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  1. Some of these oddly specific delay alerts are interesting
  2. The site itself says group transfers are supported but doesnt clarify the procedure
  3. Temporary white signs are finally up above the platforms on 6th Ave and 2nd Ave mentioning night and weekend (M) via 2nd Ave
  4. When travelling with multiple people on the same payment device, how do free transfers work? Do you tap the device once for each person or only once for the group like the Metrocard?
  5. Theres an R188 set 7506-7510 plus a 79xx car that still has the experimental circle diamond setup on the side. I thought that was taken out some time ago?
  6. Any such installations in place right now? And what happened with the 4th ave express track GTs? I dont get into Brooklyn at all
  7. I think the card is deactivated immediately and the turnstiles/fareboxes sync within 1 to 2 days. More importantly your replacement is ready the next day if you can go to the wageworks office to pick it up.
  8. Those wheel detectors at Queens Plaza on the n/b local need to be recalibrated. While its better to use them than leave the train stopped short, the last 2 by the end of the platform definitely dont clear at the stated WD10. My took over a minute to enter the station on yellows. On another note, did they increase the speed limit or recalibrate the timers on the express between QP and the 36th st interlocking? The adjacent appeared to go thru there quicker than usual.
  9. This new sign, unless I am missing something, is pointless given that the curve just past there was upgraded to 43mph a couple of months ago.
  10. There is a boarded up signal next to the existing one on the n/b QBL express at Woodhaven. I wonder if that is how some of the timer mods/fixes will be done or that particular signal just needs replacing. Hard to tell from the opposite direction.
  11. Based on yesterday's incident with the "work train" that was really an OOS train, I think that work train is sometimes used for any non-revenue train
  12. The train in question was an OOS R46. They crossed it over at Canal about 15 mins ago presumably to send it to city hall yard

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