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  1. Select Bus Service Discussion

    The Q52/53 SBS route is listed as Q523 on the ticket
  2. October 26, 1992 F/R Service Changes Document

    Running 30tph on the express tracks leaves us with that situation. No room for error.
  3. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Seems the has a program to 96 St/2nd Ave via 63rd St on the R160s. Just spotted one at 34th St Herald Sq (Broadway)
  4. Unplanned Subway Service Changes

    My dad actually witnessed 503 on fire. It was a brand new LIRR DM30 that hit a shopping cart and due to the third rail caught fire near Huntington
  5. Select Bus Service Discussion

    Yes. Some of those files can be massive in size and rows.
  6. Select Bus Service Discussion

    When I was playing around with the GTFS I parsed it using MS Access. The text files are comma separated.
  7. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    I haven't noticed much change on travel time for the express buses that use the QMT in the AM. Not many drivers in the HOV lane had EZPass problems when the booths were up.
  8. Select Bus Service Discussion

    Since the Q11, 21, and 52 all have to turn around, why not have the destination as drop off only? Seems silly to have the Elmhurst destination at the last stop.
  9. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I'm curious about that too. Is it part of the W4 interlocking modernization?
  10. Select Bus Service Discussion

    It's called NYC Bus Company on the page
  11. Select Bus Service Discussion

    GTFS is how agencies provide transit data to providers like Google Maps. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Transit_Feed_Specification MTA data can be found here. It requires a bit of manipulation. Let's see how service will hold up with the new schedule, especially with how buses bunch now. On another note, there was an XD60 on the Q52 today
  12. Select Bus Service Discussion

    The new GTFS feed for the Q53 SBS is available. Frequency has been cut across the board with the introduction of artics. There are about 2 runs cut every hour during the AM and PM rush, middays and Saturdays go from 10 min headways to about 12.
  13. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Why do the QM10/40/12/42 use the LIE in the PM instead of Queens Blvd? Seems silly to go spend time getting to the LIE instead of staying on QB, the first stop at Woodhaven under the bridge should be moved to Queens Blvd and Woodhaven
  14. Planned Subway Service Changes

    This coming weekend, lots of work on the Lex, Jerome, and Pelham lines Downtown / trains are running via Lex Express the whole way trains are extended to Bowling Green Every other Bronx bound terminates at 125, the remaining Bronx bound trains are express 149-Burnside No service past Parkchester EDIT I see S78 posted this the same time as me, disregard.
  15. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    This new guy is writing too good to be depotofrelax... The offending driver never had standees, but was close to it a few times. She needs to go. I still consider myself lucky, the other bus lines that make stops in the area have headways between 15 and 30 minutes if you separate branches.


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