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  1. RestrictOnTheHanger

    Why Your Subway Train Might Start Moving Faster

    A few weeks ago I was on an express to Jamaica (reverse peak) during the AM rush with the preceding train having departed about 5 minutes prior. Right after leaving Forest Hills we had to stop and wait about a minute for the homeball just before 75th Ave to clear to a green over green with no train in sight. That new interlocking is a POS in desparate need of repair or better tower ops.
  2. RestrictOnTheHanger

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Maybe theyre doing work in the 11th st cut too, since that gets no service this weekend.
  3. RestrictOnTheHanger

    Why Your Subway Train Might Start Moving Faster

    Here is a list of a few of the planned fixes per an mta source. Not all inclusive.
  4. RestrictOnTheHanger

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    I'm guessing the bypass is to prevent overcrowding and to allow uninterrupted access to the shafts. They are replacing 4 elevators. Not just one. Even in private buildings each elevator can take months to replace.
  5. RestrictOnTheHanger

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    What does this signal with the white T mean? This was very recently installed on the n/b Broadway local at 34th st and also 42nd st. At 42nd, the T was lit under the green and extinguished right before entering Taken a few minutes ago at 34th St from an closely following a , sorry for the poor quality, it popped up by surprise.
  6. RestrictOnTheHanger

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    Brooklyn bound trains run local 71 Ave to 21st St and WTC bound trains run express Roosevelt Ave to Queens Plaza late nights during this service change
  7. RestrictOnTheHanger

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    Are all the switches on the east end of the pocket track fixed yet? Last I heard one of them (forget which one) was OOS
  8. RestrictOnTheHanger

    Unplanned Subway Service Changes

    Wasn't that, the train I was on went from the express track to 63rd st, the signal problem was in the 21st St station itself.
  9. RestrictOnTheHanger

    Unplanned Subway Service Changes

    Why would trains be sent via 63rd when the signal problem is still at 21st? C/R on my said we were going via 53rd but we went normal route anyway. The train was inching through 21st St and the interlocking there. Shortly after I got the alert.
  10. RestrictOnTheHanger

    R188 Discussion Thread

    Does CBTC govern speed through stations? Or is that still left to the T/O? I was on a that ran express on the local track, and the station bypasses were done at a slower speed than on other lines (like the on QBL)
  11. RestrictOnTheHanger

    Bus Bus NYC

    Hopefully the pax weren't charged the full $6.50. Rattling down the LIE in a hybrid is no fun
  12. RestrictOnTheHanger

    How fast do expresses actually travel?

    There are no timers at Elmhurst. Just a poorly placed automatic about 3/4 of the way through the station on the express track. Watching from the platform, it is red for quite a while after trains pass during the AM Those STs before Roosevelt are another story.
  13. RestrictOnTheHanger

    April 2019 Service Plan for Canarsie Shutdown

    Probably they'll send those trips to 96 st
  14. RestrictOnTheHanger

    holding doors

    I saw some door holding in Paris and Spain too. Not as much as here thoug.


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