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  1. That GO i think has been done before, but as a weeknight fasttrack several years ago. Separate from the one where all tracks between Queens Plaza and Roosevelt ave were OOS Do work trains ever use that switch?
  2. Here it is. This was publicly available some time ago to drum up interest from potential vendors. It is between 7 and 10 years old but has not aged much.
  3. After rereading the concept of operations doc from 2011 (which is still relevant today), here is how the OMNY system would work. It would be account based. Each card or phone tapped on a reader would create an "account" on the server upon first tap, and people can choose to create their own account to register one device. Fares are calculated on a fare server. For payment cards without a "product" (passes, money in an account) associated, the fare server would aggregate all the taps every night, calculate the appropriate fare (including transfers, stepups, etc), and then charge the credit or debit card. This will happen for the first phase at the end of the month. For payment or OMNY cards associated to an account that has one or more associated products, the fare calculation is done in real time. This will come later. If anyone is interested I can post a link to the PDF. It is quite interesting and shows some real forward thinking.
  4. Probably something on the backend, like in London, where all the transactions are batched together at night and a single amount for all your fares is charged.
  5. Weekend to Forest Hills. Why not turn at Queens Plaza on D5?
  6. The video, 7:52 onwards even has workers on the track! That shows the chokehold that flagging rulea have on capacity
  7. Some changes along the Queens bound The curve from 47th-50th to 5th/53rd looks like it's had its timers fixed. The 2 shot GTs appear to clear at the posted speed (20 or 25). No trains were ahead of us at 5th so I couldnt see if the STs were fixed too. The 53rd St tube had one of the 2 shots disabled or fixed, I only saw one active. Finally a new 30 miles sign replaced the old 23 miles sign on the QBL local leaving Steinway. Based on riding the both yesterday and right now.
  8. Those long dwells at Roosevelt are usually due to people holding doors and/or expresses waiting for arriving locals, which causes more door holding. I did the from 14th to 71 ave I think last Weds and it was mostly smooth sailing. I dont go Roosevelt to 71 on the express more than once or twice a month though.
  9. There has been a noticeable increase in speeds during the pm peak on the and northbound from Brooklyn Bridge to 42nd st. Trains dont crawl the whole way like they used to. Same can be said about the QBL express. Jamaica bound trains move at decent speeds now during the pm peak, despite the loads at Roosevelt Ave. Went to Forest Hills for the first time in a while and it seems the new 75th Ave interlocking has had its timers fixed. The I was on was moving at normal track speed, and it appears the delays associated with the interlocking timers are pretty much gone.
  10. Northbound between 57/7 and Lex/63 that curve has 2 shots almost the entire way, i think those were put in during the 2016 rehab/resignalling of the BMT 63rd st connecto.
  11. It will happen occasionally happen on the and on QBL. Most of the time express on the local from Queens Plaza to Roosevelt Ave then all stops to Forest Hills. Once in a while theyll go Roosevelt Ave-Woodhaven Blvd-Forest Hills, or even a complete express run on the express track (talking about skips only, not reroutes)
  12. Looks like the Brooklyn bound is running via 53rd St/8 Ave/Cranberry Tube and the late night is cut to Atlantic Ave as well
  13. M to 9th Ave. Incident must have been on top of the W4 switches

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