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  1. There is a boarded up signal next to the existing one on the n/b QBL express at Woodhaven. I wonder if that is how some of the timer mods/fixes will be done or that particular signal just needs replacing. Hard to tell from the opposite direction.
  2. Based on yesterday's incident with the "work train" that was really an OOS train, I think that work train is sometimes used for any non-revenue train
  3. The train in question was an OOS R46. They crossed it over at Canal about 15 mins ago presumably to send it to city hall yard
  4. I was on the incident train yesterday, it sat in the station for about 10 minutes with no announcement. The T/O blew the police assisitance signal on the horn. Luckily NYPD was in the platform booth on the other side (there is usually a NYPD booth at stations that border river tubes). Apparently it didnt take too long to get the person off because we were soon on the way. Im guessing the incident either backed up the QBL express or forced a few trains to go via 53rd, hence the alert.
  5. No free transfers at penn station or along 34th st.
  6. The 2 shot GTs between City Hall and Canal on the n/b definitely need recalibrating. Passed through a few minutes ago. Despite the increased civil speed limit right after City Hall, the timers havent been adjusted and clear at way less than the posted speed.
  7. The new "countdown timer" attached to the one shot south of 34th st on the s/b 8th Ave local track operates a little differently than the ones at Atlantic Ave and Times Sq. The one shot clears immediately as the countdown hits zero, no delay like on the others
  8. What are those new flashing yellow diamonds in the s/b tunnel between 7th ave/53rd st and 50th st on the ?
  9. That Ronnie Hakim quote is something, considering she is well known for her earlier comments against speed
  10. A few minutes ago I spotted a number of new fixtures (for lack of a better word) in the s/b tunnel between 7 ave/53rd St and 50 st on the (E). On each of the fixtures were 2 large yellow LED diamonds, and one of the diamonds was flashing on each fixture. Is this some sort of new signal that is being tested?
  11. I could have sworn there was previously a GT (30?) sign before the Roosevelt Island 2 shot. It feels like the timer was repaired to allow the posted or increased speed. Switching lines, the s/b 1 has a new speed sign just south of chambers with an odd number (24 or 29 i think) that would indicate a speed increase there. I cant remember if that was on the list.
  12. On QBL express, the curve west of 65th st on the Manhattan bound track had its speed limit raised from 35 to 43. The timer before Roosevelt Island has also been adjusted, but I didnt see a GT sign that would indicate a changed speed limit. These locations are not on any list, I saw them out the front of an just now.

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