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  1. To be clear, the post is focusing on those that are mentally ill/addicts/aggressive. The ones that stink up the car, lay on the seats or use the car as storage for their items, treat the car as their bathroom, harrass riders, etc. Even if these people pay (which I doubt they do), their actions disrupt riders and the system as a whole and they should be removed. The problem is quickly getting out of hand. On the other hand, someone who is sleeping, sitting up unnoticed, paid the fare, and arent disturbing riders can be left alone.
  2. With the recent rise in amount of homeless people on the trains, how much disruption has there been to daily operations and who in ops/other departments are taking notice? The amount of sick and disruptive passenger incidents has to be having adverse effects on runtimes, OTP, overtime, and other metrics. Not to mention the safety and bio hazards that follow. At what point does management step in and become more aggressive in keeping homeless people out
  3. For anyone interested, the 4 car R46 set with 5627 has the side signs stuck to a World Trade Ctr/8 Ave Local reading. Appears to be a malfunction. The set is currently on the . Not sure if it is the sea beach put-in or an R46 truly assigned to the
  4. My 2 home stations I use in Queens both had one or all HEET banks converted to regular turnstiles in the last 3-4 years. It was definitely a capacity issue, since they are both slower and people wont swipe until it stops spinning. To combat farebeating and maintain capacity/space, a London or San Francisco style gate should be considered as old turnstiles are replaced
  5. I believe that they will be doing this in March and beyond. Manhattan buses will get OMNY by end of March while the subway rollout continues.
  6. Pelham and WPR (excluding the Dyre Ave line) have been announced as the next round of implementation for the month of February.
  7. Currently outstanding 12-9 at 34th St affecting Smoke at High St affecting A brake activation at Times Sq affecting the Broadway line What a mess
  8. The whole Canal St complex was brought online as part of the initial rollout
  9. Looks like we finally get a preview of one of the February sections One more working day for the to release the February list
  10. First mention of a spur track in an advisory. I like when they provide additional context like this.
  11. 9 stations should be easy to hit with the speed of installation. The February list still hasnt been released.
  12. There is a new-looking 30 Miles sign on the 71 ave bound QBL local track just after leaving 36th St. Was this always a 30 mile zone or has the limit been increased? I know the curve after Steinway recently went from 23 to 30.
  13. to 179 and to essex or 96/2. Twitter says a tower issue. LIRR cross honoring.
  14. Since when do some trains run to 179 during the AM rush? I thought some end at Kew Gardens to go to the yard
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