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  1. RestrictOnTheHanger

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    This evening around 7pm at Woodhaven Blvd and the LIE, I saw a deadheading QM12 with an interesting headsign. I wasnt able to get a pic. It said somthing to the effect of Your pollution solution Has anyone else seen this on the MCIs?
  2. RestrictOnTheHanger

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Same here. Downtown meaning via 53rd st/6 ave/Manhattan Bridge?
  3. RestrictOnTheHanger

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    The 34th st 6 Ave interlocking got cut over this weekend. All the "new" signals at 34th and 42nd went into service. I know theyve been bagged for 3 to 4 years already but they look fresh! I've also noticed a trend with several new interlockings where station time on the mid station signal(s) is explicitly displayed until they turn yellow
  4. RestrictOnTheHanger

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I've seen them have trains wait to start their runs to Brooklyn on the express track, then switch to the local, while (e) and would run through on the local track. This was when work was being done further down the line and not at 71 Ave
  5. RestrictOnTheHanger

    Unplanned Subway Service Changes

    Yeah, the QBL towards Forest Hills/Jamaica was jacked up on both tracks, trains following each other on station timers like crazy
  6. RestrictOnTheHanger

    More R160s and R62s to get Looped stanchions

    It said the same ones as in the R211 mockup
  7. RestrictOnTheHanger

    R188 Discussion Thread

    How will lenghtening blocks increase throughput? Sorry if this seems like a noob question
  8. RestrictOnTheHanger

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    What happens when t/o s punch the wrong lineup? Will they get disciplined or taken OOS? The twitter people mentioned it here
  9. RestrictOnTheHanger

    SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    There is still an R142 set with the shortened announcements. I got it on the today, i think it was car 6594
  10. The curve at Northern only has timers northbound (the only timers between 36th and Roosevelt n/b) and a speed sign southbound. The timers on the express stretch between Roosevelt and Queens Plaza/21st are before 36th s/b, in b/d b/t 36th and Queens Plaza, and the curve between 36th and 21st on the Cant speak to the express stretch east of Roosevelt, but the local has no timers (except implicit station timing when stations are occupied)
  11. RestrictOnTheHanger

    Planned Subway Service Changes

    Yep, via 8 ave/Culver and via 63rd St/Broadway/4 ave/West End
  12. RestrictOnTheHanger

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Thats probably the same driver I had yesterday on the QM11, was 15+ minutes late. Hes been there since the winter pick.
  13. RestrictOnTheHanger

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    When a new pick is in effect, do all drivers switch runs? Seeing different drivers on th CP express runs i usually take, not all are good.
  14. RestrictOnTheHanger

    R188 Discussion Thread

    How is the speed in Automatic mode during regular conditions compared to running with block signals?
  15. RestrictOnTheHanger

    Elmhurst and Greenpoint (March 2018)

    It runs between Elmhurst and Aqueduct on a daily basis


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