. Is this a loaner from another depot? Or is there an XD60 shortage
  13. I rode the out of Flushing a few days ago, the portion between Main St and Junction feels a lot faster, or at least better calibrated. Question about the CBTC operations in the Main St terminal, I noticed while sitting at the terminal that the furthest track to the right facing eastbound had a red over lunar timer and not a flashing green with no train there. Why would that be?

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